Best Beard Trimmers 2021: Top 5 Electric Beard Trimmers

Best Beard Trimmers 2021

Best Electric Beard Trimmers to Buy in 2021

We are going to talk about the best beard trimmers currently in the US market. We always try to take care of ourselves as much as possible and for that, we must shave or simply trim our beard daily for that what better than a suitable beard trimmer. So, let’s find out together the 5 Best Electric beard trimmers in 2021.


5 Best Beard Trimmers 2021


1. Braun MGK3020 beard trimmer

The new Braun MGK 3020 brand trimmer is one of the most complete and affordable beard trimmers on the market. Equipped with a great grooming kit to shave your hair and beard hair or inside the nose.


Accessories allowing you to cut your trimmed hair, your beard and of course the unwanted little hairs that are found in the ears or the nose. Besides, it is very easy to clean. Whether your hair is thick or thin doesn’t matter since the stainless steel blades are durable and stay sharp.

The Braun beard trimmer is ultra-resistant to any type of shock and will allow you to take care of yourself for 40 minutes without a problem. However, it will take almost 10 hours to charge the device and get more ease and comfort.

We advise you to cut your hair in the natural direction and do not hesitate to apply a light machine oil from time to time on the blades so that they work in the best conditions.

On the technical side, there are 4 combs to trim your beard, two fixed heads of 1 and 2 mm and two long heads that will allow you to cut between 13 and 21 mm and 3 and 11 mm.

Finally, be aware that some people have complained that the start button could be complicated.


2. Mi Beard Trimmer: best comfort side

The Mi Beard Trimmer, we find Xiaomi everywhere and of course, in high-quality mowers. In addition to having a sober design, it has a very ergonomic comfort which makes it pleasant to use like any good mower.

It has an on / off button as well as a dial that allows you to adjust the length of the cut, the beard or the hair. Thanks to two additional combs, the beard trimmer allows a cut up to 40 mm. Charging takes 2 hours and allows 90 minutes of trouble-free use.


There is also the IPx7 standard which allows the mower to be washed directly with water without having to worry about damaging it. Moreover, with its Self Sharpening technology, Xiaomi promises a skin-friendly trimmer which means it does not inherit the skin.

To have a cleaner and more precise shave, the blade performs 6000 oscillations per minute. And finally, the little trick that changes everything, the lock button, this button prevents the mower from accidentally starting in your bag during a trip for example and saves the battery.


3. Panasonic ER-GB80: better shaving smoothness

Panasonic ER-GB80 is not a newcomer to the beard trimmer race. A very good quality tool. The Panasonic ER-GB80 does not fail to keep its promises overall, we generally appreciate the trimmer and the smoothness of the shave quite light but rather wide and chunky.

It asserts itself with a nice design and with a front type of brushed metal and quality plastic on the back of the device for a non-slip finish. The on / off switch falls perfectly under the index finger and the small cutting adjustment wheel is also easy to handle.


The Panasonic beard trimmer is supplied with three accessories of combs for the hair, allow a cut either from 1 to 10 mm or from 11 to 20 mm. Another hoof is present for the grave of the body and allows a cut of 1.5 mm. The main blade is inclined at 45 degrees and pushes the curves of the face very pleasantly.

The blades are a bit wide, however, and can be tricky to use on some more difficult to access parts of the face. However, the motor of the beard trimmer and according to the majority of reviews is of very good quality and never loses power even in the face of a thick beard or a bust that could have missed maintenance for a while.

Finally, autonomy side, the Panasonic promises 50 minutes of autonomy for an hour of charging. Moreover, a small drawback, the charging LED and arranged quite discreetly on the front of the beard trimmer.


4. Philips 9000 Series Shaver: best high-end shaver

Philips 9000 Series Shaver is one of the Best Electric Beard Trimmers to Buy in 2021 as it has been promising for a long time quality devices that border on the luxury of the mower, especially on the 9000 model. Overall, first of all, we like the build quality which is just flawless, the Shaving smoothness and above all the very efficient cleaning station.

Directly out of the pack, the Philips Series 9000 immediately gives a superb impression and will impress you. The electric razor is more ergonomic than treating and regardless of the hand, all the fingers find their place easily.


On the material side, there are metal, plastic and above all, an anti-slip coating also called Soft foam and provides a perfect finish to accompany you. Two heads are provided: First, a circular three-blade shaving head which can sometimes have a bit of trouble fitting together and another trimmer head with a 5 torque level comb.

The Philips 9000 shaver is waterproof and can be used on dry or wet skin without problems. As well as with or without gel, shaving is very simple. Also, the Philips 9000 is supplied with a charging base and a cleaning system also called Smart Clean connected to the mains.

The latter has a touch switch you can stay there. There is a standard on/off button on the shaver, but not just a small button, which allows you to manage the speed between sensitive normal or fast according to your needs.

Finally, a recharge indicator at the level of the handle is present and allows us to know the percentage of the remaining battery.


5. Philips Norelco beard trimmer: better flexibility

The Philips Norelco comes out and once again a little wonder from the Philips brand. The beard trimmer has an integrated suction system rather well done, first of all, to recover all the hair residues thus making the job cleaner but also to leave the face clean after cutting the hair.

The beard trimmer has 19 length settings that range from super short 0.5 mm to the longest, i.e. 18 mm and like few models, the device is equipped with a multifunctional LED screen that displays among other things.


Unfortunately, this beard trimmer is not water-resistant. However, thanks to its 5h battery life, its stainless steel blades and an anti-slip retention system, it allows a close quality mowing or shaving that respects the skin.

And finally, know that if you want, you can find on Amazon a kit of 18.7 and different clogs to allow you to reach all places of your body.


Final Words

These are the 5 Most famous Beard Trimmer 2021 Available on the market. You have the choice according to your budget.


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