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5 Best SEO Practices for Beginners in 2022 – SEO Beginner’s Guide

SEO Guide: 5 Best Practices for Beginners in 2022

Beginner’s Guide to SEO: Building your own Website or e-commerce store? These 5 Best SEO practices for Beginners in 2022 to get things started without difficulty.

Is SEO within everyone’s reach? The answer is yes! If you invest yourself, you will succeed in mastering SEO practices. These will allow you to benefit from better referencing and, therefore, better visibility.

As a reminder, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), also called natural referencing, is a set of techniques and methods that allow you to be well placed in the results pages of search engines and especially Google.

5 Best SEO Beginner's Guide Practices for Beginners in 2021 


5 Best SEO Beginner’s Guide Practices for Beginners in 2021 


  1. Use a Content Management System or CMS

To succeed in SEO, it is possible to bet on Content Management Systems; these CMS (Content Management System) are efficient tools. Thanks to them, you can create web pages without having to code them.

It is, therefore, ideal for beginners. Indeed, it is necessary to respect the conventions of code. The CMS exists to ensure the conformity of the various pages so that they are published and, above all, well referenced. However, if you use a CMS, this system will take care of the code conventions.


Here is a non-exhaustive list of the most used CMS:

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • SPIP
  • PluXml
  • DotClear
  • HippoCMS
  • Prestashop
  • Magento


  1. Exploit SEO Modules

Content Management Systems don’t just code for you so that your pages are usable on the web. They include efficient SEO modules that allow you to benefit from better visibility and, therefore, more traffic. Like for example, Yoast SEO.

How to use this functionality? Rest assured, it’s elementary! Start by writing your pages. Then launch the analysis via the SEO module. This will give you recommendations to improve the text and its structure. Among these recommendations are:

  • Adding keywords
  • The repetition of keywords
  • Touch-ups to make the text more pleasant
  • A different hierarchy

The changes only take a short time and significantly improve your content. The latter will have every chance of being better referenced.


  1. Maintain or Enrich a Professional Blog

Keeping a professional blog is the best way to improve SEO practices. In addition to finding an editorial line, you will have to work on writing the article.

Here are some tips for adapting the writing style:

  • Make short sentences
  • Segment text
  • Limit paragraphs to 300 words
  • Work on titles and subtitles
  • Put one idea per paragraph.
  • Use transitions
  • Leading readers from one point to another
  • Keep it simple

It is important to know your audience well to write content that will be read and appreciated. Why? Because the reader needs to identify with your content. So you will retain him.


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  1. Get backlinks

As a reminder, there are two types of links:

  • External links send a reader to your site from an external site. They are also called backlinks. They are essential to enjoy good SEO.
  • Internal links send a reader to another page on your site. They are handy for optimizing the internal linkage of a blog or a site.

to benefit from backlinks, you obviously have to get some! How to proceed? Several solutions exist. It is possible to write guest articles or contact professionals or personalities to obtain backlinks. As you write, you will learn how to orient your content to obtain external links naturally.


  1. Apply Basic SEO Techniques

There are many good SEO practices. You have to know them! We discussed using a CMS and an SEO module generally associated with the management system, then SEO writing techniques.


Working on URL’s

Note that best practices also include simplified URL’s. Here are some examples:

  • The URL of your site:
  • URL of a category on your site: HTTP: //
  • URL of the content in a category of your site: HTTP: //
  • Ensure the ergonomics of the site

A site must be perfectly ergonomic. Each page must display correctly and, above all, quickly. It is also imperative to ensure that the site or blog displays correctly from mobile media.

Did you know that Google recommends a load time of fewer than 3 seconds? And yes! Internet users are volatile. Over 50% of users will close the page and visit another site after 3 seconds!

As a beginner, you are probably wondering how to reach the top on Google. It depends on several factors, like how popular your site is, how often you post, and how you reach your audience.


Final Words

If your site is already active and you feed it regularly, it takes about ten days to be present on Google’s first page. If you are starting, then allow at least 2 months. The more you publish, the shorter this delay.

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