8 Best Al-Rehab Perfumes For Women

Best Al-Rehab Women Perfumes in 2020

As a perfume company born in 2011, El-Rehab is an outstanding fragrance company with unprecedented success. It is committed to looking after women with its unique scents that combine deep flavors with oils to care for their skin.

It is for several reasons that we have chosen to present you with the 8 Best Al-Rehab Perfumes for Women; these fragrances are specially crafted to lift you out of this world and put you on an elevated pedestal, so do not miss their analysis of these fragrances.

8 Best Al-Rehab Perfumes For Women

1. Shadha by Al-Rehab For Women

Shadha by Al-Rehab

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Shadha, a fragrance by Al-Rehab that belongs to the Floral for Women olfactory family, was structured to be a star perfume for spring, and we’re facing that star perfume this spring.

A success of this perfume is that its selected notes consist only of rose and jasmine, a scent that does not excite your senses with a deep scent but has that simple flowery aroma that does not overpower your senses.

Moreover, it has a long lasting durability with which you will be able to have it with you for a long time. It also leaves a trail that can be felt forever.

2. Al Nourus by Al-Rehab For Her

Al Nourus by Al-Rehab

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It is the most recommended perfume in this category because it contains a distinct aura of fun that reveals the way women are without being constrained by society. In equal parts, fruity and sweet, it has notes of melon, mango, lime, white Musk, white lily, and iris flower.

Summer is the perfect time to shine with this perfume since the notes are taken from the best fruits of the season, and it has moderate longevity.

3. Fruit by Al-Rehab For Women

Fruit by Al-Rehab

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Fruit by Al-Rehab is a soft, fruity fragrance that embodies the sensation of fruits. It contains notes of green apple, tangerine, pink grapefruit, white Musk, and banana, ideal for that fragrance of so soft, so fruity.

It is moderately long-lasting, and it has the same trail, specially made for winter, which often needs a sweet and citrusy aroma to break the monotony.

4. Al Hanouf by Al-Rehab For Women

Al Hanouf by Al-Rehab

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It is a perfume that exudes a hundred percent Arab aroma. Al-Rehab’s Al Hanouf is a fragrance that emphasizes the beauty of women. The perfume follows in the footsteps of Al-Rehab, containing oud wood notes, amber, and Taif rose to give the perfume a concentrated, spicy fragrance.

Additionally, it will have a strong impact in spring because of its large wake and long-lasting longevity.

5. Musk Al Aroosah Al-Rehab For Women

Musk Al Aroosah Al-Rehab

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El-Rehab is known for its moss, and Musk to the Aroosah is a perfume made to make you vibrate with nature’s power.

In addition to white moss and vanilla, this perfume has a series of notes that bring both intensity and sweetness to its formula, which is both minimalist and strong at the same time.

As well as being specially suited for fall, Musk Al Aroosah has a heavy trail that lasts for hours.

6. Bahrain Pearl by Al-Rehab For Women 

Bahrain Pearl by Al-Rehab

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In addition to being a fragrance that perfectly highlights women’s beauty, Bahrain Pearl by Al Rehab also strives to portray the pearl of the Arab world. On the other hand, it has moderate longevity and a heavy trail, making it ideal for winter use. All those notes are of beauty, with fresh flowers as the protagonists.

7. Al-Rehab Lailat Elomer For Her

Lailat Elomer by Al-Rehab

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Al-Rehab’s Lailat Elomer is a perfume that stands out from the rest because of its incredible quality, which makes it the brand’s most feminine fragrance.

In addition to having most resin notes, its fragrance is extremely long-lasting, with a vast trail marking its territory with elegance, and it has a very long-lasting longevity, very different from those you have seen so far. You cannot wear it any other time than spring for all your feminism.

8. Mubakhar by Al-Rehab For Her

Mubakhar by Al-Rehab

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Mubakhar of Al-Rehab is one of the many Arab perfumes that women so love because they highlight their unique way of being and are very loyal.

Featuring notes of vanilla, bergamot, cinnamon, sandalwood, Musk, and Virginia juniper, this fragrance makes a delightful scent that has a lot of wildflowers. Its long-lasting longevity and moderate trail accompany you throughout the season.


If you are looking for the Best Al-Rehab Perfumes for Women, don’t hesitate to try them and let your outer beauty shine.

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