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Benefits of Using White Clay | White Clay Virtues in Cosmetics

Benefits of Using White Clay | White Clay Virtues in Cosmetics

In this article, we are going to dive into one of them: white clay! Perhaps less flashy than green or red clay, the benefits of using white clay will amaze more than one. It can be used in the form of a very fine powder in cosmetics, white clay has benefits for the teeth, skin, hair.

Indeed, it is a very versatile ingredient. The virtues of white clay are numerous and its applications multiple, which makes it an essential ingredient in cosmetics. With so many applications and benefits, white clay cannot be left out in your beauty routine.

Benefits of White Clay in Cosmetics 

In this article White Clay Benefits: zooming in on its cosmetic virtues we will take a closer look at what exactly white clay is, and show you how it can be used for amazing results!

What is white clay?

The white clay is a very powerful ingredient that is used since prehistoric times. Also called kaolin, it was first discovered in the city of Kaolin in China. Since its discovery, white clay has been used in cosmetics as well as in pharmacology.

Today, of course, white clay is found in several countries and its extraction is done all over the world. It is a very natural ingredient that does not need any chemical treatment to be used. Indeed, anyone can buy a bag of white clay to make their own home remedies.

It is a true ancestral remedy, used for its restorative, soothing and purifying properties. It is obtained from a soft rock, which is reduced to produce the fine white powder used for cosmetics.

1. Increase Sebum Production in Skin

The benefits of white clay are explained by its composition rich in minerals. Magnesium, zinc, calcium, selenium, and silicon are all present in white clay. Each of these minerals has specific properties and uses for our health. Zinc, for example, helps regulate sebum production in the skin and scalp.

The most unique properties of white clay, which make it a very effective ingredient in cosmetics, are the following:

  • Detoxifier: White clay attracts and extracts bacteria and dirt from teeth, skin and hair.
  • Abrasive: It is a very gentle exfoliant. It renews the cells of our skin and our scalp. It also helps remove stains from our teeth by rubbing them gently to reveal their whiteness.
  • Healing: The white clay repairs the damage caused to the tissue.
  • Soothing: White clay calms inflammation and redness, which may help with certain gum conditions. It also soothes skin reactions such as eczema.

2. A natural ally for whiter teeth

Like dental care, the benefits of white clay are numerous. However, the best known of them is its whitening effect. Indeed, white clay is a powerful whitening agent for the teeth. It is a gentle abrasive, which does not scratch the enamel but which gently exfoliates the teeth to regain their whiteness.

White clay can be used as a paste for a homemade bleaching session. To make it, you only need to mix the white clay with lukewarm water until it becomes a fairly sticky paste. Then, after having obviously brushed our teeth, we apply the paste and leave it on for a few minutes.

By removing it with lukewarm water, we discover a much whiter smile! In addition, do not worry: it is not dangerous to ingest white clay in small quantities. White clay is not at all toxic. But its whitening effect is not the only benefit of white clay for the teeth.

Some of the benefits of white clay include:

  • Gentle Abrasive: Gently polishes teeth to remove stains and reveal whiteness.
  • Thickener: gives a pleasant and creamy texture to toothpaste.
  • Acidity neutralizer: eliminates bacteria and neutralizes acidity that can alter tooth enamel.
  • Soothing: Calms and relieves swollen or inflamed gums.

Although it is possible to use white clay on its own, let’s be honest: it is not always practical to do DIYs… This is why it is much more effective to incorporate this ingredient into our dental care routine. existing.

That is to say: our toothpaste! Finding a white clay toothpaste is the best way to benefit from this super ingredient. A white clay toothpaste brings us all the benefits of white clay and we will use it every day.

The preferred option of the Lucette team is the Douceur d’Argile toothpaste from Email Diamant. The formula of this toothpaste combines white clay, organic coconut oil and sodium bicarbonate. It is formulated with 92% natural ingredients. It is an ideal toothpaste for gentle and effective dental care!

3. A home remedy for dry skin

As we have already mentioned, there are many kinds of cosmetic clays. And each cosmetic clay meets the needs of a certain type of skin. White clay is, in concrete terms, the perfect ally for dry and sensitive skin. White clay is a strong beneficial ingredient for any skin type, but dry and sensitive skin has the most to gain from using this ingredient.

Indeed, white clay is rather suitable for these types of skin because it has a slightly exfoliating action while softening the skin. Therefore, it reveals its full potential for sensitive and discomfort- prone skin. Applied topically, white clay makes the skin brighter and healthier. At the same time, it reduces imperfections.

Its composition is rich in minerals essential for cell renewal, such as potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and iron. Considering its properties, the best way to apply white clay on the face is by making a mask. There are plenty of them on the market, but the most effective is to directly use white clay purchased in sachets.

Making a hydrating white clay face mask is easy by following these steps: Pour a little fine powdered white clay into a fairly deep container. Then, lukewarm water is poured over the white clay to create a paste that is quite liquid, but which remains a little sticky.

Finally, argan oil is added to the paste. The amount of argan oil depends on your preference, knowing that the latter ingredient serves to nourish and plump the skin while the white clay exfoliates and purifies.

4. The white clay mask for supple hair

White clay is good for our teeth, our skin … and of course, our hair! No matter what concrete problem you want to solve, chances are white clay will help you.

It can be used for fragile, dry or oily hair, as well as on the scalp. The benefits of white clay for our hair are numerous: It promotes the elimination of dandruff, thanks to its exfoliating action. White clay helps soothe sensitive, dry scalps, especially due to its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.

It can help us regain suppleness, lightness and volume in our hair. For oily hair, white clay regulates the production of sebum, while purifying our scalp. This ingredient protects the keratin fibre, which is why it is suitable for all hair types.

How to use it? Nothing could be simpler. As explained above, the best way to incorporate white clay into our care is by buying it pure. The number of recipes and uses for this fine white powder is endless. For our hair, we can use it as a rinse, shampoo, mask… It will depend on the effects you want to obtain.


The process is very simple. We concoct a mixture of white clay and rice water. To make rice water, simply leave a handful of rice in a bowl of water for several hours. Rice water is hydrating and soothing and blends perfectly with the properties of white clay.

Once the mixture has been made, a sticky paste of white clay and rice water is obtained, a few drops of vinegar are added. Vinegar does not smell very good, of course, but it is used to give shine to our hair. With this last ingredient, our mask is ready! We apply it from roots to ends before showering and let it sit for 20 minutes. Then just wash your hair normally.

Now you know how to use white clay for each step of your skincare routine! We hope that this article White Clay Benefits: zoom on its cosmetic virtues will have been useful to you.

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