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7 Amazing Ideas to Celebrate Halloween at the Office

7 Awesome Ways and Creative Ideas to Celebrate Halloween in the Office

Blood, skeletons, bats, a priori, nothing very compatible with office life. And yet! Isn’t the principle of a party to make acceptable what is normally forbidden? It turns out that Halloween fits that definition perfectly. In addition, according to a survey relayed by CNBC, employees authorized to celebrate Halloween at the office would be more motivated by their work and more proud of their company. Here below we have mentioned the innovative ideas to celebrate Halloween in the Office.

7 Fun Ways to Celebrate Halloween in Your Office


1. The decoration

The notion of “beautiful” has always given rise to contradictory opinions. For Kant, “ what universally pleases without concept is beautiful ”; for Hegel, it is ” the presentation of the truth”. But no one ever thought that beauty could have the slightest connection with corporate offices, no.

So why not drown them under the decoration? You’ll never do worse than chairs with casters, gray carpets, and false ceilings. For a day, or for a week, create a Halloween atmosphere with cobwebs, orange and black garlands, “gore” accessories; in short, all the jokes and tricks hardware store.

2. Horror movies

The idea of ​​watching horror movies with colleagues may seem bizarre or bright, it depends. This activity is particularly suitable for startups and small SMEs. Indeed, it is better not to be too many to sit in front of a screen – or, better, in front of a video projector. If you lack inspiration for your horror marathon, ask your collaborators directly for advice, or browse the Internet.

3. Delicacies

The difference between a simple treat and a Halloween treat? The presentation, damn it! Whether sweet or savory, for a whole meal, a dessert, or simply a snack, you will find on the Internet a number of recipes that can be tasted as much with the eyes as with the mouth, and which will awaken your child’s soul.

  • The cookie covered with an ugly chocolate spider.
  • The disgusting mimosa eyes.
  • The terrifying earthworm muffins.
  • The awful mini pizzas with mozzarella.

4. The “Nonsense or sweets”

This is the emblematic custom of October 31: we dress up, we take to the streets, we go door-to-door asking for sweets… Well, but when we are thirty-five, we are Administrative Director and Financial of a multinational (for example), wouldn’t that be a little ridiculous? It’s up to you but know that the practice is not so rare in the Anglo-Saxon world; we call it “office trick-or-treating” and adults have a blast.

The principle is no longer door-to-door, but simply to offer and ask for treats from colleagues. It’s a good way to chat and move around the offices, including on mysterious floors where you don’t usually go … As far as “nonsense” is concerned, on the other hand,

5. Lantern contest

It is THE universal symbol of Halloween: the orange pumpkin with a sculpted smile, in which we place a small candle in the night Brrr! Across the Atlantic, sculpture competitions are legion. Why not do the same in your business? You can possibly reserve a half-day for this activity, or simply ask employees to prepare their masterpiece at home before bringing it to the office to present it. Of course, to motivate the masses, it is better to reward the big winner with a gift! And if you still doubt that it is possible to innovate in the art of squash sculpture, take a look at these few photos …

  • the Classic
  • the Predator
  • Jack Nicholson
  • Poetics
  • the feline

6. the disguise

Dressing up, we will never get tired of it! So why not plan an evening, or more simply a costume day? You can also get employees to vote to elect the “best costume”. To avoid jealousy, consider creating several categories: the most worked costume, the most original, the most terrifying, etc.

7. Indulgence on schedules

Halloween is not just a pagan holiday: it is also the eve of All Saints. It is likely that a number of employees will take advantage of this holiday to visit their families, honor their dead or, more simply, to go for the weekend.

Thus, on October 31, it is customary not to be too tight on schedules and to let everyone leave the offices earlier than usual. By being more flexible at this point, you will be surprised at how productivity can increase in the morning!

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