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7 Important Considerations When Buying Running Shoes

Important Considerations When Buying Running Shoes. Whether you are training for a marathon or running for fun, investing in a good pair of running shoes is very important. The right pair can help prevent injuries, offer a proper foundation for your entire body, and make running far more enjoyable.

Unfortunately, there are thousands of styles and dozens of major brands to choose from out there. So without the right information, it can be difficult to know what a good choice is.

Don’t worry, though! In this piece, we’ll share some simple tips to help you choose the perfect pair.


7 Key Factors To Consider When Buying Running Shoes


1. Running surface

The surface you’ll be running on will significantly influence what kind of footwear is best for you.

For instance, if you are running on the road, look for good cushioning, comfort, and stability. The terrain of steep paths will need a pair that is weather-resistant, comfortable, and durable. On running tracks, shoes should be equipped with spikes and lightweight. On treadmills, go for comfort with a versatile design.


2. Getting the Right Fit

Many people don’t know their exact shoe size, making them buy shoes that are too small or too big. Running footwear need to have a perfect fit, and picking a pair starts with measuring your feet.

You can get your foot measured by a professional or use a measuring device to determine the width and size of your feet.

When fitting for footwear in-store, try it with socks as you would when out on a run or walk. Runners purchasing shoes online should consider reading the reviews and looking at the company’s size guide and product description.


3. Aiming for Shoes that are Comfortable

If you feel uncomfortable rubbing or pinching, that shoe is most likely not your perfect fit. And over the course of your run, the feet can swell in size. The uncomfortable features will probably become worth with every mile and cause you unnecessary discomfort.

To be safe, make sure your toes have enough room, the heel fits comfortably and the shoes upper feels secure around your instep.

Also, check the flex point of the shoe (the point at which the shoe bends while running). Note that the flex point of your running footwear should match the bending point of the foot.


4. Buying the Right Running Footwear for your Arches

Do you know your arch type and contour? If no, then you need to since it comes in handy when determining what support level and shape you need in a shoe.

Those with flat arches will need running footwear with more support and stability. But you should not overdo it on the support – make sure it feels as natural as possible.
If you have a high arch, you may need curved footwear that matches the natural contour of your foot.


5. Taking your Body Weight into Account

Without a doubt, the heavier a runner is, the greater the impact between the ground and the foot. That increase in impact may need you to buy footwear with extra support.

You may want to bring that attention to the expert or doctor helping you decide on your running footwear, especially if you already feel back, leg, or foot pain.


6. Visit your Doctor about Physical Impairments and Injuries

Do you have an injury or a physical impairment that influences your gait? If yes, consider checking with a health expert as to what kind of running footwear would provide the best experience and support for you.


7. Test Run the Shoes in the Store, round the Block, or on a Treadmill

The only best way to know whether a shoe perfectly fits is to wear and run or walk with it. That will allow you to know how the shoe feels in motion.



Buying running footwear that feels and fits well doesn’t have to be overwhelming. All you need to do is to:

• Consider the surface you’ll be running on
• Get the right fit

If you are a beginner runner trying to purchase shoes for the first time, consider visiting a specialty running shoe store for your fit. Trying a shoe before you purchase, gives you a clear picture of how it feels on your foot.


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