Best Sleep Apps for Android

10 Best Sleep Apps for Android

Sleep is one of the most basic requirements for human health. Discover the best Sleep apps for Android to track your sleeping and receive enough sleep at the correct time.

However, in today’s world, we are overburdened with work and other responsibilities, and most of us have developed the habit of working late at night.

Some of them also serve as a meditation guide and useful yoga software, reducing stress and anxiety. So, review the features and select the finest one for you.

Best Sleep Apps for Android to Track Your Sleeping

It can eventually harm our health and lead to major problems like sleeplessness, homophobia, and so on. Well, technology has come up with an excellent idea that will help Android owners create good sleep habit. Today, we will discuss the top sleeping applications for Android.

At PlayStore, you are sure to find tons of sleeping apps. Most of the applications do not work properly, and even some applications do not help to develop a proper sleep habit. However, it is also true that many applications work.

1. Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax

Now is the moment to say goodbye to insomnia and poor sleeping habits. The serenity will reassure you, and you will fall asleep when the moment is appropriate.

This software originally has numerous life-changing habit-building features that have been proven to work. All you need to do is follow the instructions and set the timer.

The meditation instruction, which is expertly constructed, is the app’s best feature. Remember that meditation is essential for developing a good sleep habit.

Important functions

  • This app will help you make a proper sleep routine and will always notify you when it’s time to go to bed or get up.
  • Initially, you can change the alarm melodies and notification tone and also set your favorite song from music files.
  • The built-in meditation guide includes meditation for different times and times. You can simply follow the best one for you.
  • More than 30 different natural relaxing sounds will be there to calm you while you sleep or meditate. You can set a sleep timer to turn it off.
  • The entire session is very helpful in developing a good sleep habit. You can choose a session of different lengths and levels.

Advantages: Are you lonely while you sleep? This app has over a hundred bedtime stories for both kids and adults to put you to sleep in no time.

Cons: Some of the useful features are locked for premium users only.

2. Headspace: Meditation & Sleep

Headspace is regarded as one of the greatest sleeping apps for Android devices, particularly for individuals who are dealing with stress and worry.

Not getting enough sleep at night is one of the leading causes of anxiety and sadness. So, if you think it’s time to clear your mind, try Headspace.

This software is intended to motivate you and help you sleep at the appropriate times. Developing a good sleep habit is also highly beneficial.

Important functions

  • This app offers different types of courses to learn meditation and yoga that are good for your sleep schedule.
  • Lots of music for sleep is there, and you can use a sleep timer to turn it off after a while. The music collection calms and relaxes you.
  • More than 40 meditation courses will guide you to learn how to meditate properly.
  • 28 days of easy courses will help you develop a self-care habit of exercise as the best fitness app.
  • This app will eventually wake you up at the right time and notify you when it is time to sleep.

Pros: This app is good for improving sleep habits and a better meditation and yoga guide. Also, it helps you develop your focus and concentration.

3. Sleep Sounds

Sleep Sounds provides advanced sleep treatments. You can install this application on your SD card; it does not require an internet connection. It will help you sleep soundly and without interruptions.

Additionally, the software can assist you avoid snoring. The minimalistic design and high-quality audio are impressive. With this software, you can have a nice night’s sleep and a refreshed morning.

Important functions

  • Approximately 12 natural sounds include Rainforest, Autumn Woods, Evening Beach, Airplane Sounds, and many more.
  • The sounds and atmospheres are fully customizable according to your wishes.
  • With the timer, you can set a time to turn off the application.
  • There are many fascinating background images with original illustrations to enjoy.
  • Both dark and light modes are available to choose from.
  • You can combine and mix various sounds.

Advantages: The sound mixes you created can be saved. Also, the app will not cause additional battery drain.

Cons: You can’t go to another app without closing it.

4. Sleepa: Relaxing Sounds, Sleep

Sleepa, one of the best sleeping apps for your Android device, may help you with relaxation, work, meditation, and focus in addition to sleeping.

HD-quality noises provide a soothing environment. You can also set the time when the application should cease.

Simply switch it on whenever you need some peace. Furthermore, the layout design is filled with soothing colors, animations, and characters.

Important features

  • There are about 32 soothing sounds to help you sleep better.
  • Sounds are classified into 4 types which are: Rain, Nature, City, and Meditation.
  • You will find the 3 most famous varieties of white noise which include White, Pink, and Brown Noise.
  • A sleep timer saves battery and you can apply both dark and light themes.
  • This application allows you to mix various sounds in numerous combinations.
  • It allows you to save the mixes you like the most so that you can access them instantly.

Pros: You can listen to the sounds without an internet connection. Again, you can customize the alarm clock.

Cons: Here, you cannot share the tracks with others.

5. Relax Melodies: Sleep, Calm & Meditate

Relax Melodies is intended to alleviate anxiety and promote comfortable sleep. The app has numerous useful functions, such as natural sounds, mind-body exercises, guided meditations, brain waves, breathing techniques, and more.

The nicest part about this program, though, is that you can listen to bedtime stories from a variety of genres, most of which are inspired by existing stories.

You can also set a bedtime reminder each night to ensure that you get a decent night’s sleep.

Important features

  • There are almost 200 pieces of music, sounds, bits, and tones, and you can mix them all and create unique soundscapes. [19659008] More than 160 meditations will help you calm your daily stress and fall asleep.
  • You can combine breathing exercises with soothing sounds like taking a break, de-stressing, clearing your mind, and falling asleep.
  • The application allows you to set the alarm and will help you wake up with Relax Melodies.
  • It comes with 2.5HZ, 4HZ, 5HZ, 8HZ, 10HZ, and 20HZ isochronic brain waves, and binaural beats.

Pros: Soundscapes include white noise and ASMR. It offers airplanes, vacuum cleaners, hairdryers, and fan noise. Also, there is instrument meditation music, ambient melodies, singing bowls, and voices.

6. Sleep Cycle: Sleep Analysis and Smart Alarm Clock

Sleep Cycle will serve as a sleep help tool for those struggling to overcome insomnia. Not only that, but it will monitor your sleep from night till morning.

A sleep cycle also monitors your sleep pattern, analyzing light sleep, deep sleep, and health systems.

It, in particular, provides all the complete details, allowing you to use this information to sleep soundly and wake up energized.

Important functions

  • The smart alarm will only wake you up when you are a light sleeper, which is quite refreshing to start your day.
  • You can set alarm melodies and there will be a customizable wake-up window, like a normal alarm clock, for up to 90 minutes.
  • The app will show you detailed sleep statistics and sleep charts.
  • You can take sleep notes, such as drinking coffee, exercising, eating late, and understanding if this affects the quality of your sleep.
  • The application allows you to keep a backup of your sleep data, and you can compare this to the global sleep statistics.

Advantages: You can keep track of your sleep by placing the phone close to your place, and it is not necessary to keep it under your pillow. Also, you can export sleep data to Excel, which will help you in detailed analysis.

Cons: You may have battery drain issues with this app.

7. Pzizz – Sleep, Nap, Focus

Pzizz – Sleep, Nap, Focus is unquestionably one of the greatest sleep apps for Android. It is free to use and contains in-app purchase options for switching between the basic and professional versions.

If you require suitable instructions and aids to sleep soundly, you should try this app today. It employs therapeutic approaches and music-based ways to improve sleep courses.

This application is safe, and you will not require any more materials to perform the operations successfully. You’ll like the dedicated one-touch push-button for selecting different suspension modules.

Important functions

  • It includes a quick sleep mode to help you sleep unhindered in no time.
  • This app tracks sleep time, focus sessions, and other statuses in its history section.
  • Users can set a large number of music to wake up, allowing them to gently wake up from their bed.
  • The nap module offers a customizable set of music and sound effects to relax and increase inner calm.
  • Users can change the sound effects, genres for voices, 3D effects, and duration for custom modules.
  • Works perfectly in headphones and earphones. The speakerphone and external home sound system will also work well.

Advantages: Helps sleep cycles just by listening to different relaxing sounds. The application interface is very fluid and integrates a familiar navigation system.

8. Zen: Relax, Meditate and Sleep

ZenApp, Inc. offers Zen Relax, Meditate, and Sleep to help you sleep better. It is free to use and offers an in-app purchase option for any paid packages. It is available for most mobile operating systems.

Zen has received good feedback from users and is widely regarded as one of the finest sleeping apps for Android. It provides thousands of essential resources for living a healthy and happy life.

This application uses a variety of strategies to relax the human mind, and the database is updated weekly and daily.

Important functions

  • It offers audio, video, texts, and motivational guides to help users relax and stay calm anytime they want.
  • You can learn about meditation techniques and follow numerous forms available in the application as simple and complete programs.
  • It includes a special type of mood monitor that people can use to keep track of their mood swings. and emotional state.
  • You’ll like their ever-growing collection of morning soundtracks to wake you up and aid in deep sleep.
  • It integrates trending ASMR sounds for relaxation, sleep aid, and mental stability.
  • This application also integrates useful therapies to increase inner energy, improve intelligence, elevate mood, improve sexual activities, etc.

Advantages: Offers a familiar and accessible user interface. In addition, this application works perfectly on both Android phones and tablets.

Cons: Some people didn’t like the approach of this app.

9. Simple Habit: Meditation, Sleep

Simple Habit Meditation, Sleep by Simple Habit, Inc. is a comprehensive solution for sleep management and meditation excursions.

It employs procedures developed and recommended by psychologists and works flawlessly for the majority of people.

This app is used by a significant number of people, and the majority of them have been reaping the benefits for quite some time. See the following section for more information.

Important functions

  • It includes a lot of different content to improve health and relaxation.
  • This app includes techniques to improve your concentration, cognitive status, leadership qualities, decision-making abilities, etc.
  • This application integrates functions on the go to meditate and calm down in the shortest possible time.
  • It requires very little effort and time to calm down and get into a calm state with the app.
  • The app designs feature high-quality visual effects.
  • It offers regular therapy sessions, which are very motivating and helpful in leading a healthy lifestyle.

Advantages:  This application offers a materialistic and easy-to-use user interface. You can follow the suggestions of world-class experts and psychologists that are available within the application.

Cons: Some users didn’t like subscription-based access to many useful features.

10. Sleep Lab: Sleep Cycle Tracker and Sleep Recorder

A complete sleep time monitoring app is the final recommendation for today. SM Health Team Sleep Monitor app will track your sleep cycle and monitor your entire night of sleep.

It will notify you of the right time to sleep and alert you when to wake up in the morning. Also, it will keep a history of the length of your sleep time and graph it. Over time, it will be beneficial to check the development of your sleeping habits.

Important features

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly data analysis will initially show sleep trends and statistics.
  • You can mark your sleeping habits and improve your habits more efficiently.
  • This app tracks the 5 different sleep cycles and analyzes how long you were in a particular cycle.
  • It measures your body movements and ambient noise while you sleep using a microphone and throttle sensors.
  • This app will also provide you scores for your dream, and you can also track the development with the scores.

Advantages: Do you have a habit of snoring? This app will initially record your snoring and give you essential tips to get rid of it.

Final Words

Some of us never take sleep disorders seriously and consider them nothing. But people can die if they can’t sleep for 11 days in a row. And it is scientifically proven. However, no health or psychological disorder should be taken lightly. It is for your health and long life. Hopefully, you understand the need for a sleeping app and now plan to install one.

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