5 Reasons to Install a Carport in Your Garden

5 Reasons to install a Carport in Your Garden

5 Reasons to Install a Carport in Your Garden

More and more car owners are using the carport. It is a form of open garage suitable for all types of cars. It comes in many sizes and can accommodate more than one car. It has a modular and easily customizable design. Its advantages are numerous, here are 5 reasons to install a carport in your garden.


1. The carport is above all an effective protection for your car

Natural inclement weather is a real danger for vehicles parked outside. If you have a nice vintage car, you wouldn’t like your body to get damaged over time. Indeed, hail is where UV rays attack the body of cars. The carport is therefore an effective solution for owners who do not have a garage.

In addition to preventing hail from damaging the bodywork, the carport roof protects your car from direct sunlight. Usually, this type of shelter is open on the side, so it offers little protection against wind and dust. However, it is as practical as a garage by offering effective protection against the biggest threats.


2. Access to your vehicle without getting wet in rainy weather

The outdoor shelter protects your vehicle, but it also allows you to avoid the rain when you want to access it. Indeed, the carport for cars can be installed against a wall of the house. In this way, you can create an opening to reach your car without having to cross your garden.

So, in rainy weather, you can have easy access to your car without worrying about getting wet. Plus, it doesn’t have a door, so you won’t have to search for keys or remote control to open the garage. The carport is therefore a very practical alternative for both the car and you.


3. More economical and easier to install than a garage

Although it offers lower performance than a garage, it can park the car and protect it on a daily basis. In addition, it is more economical than the traditional garage. You should know that for the same area, the carport costs about 20 to 30% less than a traditional wooden garage.

Also, for the equal area, a carport is 30% cheaper than a brick garage. This economic aspect greatly attracts individuals and professionals. In addition, the carport is easy to install. It usually consists of four supports and a roof. You will just have to make sure that the feet of the carport are well buried in the ground. It does not require any particular work.


4. A shelter with multiple functions for your garden

The carport serves as an alternative to the garage for your vehicles, but that’s not all. It is above all a shelter that can have many other uses. You can use it as a shelter for garden tools, firewood, or even outdoor furniture. Carports offer many possibilities. You can for example arrange to install a rack for bicycles.

Also, in summer, instead of the car, you can use it as a terrace. You can spend a nice time with your friends in the shade of the sun. All you need to do is set up a table and chairs with the barbecue next to them. In fact, you have the possibility of transforming your carport into a pergola during the heatwave.


5. A designer exterior layout that enhances your home

Besides its practical advantages, the carport brings an aesthetic touch to your home. Inwood, it goes well with many plants. Honeysuckle rose or even ivy can cover your wooden shelter. This will provide a very aesthetic green space to protect your vehicles.

Available in many models, you have the option of choosing the carport that would perfectly suit your exterior decoration. In addition, by adding some decorative details around your shelter, you can fool the eye of your guests.



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