5 Best Oriflame Perfumes For Men

Best Oriflame Perfumes For Men

Since it was founded in 1967, Oriflame fragrances have given the touch that every man needs to have exceptionally healthy skin and make it look desirable. But this is not all; we take you home to those fragrances that have the best of practically all perfume brands due to the excellent number of professionals who work directly with this world-renowned firm.

Such is the case of its line of perfumes that arrive from all sides more frequently. For all this, we want to bring you closer to The 5 Best Oriflame Perfumes for Men, which come to be bottled in striking presentations to get you seduced by sight and then do it in an olfactory way.

5 Best Oriflame Perfumes For Men

1. Oriflame Giordani Gold Man Eau de Parfum

Giordani Gold Man by Oriflame

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A fragrance designed for all men who have their place in the world, for all the biggest winners, is how the fragrance of this perfume can be clearly defined.

The Giordani Gold Man was officially launched around 2016. Still, it has many classic elements of yesteryear’s perfumes, such as a choice of notes that mix citrus aromas with stronger tones such as mandarin, cardamom, jasmine, sandalwood, musk, Haitian vetiver, and also amber. The overall result is a manly fragrance with no room for doubt.

On the other hand, this perfume has a scent attached to those who wear it with long-lasting longevity and a moderate trail, ideal for standing out in summer.

2. Oriflame Possess The Secret Man For Him

Possess The Secret Man by Oriflame

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The fragrance of Possess The Secret Man fascinates everyone who carries it with them, as it has that air of mystery that all women love to let themselves be carried away by you, use it as a weapon.

We are talking about a recent fragrance from the year 2018, which belongs to the Aquatic Aromatic olfactory family, and therefore, its presence is wet and fresh in equal parts. It is made up of sage, salt, oak, and ice notes. All this achieves an extreme freshness that is rarely seen in perfume with a somewhat dry and forest aroma.

At the same time, it has moderate longevity and a similar trail that are good to match with that of not standing out too much; take it with you, especially in summer, to park the heat.

3. Oriflame Venture Power For Men

Oriflame Venture Power

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It was born a perfect fragrance for all adventurous men; it is the Venture Power, which powerfully echoes what you have to have a man in extreme situations to love them and be part of the risk.

Belonging to the olfactory family for Men, this perfume has notes of lemon, amber, cardamom, red thyme, and violet leaves. Its aroma is intense, strong, and full of nature, with that touch of chemical makes it very inconsistent.

Its fragrance should be noted; it has long-lasting longevity and a soft trail. Here, we want to stop to tell you that it has the ideal combination not to get carried away by everything but to please anyone in autumn, a quiet and very calm time that nevertheless adapts to this perfume so full of life.

4. Oriflame Be The Wild Legend For Men

Be The Wild Legend by Oriflame

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Being a legend is something that any man in the world wants; there is no doubt that, however, if you want a perfume that retracts it notoriously, then we recommend Be The Wild Legend, a specially made perfume. To take charge of any goal.

It was launched in 2019, which is really recent, and belongs to the Oriental Spicy olfactory family for Men, which gives you that striking but very natural and sophisticated aroma. Its notes are tonka bean, ambergris, geranium, lavender, and vetiver, a blend for a final scent of clean air alongside manly flowers.

Its longevity is moderate, and its trail is soft, more than enough to wear in winter and feel alive despite the ice that penetrates the skin.

5. Intense Oud by Oriflame

Intense Oud by Oriflame

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Another very intense fragrance from any point of view is that we are talking about the Intense Oud, which has that marked tendency to make a man a lethal weapon of seduction and magnetism.

This perfume is worth highlighting; it has what you need so that nothing escapes you, and it is very good for hectic days and laborious mornings since it belongs to the olfactory family for Men.

Its notes are another topic of value since They are made of guaiac wood, vetiver, oud wood, and saffron. All this invites us to think that it is a refined aroma but with the absolute masculinity of wood, which is a success if you have thought like that.

It has long-lasting longevity and a moderate trail, both always designed to achieve the best note at key moments, especially towards a beautiful spring.


The 5 Best Oriflame Perfumes for Men capture women’s total attention, yet they don’t sway you from what you’re looking for, which is to create confidence in your everyday life.

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