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5 Basic Rules to Protect Your PC from Viruses

Some of us have the misfortune of contracting computer viruses. Even though new viruses, ransomware, breaches, assaults, vulnerabilities, and data theft affect businesses all over the world every day, it’s only a matter of time before your business is affected. Here we will provide you with the five basic rules to prevent your computer from viruses.

How to Protect Your Computer From Viruses

1) Keep Up to Date

Please update your operating systems; So that you don’t read on the Internet from famous gurus who are sitting on Windows 98 and “everything is fine” with them, it is better to install an OS that receives security updates. Windows 10 is currently the best choice. According to the guides, you can easily disable all tracking functions and you will have an improved sim as a result.

2) Avoid Cracked or Pirated Software

Try not to use pirated software; The vast majority of users do not need it. And if something is needed, there are a huge number of free analogs that are no worse.

3) Use Antiviruses

Built-in Windows Defender is a great alternative to many paid counterparts. They just turned it on and forgot. It updates itself, and checks the PC every day by itself, while practically not loading the computer.

4) Avoid Untrustworthy Sites

Install custom extensions. For example, I use Adguard. It is easy to find in any app store in any browser. This way, you will reduce the temptation to click on some advertisement like “5 drops of this infusion will enableā€¦”. After all, if people did not switch to them, then they would not exist. Visit only trusted and verified sites.

5) Avoid Untrusty USB

No matter how smart the computer is, if the user connects flash drives with questionable content, sits on Windows XP, and saves his personal photos on the desktop, sooner or later something will fail.

Therefore, the most important thing is to control yourself. That is, follow all the other 4 rules and follow them. Then your computer will be in good health for many years. And you will save your nerves and money.

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