An Etiquette Guide for Choosing and Sending Sympathy Flowers

An Etiquette Guide for Choosing and Sending Sympathy Flowers

An Etiquette Guide for Choosing and Sending Sympathy Flowers

Dealing with the death of a close friend or family member can be extremely difficult. Making sure the immediate family of a person that has recently passed is taken care of should be a top priority. There are a number of things you can do to show the family of a recently departed person that you care. One of the main traditions when it comes to funerals is sending sympathy flowers.

If you are new to the world of sympathy flowers, you will need to do your homework to ensure you don’t make any mistakes. Figuring out where to order sympathy flowers from and deciding what to include in your arrangement is a lot harder than you realize.

Are you looking for more information about choosing and sending sympathy flowers? If so, check out the useful tips below.


Choosing The Right Kind of Sympathy Flowers

While you want to show your sympathy for a friend or family member that has recently passed, you don’t want to overextend your budget. Some flower options are far more expensive than others, which is why you need to do some shopping around before settling on an arrangement. As you start to look at the various arrangements at your disposal, you need to consider a few basic factors.

The main thing you need to think about is what variety of arrangement you want to send to the funeral of a recently departed friend or family member. Sympathy flower arrangements come in three basic varieties, which we will cover below.


Posies and Sympathy Flower Baskets

One of the most popular sympathy flower options on the market is the funeral flower basket. By sending sympathy flowers in basket form, you can make them much easier to transport. If you want to provide an arrangement that can be taken from the funeral home to a person’s graveside, then these baskets are a good option.

Ideally, you want to get a flower basket option that is filled with the freshest and most appealing flowers. When calling a florist, you need to consult with them about what flowers are in season. Once you have this information, you can start the process of constructing your sympathy flower basket.


Funeral Sprays Are Very Appealing

Nearly 85% of the people polled in a recent survey claimed they sent sympathy flowers to the funeral of a recently departed friend or family member. These flower arrangements are typically present on easels or stands. In most cases, the family of the recently departed will display these sprays around the casket. One of the main benefits of investing in a funeral spray is that they come in a variety of different forms.

Before choosing a florist to make a spray arrangement, take a look at their past work. This will provide you with details regarding what a florist is capable of. You also need to think about checking a florist’s online reviews to ensure they have done great work for others in the past.


Wreaths Are a Good Sympathy Flower Option

Another very common and popular sympathy flower option is the wreath. These wreaths can either be made in the shape of a ring or a heart, depending on the preference of the customer.  Many people use the center of these wreaths as a space to commemorate the accomplishments or interests of the person that has passed.

Adorning the middle of the wreath with pictures of a recently departed person and their family is also a great way to make it more special. Once the funeral is over, the family of a person that has died can take the center of the wreath and keep it as a memento.


Types of Flowers To Include In Your Sympathy Arrangement

Once you figure out what type of arrangement you want to send to the funeral of a friend or family member, you need to decide on the type of flowers you want in these arrangements. While there are hundreds of different flower options on the market, only a handful are viewed as approved options for sympathy flower arrangements.


Roses Have Universal Meaning

If you want the sympathy arrangement you send to a funeral to be special, then including the favorite flower of the recently departed is crucial. One of the most popular flowers on the planet is roses. Roses are known to have a universal appeal. The main reason why roses have this type of appeal is that they come in a number of colors.

Red roses can represent an expression of love and respect. Yellow roses can be used in sympathy arrangements if you want them to represent a celebration of a person’s life. Pink roses are known to be an expression of both grace and appreciation. Regardless of what color roses you choose for your arrangement, you can rest assured they will be appealing.


Lilies Are Very Popular Funeral Flowers

Perhaps the most popular flowers included in sympathy arrangements are lilies. For years, lilies have been known to represent the hope of the renewal process and the soul of a person that has recently departed this world. White lilies are also very well-received in faith-based funeral services.


Mums Are a Good Option

If the family mourning is from an Asian or European country, there is no denying the power of including mums in your sympathy arrangement. In countries like Japan and Korea, white mums are used to symbolize grief. The great thing about mums is that they come in a variety of different colors. This means you can have complete control over the message your sympathy flower arrangement provides.

Where To Send Your Sympathy Arrangement
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Where To Send Your Sympathy Arrangement

After you choose the right sympathy flower arrangement, you need to consider where to send it. Generally, this arrangement will need to go to the funeral home handling the service. Some families request that the flowers are sent to the church where the service is held. Consulting with the family of the deceased can help you figure out where to send your arrangement.

By using the tips in this article, you can choose the best sympathy arrangement with ease.

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