Reasons Why Women Should Become Sneakerheads

3 Reasons Why Women Should Become Sneakerheads

The sneakerhead subculture can trace its origins back several decades. Kicking off somewhere between the ’70s and ’80s, this community of shoe enthusiasts grew from the African-American population to becoming a worldwide phenomenon. Nike’s Air Jordan arguably started the craze as the sneaker became a coveted piece of footwear that everyone wanted to own– both as a status symbol and as an interest in the growing subculture.

3 Reasons Why Women Should Become Sneakerheads

But despite being around for so long, the sneakerhead community is still very much dominated by men in both a professional and enthusiastic way. Many people creating and designing these shoes and those collecting them are male, making it difficult for women to join in. This fact has been steadily changing over the years as more and more women are making changes in the industry. There are many reasons why women should try their hand at joining the sneakerhead subculture and here are just a few:

You will be more knowledgeable about shoes

One of the things that women can gain from becoming a sneaker enthusiast is that they will be much more knowledgeable about shoes. While this might still be achieved despite not being part of the subculture, there are a few bits of information you can get from being in the scene, such as how to spot which shoes are fake, which sneakers are best for sports, and how to care and maintain your footwear properly. Becoming a sneakerhead means that you will gain a lot of insight when it comes to anything about sneakers, making it a worthwhile hobby if you are already interested in fashion.

You will find a safe space

As more women enter the subculture, there has been an increase in communities that serve as safe spaces for novices and veterans alike. Joining one of these will help you find like-minded people who will help you navigate your way through the subculture and present a supportive environment that promotes growth and understanding.

Being a member of the sneaker community may also have other perks as women-only channels can provide an escape for those who are afraid of getting harassed in the typically male-dominated groups. Here, moderators closely monitor all activity to prevent bullying from happening, ensuring that all members have a space where they can speak freely and without fear of judgment from men.

They can change the sneaker world for the better

Having more women enter the sneakerhead community also means that they will be changing the industry as a whole for the better. This will mean that there will be more representation within the subculture among creators and enthusiasts alike. Companies will continue to see the value of incorporating the needs and preferences of women into their shoe designs, allowing them to better cater to them in the long run.

This will foster a future where girls will no longer be daunted by becoming a sneakerheads as they can easily turn to other veterans who have paved the way to make the community more welcoming to them.

They will also be able to find shoes in their style and size as brands will continue to manufacture the latest trends with the demographic in mind as well. For women, becoming a sneakerhead benefits them personally and can also help the generations that will come after them.

Becoming a sneakerhead as a woman means being able to gain insightful information, finding a community you feel comfortable with, and paving the way for the next generation of girls. Overall, the subculture presents a fun experience that can truly bring people together.

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