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Advantages and Disadvantages of Radiant Heating

Know the Advantages and Disadvantages of Radiant Heating

Heating is essential to keep our homes at a comfortable temperature during winter. But it also represents one of the largest financial outlays during those months. That is why it is important to consider different air conditioning alternatives such as radiant heating, one of the most efficient.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Radiant Heating? Radiant floors are today one of the most demanded air conditioning systems in modern single-family homes due to the feeling of comfort they give them. They are also one of the most efficient systems on the market. And it can be used with renewable energy, thus reducing the energy cost of our home.

The air conditioning systems play a fundamental role in creating that cozy atmosphere that we long for in our home. In this regard, radiant heating has gained popularity in recent times. But do we know what radiant heating is and why it is a good system to heat our home?

What is radiant heating?

A radiant heating system is made up of a set of pipes that joined in parallel run through the ceiling or floor of the home. Unlike conventional radiators that heat the air, radiant heating, like radiation from the sun, transmits heat directly to our bodies, walls, and objects through infrared waves.

Within the so-called underfloor heating, there are two alternatives: electric underfloor heating and water underfloor heating. The first one is powered by electricity, while the second uses water. The network of pipes through which the hot water circulates allows the temperature of the underfloor heating to heat the home. It also does so by operating with water at about 45º, compared to the 70º required by traditional radiators.

The combination of low-temperature radiant heating and a constant temperature is the key to improving the wind chill. In this way, the exchange of heat between our body and the environment that generates the sensations of heat or cold is limited.

This also saves energy, making this heating system the most efficient that can be found on the market. Besides, and although it is common for the network of pipes that make up the system to be connected to a boiler, underfloor heating can also use solar energy as a water heating system.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Radiant Heating


  • Efficiency and savings. Its operation requires a water circulation at half the temperature of traditional systems. Therefore, it needs to consume less energy than these systems, with the consequent economic savings. A saving that can be up to 20% of the cost of air conditioning.
  • Comfort: The heat is distributed evenly. Also, since there are no drafts, less dust is generated and dryness is reduced. Therefore, allergy sufferers do not face so many suspended particles.
  • Aesthetics: When installed under the pavement, it clears the rooms, giving us greater freedom when placing the furniture.
  • Possibility of refrigeration. Radiant floors, in addition to serving as a heating system, allow the use of the pipe network itself for cooling the home.


  • Installation. It requires the intervention of a professional since the floor must be raised to first place insulation, then the pipes and finally cover these and place the new pavement.
  • The investment: The installation of underfloor heating only compensates economically if the work is new or you are going to completely reform a home. The investment is, compared to conventional systems, higher.
  • Types of soils. Not all flooring works equally well with underfloor heating. The ideal is to bet on materials that facilitate the transmission of heat such as ceramic materials or natural stone. Compared to these wood and laminates they do not offer such good results because they work as insulators. It also happens with the carpet, incompatible.
  • Maintenance: Being hidden, the maintenance of this system is more complex than that of traditional systems, requiring periodic reviews.


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