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10 Best Jeanne Arthes Perfumes for Women

Best Jeanne Arthes Perfumes. The desire to save money leads perfume lovers to look for budget alternatives to expensive fragrances. And it is a misconception that there are no interesting and beautiful-sounding compositions among inexpensive perfumes for Women.

Yes, and we would like to introduce you to one of the brands. Perfume brand Jeanne Arthes – even if you have never heard this name, we are sure that you will recognize some bottles “out of a thousand”. In the 90s, Jeanne Arthes perfume caused an unprecedented stir! We offer you the TOP 10 best perfumes of the brand – both time-tested hits and relatively new fragrances.

The history of the Jeanne Arthes brand began in the city of Grasse (France), known to every gourmet. It was there that in 1978 Jean Perrin-Bernard and Marie-Jean Combredet founded a joint company based on years of experience gained in popular perfume houses.

Jean and Marie-Jean have always wanted to produce perfumes according to their desires and ideas, and not to do it according to orders from above. The creativity accumulated over the years of work in perfumery quickly made the brainchild of Perrin-Bernard and Combredet successful and famous outside of France.

In the 80s, Jeanne Arthes products became one of the first to appear on the Middle East market. The most prestigious companies in Europe acted as partners of the brand, helping to develop and strengthen it.

Since 2008, Jeanne Arthes has been managed by the son of the founder of the brand, Thibault Perrin, who has been improving old hits and releasing new perfume compositions. What are the most popular and commercially successful perfumes of the Jeanne Arthes brand?


10 Best Jeanne Arthes Perfumes for Women


1. Jeanne Arthes Boum EDP For Her

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If you don’t know what to give a young girl, pay attention to Boum by Jeanne Arthes. It is light but at the same time persistent, invigorating, and very joyful perfume. Loose strawberries and raspberries in a basket, sweet tea with caramel syrup against the backdrop of a huge bouquet of fragrant flowers … Spring and summer in a bottle, graduation from school or class, a premonition of happiness, first love, and children’s hopes.


2. Jeanne Arthes Cobra EDT For Her

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The legendary “Cobra” in a recognizable bottle with a snake in our time was pumped out of poison and made it an original, exquisite perfume for an elegant lady. If earlier oriental spices, ylang-ylang, and tuberose created a dense, heavy cloud around their owner, which was not to everyone’s liking, now “Cobra” sounds, one might even say, gentle and languid.

This is a sweet plum jam with a pinch of spices, wild strawberries and moderately sweet flowers, slightly smoky woods, and bitter accents of marigolds. With a moderate dosage, few people can distinguish the Cobra sillage from an expensive niche perfume.


3. Jeanne Arthes Cassandra White Roses EDP For Her

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Crispy green apple, pear lemonade, rose petal jam, tropical fruits with buttercream, and a sprig of freesia – many women love Cassandra Roses Blanches for this appetizing composition. Sweet, but not cloying, refreshing, and light, but with a long sillage, we recommend this perfume to all fans of fruity-floral fragrances.


4. Jeanne Arthes Cassandra EDP For Her

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“Is it the same Cassandra?” – paraphrasing the lines of the classic, the one who remembers the familiar white bottle can exclaim? And for those who are not yet familiar with the famous Cassandra, we reveal all its secrets.

Cassandra is a dense, creamy floral perfume that is bittersweet and requires careful application. As for the details, the fragrance smells of vanilla ice cream and caramel, ripe wild berries and milk chocolate, flower greens, and dry wood.


5. Jeanne Arthes Sultane EDP For Her

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Love fruity and powdery scents? Try one of the hits from Jeanne Arthes called Sultane. The bottle itself with a cap in the form of an oriental turban evokes associations with the Sultan’s chambers, where beautiful girls dance to melodic music … “Sultane” is a scoop of vanilla ice cream with blackcurrant syrup, slices of ripe peaches, and freshly squeezed sweet citrus juice, dessert whipped cream with caramel.

Sandalwood and fruity sourness prevent the fragrance from turning into another “compote” or deliberately sweet perfume from the 90s. “Sultan” is perfectly worn today, delighting the sense of smell and delighting the eye.


6. Jeanne Arthes Cassandra Intense Pink EDP For Her

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Cassandra Rose Intense is the same rose that sometimes turns into a wild rose. Despite the word Intense in the title, the perfume is quite delicate, it will not bother anyone and will not “strangle” with its chords.

This is a bush of tea roses or wild roses after rain in early spring, unsweetened, ringing, and like a watercolor scent. A great option for a tete-a-tete meeting or yourself, at home – to enjoy the tenderness of the rose again and again.


7. Jeanne Arthes Love Generation Rock EDP For Her

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This feminine fragrance can be safely recommended even to those who do not like a lily in perfumes. Here, this cold, wayward beauty is softened with vanilla, chocolate, and light floral powder. Therefore, it is deprived of its loudness, which sometimes leads to a headache. Love Generation Rock can be applied generously enough – the lily is tamed and completely harmless. And the effect (and sillage) is very unusual for a modest budget perfume.


8. Jeanne Arthes Guipure and Silk Ylang Vanille For Her

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Coconut, vanilla, and plum, a combination worthy of niche perfumes, you can find in Guipure and Silk Ylang Vanille for women. Vanilla here is not sweet, but, on the contrary, bitter woody, responsible for a special velvety flair.

Delicate creamy coconut flesh, smoky vanilla, and plum sourness create a special, flirtatious, and playful mood. In this fragrance, you want to be, if not the ruler of the East, then at least the wife of the Sultan! The bottle resembles Aladdin’s lamp and can become a real decoration of your room.


9. Jeanne Arthes Sexy Me No4 EDP For Her

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Sexy Me No 4 will be appreciated by fans of discreet oriental fragrances, where the East is served rather as a hint. A strawberry-raspberry dessert with chocolate, peach syrup, and generous woody accords, it opens up especially beautifully in warm weather.

As those who tried and fell in love with this feminine fragrance assure, it is perfect for romantic meetings or evening events. This is hinted at by the playful design of the packaging and bottle. Therefore, we advise you to stock up on a bottle in anticipation of a cool start to summer.


10. Jeanne Arthes Love Generation EDP For Her

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Do you not like jasmine perfume because of its sometimes sharp, emphasized sweet smell? Love Generation Pin Up will appeal even to those who angrily put aside jasmine perfumes. In the composition of this fragrance, jasmine hides behind cool citruses and a delicate rose in drops of dew.

A pinch of spices and freshly cut wood – and now a comfortable, refined and positive perfume is ready. At the same time, it smells much more expensive than its cost, and no one “recognizes” a budget fragrance from Jeanne Arthes in your plume.


Final Words

Surely you noticed after reading this article that we have supplemented the description of each perfume by Jeanne Arthes with similar fragrances. Here we are not talking about complete similarity, this is an indication of the direction in which certain spirits are created. So it will be easier to navigate when buying without prior testing. Good luck with perfume dating!


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