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9 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid When Painting your House

These are the Most Common Mistakes to Avoid when Painting your House

If you have decided to paint the walls of your house, it is convenient that you read our best tips carefully so that you do not make any mistakes when carrying out this activity. Here we tell you what are the 9 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid when painting the walls of a house.

It is very important to choose the best materials, which are of quality and not skimp on expenses because it is more an investment that will last an average of 10 years. It is essential to be patient and wait for the drying times so as not to ruin the finish.

When it comes to painting there are many techniques to get a good finish. Some guidelines must always be taken into account before starting to paint like crazy. Painting can be a playful and even relaxing activity. We can find in it an opportunity to escape and practice it with the family, everyone can help out.

If you want to start painting the house and do not take into account some issues, that relaxing activity may turn into a nightmare, because there is nothing more overwhelming than starting an activity and the result is disastrous.

For this reason, we want to help you so that you do not fail in your attempt. We tell you how you can paint your house and what things you have to focus on to get the best result.

9 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid While Painting your House

1. Not having a bill of materials

It is very common to start shopping without having a previous forecast, if there is no planning we may leave necessary materials without buying, and as soon as you start painting, you lack a tool or material.

For this reason, we leave you this small list so that you always keep it in mind:

  • Paint, you must calculate the meters. To do this, ask the store for advice to buy the necessary amount and not fall short.
  • Rollers suitable for your wall, each wall is a world.
  • An extendable handle.
  • A safe ladder or any stool that helps you reach all areas.
  • Masking tape or painter’s tape, you will find it in a hardware store.
  • A large bucket or bucket.
  • A specific brush to finish the corners well.
  • Floor and door protectors, you should not use newspaper.
  • Old clothes that you don’t mind getting paint-stained.

2. You should not skimp on expenses

As we said at the beginning, even if you find a much cheaper paint offer, decide not for the price but the quality. Try to buy quality in your paintings, the finishes will be much better, because if you opt for a low-quality one, you may not have the desired effect.

If you are looking to save on the quantity, you can opt for other cheaper options, that is, you can paint one wall and put wallpaper on another if you like.

3. Don’t put newspaper on the floor

Although it is very tempting, and it is one of the best ways to put those old newspapers to use, we do not advise you to put plastic bags or newspapers, since these can move and could cause some undesirable stains.

So to protect your floor, the idea is to cover the floor with old blankets and rags, and also the protections that will be sold in the store.

4. You should think about the furniture in your house

Do not forget about your furniture, you may only want to paint a single wall, however, you should still cover your furniture thoroughly from possible stains, so it should be covered with plastic. You must not lower your guard in this regard.

Do not forget about windows and doors, any object or surface that can get stained should be covered to avoid problems, keep in mind that if you decide to paint the house yourself, you will have to pay more attention since we are not professionals.

5. Always choose colors you like

It may sound obvious, but always choose a color that you like but that does not tire you. That is, if you like red a lot, do not decide to paint all the walls of your house red, because it would not be a good option.

Ideally, do a color test and find the tone that best suits your furniture and home. There is no problem in being wrong, we can change our mind, we just have to be sure when we make the decision.

6. Don’t just hit the target

Choosing white as the only option, you shouldn’t settle. People who do not take risks and decide to paint the house white may be an advantage because with the white painting you do not need many finishes.

Besides, white adds light to the room of the house, although it can be a very boring and low-risk option. Try to look for other, yellow that will give a special touch to the home.

7. Thinking that with paint your wall will be fixed

Many times we think that with a coat of paint we can solve the problems in our home, such as cracks or dampness. This is not the case, and these flaws must be fixed from within.

8. Not respecting drying times

It is very important to be patient, it is not the same to paint a white wall to change its color than to transform a wall from a dark tone to a lighter one. So you should always respect the manufacturer’s drying times and do not be in a hurry. Otherwise, we might not get a good finish.

The same goes for the strips of masking tape, they should be removed when we have finished and the paint is well dry.

9. Paint each room different

If you have small children, you may decide that each one decides the color of the room, however, if you decide to paint each room in your home in color it may be a bad idea.

We hope you take these tips into account so that you can decide accordingly what the walls of your home need. Because since you decide to paint the walls yourself, we want you to get the best finish.


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