Atlas Honda CG 125 2022 Sticker and Price

Atlas Introduces New Honda CG 125 2022 Model with New Sticker & Price

Atlas Honda CG 125 2022 Sticker and Price

Atlas Honda introduces Honda CG 125 2022 model with a brand new sticker that’s just slightly different from prior versions. Honda CG 125 Price in Pakistan varies every year due to the addition of new features and specifications to this Power machine. However, the price remains reasonable when compared to the quality of the product.

As you can see, this bike has a lot of features and is popular in Pakistan because to Honda’s commitment to quality. Honda never cuts corners when it comes to bike quality, so consumers never have to worry about problems.

When you hear the word Honda Motorcycle, the first three things that spring to mind are “Quality,” “Performance,” and “Re-Value.” All of this has been bundled together in the form of a New Honda CG 125 2022 in Pakistan, and it’s been made available to you by the firm. The new model’s price is the same as last year, but expect to see more economy petrol bikes this year, including ones with a new backlight design and a more visually appealing gas tank.

The new Honda 125 is widely regarded as one of the most eagerly anticipated automobiles in Pakistan. Atlas Honda’s market share in Pakistan’s motorcycle sector is well over 40%. The Honda CG 125 silencer’s exhilarating sound and high speed on Pakistani highways are to blame for this.

The CG 125’s 4-stroke engine puts out 11 horsepower at low, speed-dependent fuel consumption. As a result, they can easily go 50 kilometers (1 mile) on a single tank of fuel. Motorcycles use a CDI (Capacitor discharge ignition) Ignition System with a 12-volt battery to power their headlights and indicators more efficiently.


Honda CG 125 2022 Model Price in Pakistan

The base model of the Atlas Honda CG 125 2022 Model is priced at Rs. 147,500/- in Pakistan. No other bike in Pakistan provides the same level of comfort, road grip, and speed. This year, the Atlas Honda business is also included a three-year engine guarantee with the new model.


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