7 Tips to Choose the Best Music for Your Advertising Campaign

7 Tips to Choose the Best Music for Your Advertising Campaign

How to Choose the Best Music for Your Advertising Campaign

Music plays a very important role in a TV commercial. Follow these tips to make your advertising campaign with the best music to leave a good impression on consumers. When you’re producing a commercial, choosing the soundtrack you’re going to use to bring your creation to life is a very important exercise.

This is a process that Sensory Marketing specialists say is very decisive in capturing the customer’s attention and stimulating their curiosity. Several companies and multinationals around the world have seen their sales progress thanks to advertising campaigns where the music was well developed.

It is a means of communicating with your client and conveying in an artistic and implicit way your vision, your principles, and the values ​​that you defend as a professional entity. In order to better choose your soundtrack for your next advertising spot, we have chosen a list of useful tips and practical recommendations that we share with you in this article.


7 Tips to Choose the Best Music for Your Advertising Campaign

To succeed in your advertising, you must imperatively succeed in the choice of your music. In this part of the article, we will present 7 key steps to follow to succeed in this exercise.


1- Music that Represents your Entity

This is a step that is both crucial and difficult to achieve. You must be able to choose a soundtrack that reflects your entity’s vision and that goes hand in hand with the message you want to convey through the commercial. You have to choose a style of music that matches your positioning in the market and the projects you are working on. So be consistent because some people will remember your brand only through the soundtracks used in your commercials.


2- Anticipate the Needs of Your Customers

Your advertising spot will necessarily be aimed at a well-defined target. It is therefore important, even decisive, to be able to identify the tastes and sound inclinations of your customers in advance. With new software and technological advances in Data, it is now possible to collect and exploit a number of useful data in this direction.

For example, if your clientele is made up mainly of women between the ages of 18 and 35 living in an urban environment, it would be interesting to see what type of music this category listens to the most. These data are easily accessible online and their exploitation does not require much effort. This approach allows you to make a choice of music based on exclusively objective criteria and therefore, you will have more chances to produce a quality soundtrack that will be appreciated by your customers.


3- Provoke Emotion

During this step, everything will depend on your content, the purpose of your advertising spot, the text messages that will be embedded, and the images that you will highlight. Your music should evoke strong emotion in anyone who sees your ad. Emotion drives action.

If you are promoting for a charity, for example, you should opt for soft and melancholy music that will be played throughout the commercial. The music used must be able to describe the content of your advertisement from beginning to end and its impact must be felt even before the promotion of the product you wish to market.


4- Get Inspired

Once you have fixed the key message you want to convey as well as the various graphic elements that will accompany it, take the time to see what is being done elsewhere. Your soundtrack should be unique, but that doesn’t mean you have to limit your research. On the contrary, it is even recommended to go and see the achievements and creations of competing entities that are in the same sector of activity as you. You can also visit chat rooms and forums dedicated to the production of soundtracks for commercials.

You may come across interesting new suggestions or additional information you need to complete your project. You can also call on experts or artists for advice. After all, two opinions are better than one. Don’t hesitate to share the first version of your soundtrack with friends or colleagues who know the workings of the trade. You will be surprised by the number of useful comments you will receive following this sharing exercise.


5- Choose the Right Rhythm

When you edit your commercial, it is essential to synchronize very precisely the rhythm of your music with the visual elements that you broadcast. This helps maintain artistic consistency throughout your ad. Use snippets of melody that go along with the video footage you’ve shot. For example, if you advertise an energy drink with sequences of athletes practicing a given sport, the rhythm of the music must be lively and intense, provoking a strong emotion in the person viewing the broadcast.


6- Pay Attention to the Lyrics

Depending on the content of your commercial, you will determine whether or not you want to use soundtracks with lyrics. If you choose to include them, make sure they don’t interfere with your ad’s voiceover or any other language you intend to use. This can cause a lot of confusion among your customers and risks blurring some useful information. So try to choose the timing of the lyrics of your music carefully.


7- Copyrights

If you use music that is not the result of your own creation, you must ensure that it is free to access. If necessary, you risk falling into legal imbroglios with serious consequences. The original author (artist) may demand the permanent deletion of your advertising spot or report all of your content to the competent authorities if you use his musical creation without his prior agreement. However, the majority of artists will allow you to use their soundtracks but on the condition that you quote their first and last names in your advertising spot in a win-win logic.


In conclusion

An advertising spot without attractive music will probably go unnoticed, especially if your entity is not known to the general public. However, if your choice of music matches the content of your advertisement, people will easily remember you and your products.

Marketers all agree on the importance of “sound” in selling your products and marketing your services, regardless of the nature of your industry. In this article, we have tried to present 7 key steps to follow carefully for quality artistic creation. These steps constitute the base and the solid basis of any musical creation relating to an advertising sequence.



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