Magnetism: A Healing Magnetizer Therapy

Magnetism a healing Magnetizer Therapy

The treatment by magnetism is a soft medicine that calls upon energies. Magnetism or the remedy by energy is an alternative medicine that complements conventional medicine. Magnetizer therapy is used to purify the body of negative energies which promote the development of chronic diseases that are sometimes incurable.

The magnetizer uses energy to rebalance a disturbed organism. Far from being a gift, magnetism is in fact an ancestral practice that is empirical, because it has been passed down through generations.

What is a Magnetizer?

Magnetism is fluid in the form of energy that circulates in every human organism. It is this which enables the body to be supplied with universal energy essential for its balance. Magnetism is a natural therapy that treats physical ailments as well as mental or emotional disorders.

Although every human being has it, not everyone knows how to use human magnetism. The role of the magnetizer-healer is to help the person rebalance their body. For this, he uses the cosmic energy that he transmits with the help of his hands. First, he helps his patient to let go in order to free himself from his stress in order to put himself in the right conditions to receive energy.

During treatment, if the patient does not feel anything, it is because he is psychologically closed. Sometimes people need time to let go. It is the role of the magnetizer to create an atmosphere of trust so that the patient is comfortable and relaxed. Several sessions are often necessary for some people before they are receptive to the energies. For an open-minded person, it only takes a few therapies to make them feel light. Even if the troubles still persist, they no longer have the same intensity.

The definition of the magnetizer can be given through what he does. He is often seen as someone with the gift of healing in his hands. However, magnetic therapy is not a gift, but rather a science. This means that anyone can become a magnetizer, even if it takes some prerequisites. If you are interested in this topic and want to learn more, there is an online magnetizer training course that will allow you to learn energy medicine techniques.

Unlike the conventional doctor who treats the physical body, the energetics act on the subtle body, which is the basis of energy. The two sciences are therefore complementary because the human being is made of matter and energy.

What Diseases Can Magnetizer Therapy Cure?

The purpose of magnetism is to heal both body and mind by bringing new energy to the patient. Everyone can use their magnetism to rebalance their body and calm tensions. This healing takes place through the electrical vibrations emitted by the body which allows it to regain health.

When an organism is failing, it means that it lacks the magnetism to harmonize on its own. The first thing the magnetizer does, in this case, is to detect the organ responsible for the malfunction, which allows it to find the origin of the evil. Once the diagnosis is made, the rest of the treatment is facilitated. Energy medicine can heal all kinds of ailments such as muscle tension, skin problems, or joint pain. Energy treatments have made it possible to treat intestinal disorders, emotional and psychological disorders as well as urogenital problems.

Energy therapy is a valuable aid that accompanies conventional medicine in treatments that often have side effects that are difficult to bear. It also allows the patient to recover after surgery.

Care related to magnetism also helps to solve addiction problems (alcohol, tobacco, games, etc.) as well as obesity problems. Magnetism is also a help for psychotic children who have frequent nightmares or who have difficulty adjusting to the school environment.

The question that many still ask is whether magnetizers are effective. The technique of magnetism has already proved its worth. However, for more effectiveness, it should be combined with conventional medicine. This will allow you to fully benefit from its benefits.

How Magnetizer Therapy Works

To treat a patient, the magnetizer passes its surplus energy into the body of the sick person by laying on of hands. Hand magnetism does not result in healing all the time. The patient must in turn use this energy to regain health.

Before the start of the magnetism session, the magnetizer-healer must first establish contact with the subject to be treated. The latter must settle comfortably in a seat. He must be relaxed physically and mentally to facilitate the work. The energy specialist then takes his hand and will keep in contact with it for many minutes. He will continue the session by continuing to place his hands flat on the upper part of his thighs for about 5 minutes.

After this first contact, which aims to open the patient’s energy centers, the treatment itself can begin. It is at this moment that the therapist puts his hand on the parts to be treated. To do this, several methods can be used depending on the desired results.

If the purpose of the treatment is to relieve pain or tension, it is the palmar imposition that is performed. If it is to treat a condition in-depth, it is the digital imposition that is recommended. In this case, it is the ends of the fingers that are gathered in a point and placed on the diseased area.

It may happen that the magnetizer needs to develop its magnetism to be more efficient. This is the case when the latter is going through a troubled period (loss of a loved one, divorce, illness, etc.).

As a patient, you can self-treat with the magnetism of your hands without needing to become a magnetizer. At this point, you wonder how to know if you have magnetism in your hands. You can use pendulum magnetism to do the test.

Take the end of a pendulum chain with one hand. Hang the ball over the second hand at a safe distance to test its sensitivity. The more sensitive you are, the more you will feel the vibrations emitted by the pendulum.

After this test, you can put your hand on the part of your body or the person you want to treat. If you are right-handed, proceed with the right hand and use the left hand otherwise. You can also keep your hand a certain distance from the area to be treated to send it magnetism.

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