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How to Reuse Cooking Water | Tips to Reuse Water in Kitchen

How to Reuse Cooking Water | Simple Ecological Tips to Reuse Kitchen Water

Did you know that you can reuse your cooking water for your other dishes? Yet it is a logical and ecological tip that we never think of! Note, for example, that very hot cooking water makes it possible in particular to soften your vegetables before cooking them.

1. Cooking Water to Soften your Vegitables  

How to do? It’s simple. After bringing the water in your saucepan to a boil and after having cooked your pasta, rice or even your semolina or rice noodles. you can drain your starches and keep the water in a large aluminium container, or in a salad bowl or a pot already ready for use!

After collecting the water, you can put the water back in a saucepan or pot and put all your vegetables that you plan to eat that evening or the next day. This will also bring the nutrients of your starchy foods and a rather nice taste.

2. Cooking water to make a good winter soup!

And yes! In line with the tip just above, you can also reuse your cooking water to prepare a good, hot soup full of vitamins. Perfect for winter, right? And then if it’s summer, no problem, you can let the water cool and use it for your cold soups and even create your own water ice creams as indicated in this tutorial. Do this to prepare your greener Christmas meal with pasta and vegetables!

3. Do your dishes to reuse the cooking water

You can wash the dishes with the cooking water and you know what? It is even more cleaning since the nutrients contained in the pasta are excellent degreasers. Add a little salt to your pot of hot water and it will wash your dishes even better. Rinse well with the same water so as not to waste tap water!

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