5 Best Haircuts To Adopt This Fall

Top 5 haircuts and hair colors to adopt this fall 2020

Are you in the mood for a trendy new haircut? From blond to red, short to long, here are the top 5 best trendy haircuts and colors for this fall to adopt.

Best Haircuts and Hair Colors To Adpot This Fall

1. The Spicy Roux Haircut

The spicy roux

Red is back in fashion this fall. For good reason, its flamboyant color recalls both the color of the leaves of the trees in this season, but also the period of Halloween!

This red is hands down the trendiest color to have. Worn on short or long hair, it will revive dry hair and make a difference.

It can also be worn in a tie and dye with blonde or a gradient with darker roots. Already in fashion during the fall, we can expect that the fashion of the redhead will return every year in this period.

A color that can be declined from flamboyant orange to Venetian blond, though the ranges of reds. The color is quite difficult to maintain but has the merit of shining for a long time!

2. The Eternal Square

The eternal square

The bob has been in fashion for a while, but its popularity has not waned. The square can be worn very short or even a little longer (up to the top of the shoulders).

A cut that sublimates thin faces but is also a little rounder! It is especially the fashion for straight cuts, even on long hair.

The square can, therefore, be straight, layered, with bangs (the trend’s pinnacle), or plunging.

The bob sublimates fine, straight hair and is a good cut for frizzy hair, but it can also be adapted to curly hair, giving a lioness look.

3. The Fierce Fringe Haircut

The fierce fringe

Whether straight or just a few strands on the forehead, bangs return! It is generally worn long at this time, protruding a little over the eyes.

The bangs are generally thinner than before. But it is just as fashionable by being thick but also by being cut above the eyebrows!

Right now, the trend is either the tidy and structured style or the tousled hairstyle. You choose! Bangs can be smooth or curly; the area of ​​curly bangs you don’t like is over, making them look instinctively “younger” and “trendy”. Must-have cuts for this fall.

4. The Polar Ash Hair Color

The polar ash

A trend that has been raging for months but is still relevant today. Polar and ash are part of the blond trend.

Whether it’s simple strands or a fade revived with purple shampoo, the icy and ashy effect is increasingly sought after.

The same goes for the gray coloring, which is still in fashion. But this time, it is tinted with some blonde highlights. A perfect after-summer look!

5. The two-tone (Bicolor)

The two-tone Bicolor

Two-tone dyes became fashionable during containment. Many were doing this asymmetric themselves.

Some opt for the bangs of one color and the rest of the other; others will like the asymmetric with one side of the head blond and the other pink.

In any case, most Internet users liked the coloring – or discoloration – on only two strands on the front, then perfectly framing the face.

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