A Complete Guide to Take Care of Your Pool Slides

A Complete Guide to Take Care of Your Pool Slides

A Complete Guide to Take Care of Your Pool Slides

Pool owners never know the specialized maintenance techniques, but they know the basics to take care of the pump and filter. They know how to maintain the quantity of water in their pool and clean it. If you have a pool at your home or farmhouse, you would love to add a slide beside your pool for fun and entertainment. You might think that your pool slide would not need any regular maintenance, but the story is different. You must pay special attention to your pool slides’ regular repairs and maintenance to avoid huge expenses. If you know that care and repairs are necessary, you will use your pool slide for a longer period. Besides this, quality does matter, and Paradise Slides provides the best slides while focusing on quality, safety, and customer services. These slides will give you years of fun and will never fade.


Different Kinds of Materials

There are several different materials used in the making of pool slides. In the past, manufacturers used fiberglass shells to make pool slides. The ladder element of these pool slides was made up of aluminum. To make it safer and more attractive, they coated the surface of pool slides. In the last few years, construction methods and materials have changed. Manufacturers use rotomolded polyethylene or thermoplastic acrylic of different colors to make modern pool slides. These pool slides are advanced and require fewer repairs and maintenance. There are several options on colors, sizes, and shapes are available in the market according to your choice.


Regular Cleaning

Cleaning frequency depends on the location and use of your pool slides, but it is highly recommended that you clean your pool slide regularly, ideally once a week. They gather dust, dirt, debris, and other pollutants on the surface and ladder that need to be clean properly.

Minor ignorance can lead to rust and bends that decrease the life of your pool slide. If you have indoor pools or pools with saltwater, you must clean them daily. Regular cleaning and maintenance will save your time as well as cost. Here are a few tips for cleaning your pool slide regularly.

  • Use a soft towel, cloth, or dish soap to clean your pool slide gently.
  • Never scrub your pool slide for a deeper cleaning as it may lose its finish.
  • Use a polisher to polish your pool slide and ladder for long-term usage.
  • Check the water supply to avoid leakage.
  • Use a cleanser that will not leave scratches on the surface of your pool slide.
  • Ensure that all connections, nuts, and bolts are secure and tight.
  • Replace the warning labels if they are not readable.
  • Make sure that only people with recommended weight are using your pool slide.
  • Try to cover scratches and cracks with a plastic polish.
  • Carefully read all the label instructions on the chosen cleaner before application.
  • Apply the cleaner to test; apply to the larger area if there is no issue.
  • Rinse the slide well and wipe it properly from top to bottom.


Types of Repairs

Pool slides need certain repairs that a pool owner must fix in time.

Pool Ladders – If you have rust on the bolts and nuts of your steel ladder and legs, you can polish it with sandpaper or buy matching paint from the market. If the steps are bent, you must replace them to avoid damage. Replace all the broken strips and loose bolts.

Cracks on The Surface – Modern slides do not crack. If you have older slides at your pool, there are chances of cracks on the surface. Prepare the material to fill the crack. The material must be of the same color. Once the crack is filled, smooth it with sandpaper and polish it.

Scratches – Polish the light scratches on the surface with your hand. Use a clean cloth to apply the polish.

Water Supply – modern slides have a pipe of 1 inch that you do not need to replace. Clean them if they are clogged. Check the connection points to avoid leakage.


Annual Maintenance

The best way to take care of your pool slide is to protect it from day one or the day you install it near your pool. Other than the regular cleaning, annual checks are necessary. You must check everything annually to ensure that everything is fine and working perfectly. You should check the ladders, nuts, bolts, and water supply. You must check for scratches on your pool slides. Annual repairs are good for a good fun experience. An annual check will save you from major damages and expenses.


Waxing on Your Pool Slides

Waxing is the step after cleaning your pool slide. A good automotive wax and UV blocking are good options to polish the surface of your slides. Waxing is necessary during spring and fall. It will protect the glossy finish of your slides and add a barrier to the sun’s harmful UV rays. Not all waxes protect against harsh UV rays of the sun, so carefully choose the wax for your pool slide. Please read the instructions on the label and follow the directions given for proper application. If you wax your slide after cleaning it, your slide will shine and look great.


Recommended Products for Cleaning

These products are safe to have the same glossy finish as your pool slide had when you installed it.

  • Windex
  • Spic & Span Powder
  • Formula 409
  • Glass Plus
  • Clean
  • Calgon Bath Oil Beads
  • Soft Scrub
  • Liquid Comet


Products to Avoid during Cleaning

Abrasive cleaners are not recommended in any case. Below are the products that are not safe to use during regular cleaning.

  • Pinesol
  • Lestoil
  • Dow Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner.
  • Lysol Disinfectant Spray.
  • Whitecap


Closing of Your Pool Slides     

When you plan to close your pool slides due to winters or snowy weather, make sure that you take your slide indoors. As temperature decreases and water freezes, it will expand in the cracks, harmful to your pool slides.

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