Best Amouage Perfumes For Women

Top 15 Amouage Perfumes For Women

It is always important to keep in mind that the most luxurious and high-class perfumes are those that have the highest popularity and critical reviews. As well as being well-known, the brand Amouage, which was created by order of the Sultan of Oman, one of the most respected figures in the East, Amouage has consistently been among the top cologne brands for men and women.

They know how to create really important perfumes from this country in every way, making women feel as if they were in a golden palace through their fragrances. We have assembled a list of the best Amouage perfumes for women in this article, a selection of perfumes you will love and enhance the beauty of your body in every way.

15 Best Amouage Perfumes For Women

15. Figment by Amouage

Figment by Amouage

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The first perfume on this list is Amouage Figment, a fragrance that will make you feel like luck is always on your side, with pink pepper notes, guaiac wood, and earthy notes, especially ideal for summer use.

It is worth noting that the refinement of the perfume is evident throughout the packaging, as well as its long-lasting longevity and trail. This makes the perfume truly special, as you do not lose sight of it, and keep the good vibes with you at all times.

14. Beach Hut by Amouage

Beach Hut by Amouage

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A perfume that makes you feel as if you are in a paradise on earth, oriented toward enhancing your perception of each sense, such as the Beach Hut by Amouage, will undoubtedly bring to the surface all the notes contained within it, among which we would like to highlight galbanum, musk, and ivy.

The scent is perfect for summer, even though it has weak longevity and a smooth trail, something that attracts attention. However, it will be worth the effort since, with its scent, everything will seem like a tranquil beach.

13. Lilac Love by Amouage

Lilac Love by Amouage

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The next scent on this list is Amouage’s Lilac Love, which will make you vibrate with an intense feeling of love, the kind you need to attract the person you love above all else.

In 2016, it was introduced with a wide range of notes, among which jasmine, lilac, lily, or cocoa stood out. Its long-lasting longevity and heavy trail make it a must-have in any bedroom during spring.

12. Bracken by Amouage

Bracken by Amouage

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In the twelfth position of this luxurious and majestic brand, we want to talk about Amouage Bracken, a perfume that has managed to recreate for you everything that has to do with respect for the old but knowing how to blend with the new.

It is, without a doubt, a special perfume, thanks to its combination of patchouli or lilac notes to create an impressive natural effect on you. Its fragrance is also enhanced thanks to very strong longevity and a very powerful awakening so that in summer you can use it without any problems.

11. Blossom Love by Amouage

Blossom Love by Amouage

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There is nothing more intense than Amouage’s Blossom Love, a perfume with a fragrance aimed at the most passionate women, where everything is taken like a love story.

You can also sparkle on your own at any time of year with hints of amaretto, rose, and cherry blossom. Furthermore, it is moderately long-lasting and has a treadmill that shares these characteristics.

10. Fate by Amouage

Fate by Amouage

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It has a very powerful yet dark fragrance that will allow you to focus on your opinion, as well as having electrical energy that cannot be stopped, you will always feel as if you have the final word.

When it comes to its longevity, although it has notes of jasmine, rose, and even vanilla, it is very tough, and its heavy trail has that gothic style that makes it exceptional for winter.

9. Myths by Amouage

Myths by Amouage

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In ninth place, it’s time to talk about the Myths of Amouage, a rather enigmatic perfume that was conceived to perfectly recreate the attraction power of women over men in a very Asian style.

Likewise, it is an ideal perfume to use in autumn and has notes of lily, gray, and leather in its composition for that feeling of control you will feel when using it; in addition, its long-lasting longevity and huge track will make sure no one ignores it.

8. Honor by Amouage

Honor by Amouage

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Its name really fits what the designers of this cologne were looking for; we refer to Honor da Amouage, which is one of the best perfumes of this company because of all the greatness that surrounds it, as well as the respectable context that surrounds it and the ease with which it can be obtained at all times.

You will be able to attract attention due to its coriander, pepper, or leather notes, but with an extremely long and lasting effect, summer is a good time for you to wear it.

7. Ubar by Amouage

Ubar by Amouage

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With its unique, irreverent style and its ability to make you shine in your light, Ubar by Amouage is an extremely impressive perfume.

The fragrance contains notes of patchouli, black amber, and balsam. In addition, it has lasting longevity and a large trail, which can be used in the fall when a little bit of skin is sometimes needed.

6. Gold by Amouage

Gold by Amouage

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Gold as this perfume can only provide, we are in front of the Gold of Amouage, a perfume dedicated to all women who desire perfection like you and who realize it is a goal that they must devote themselves day and night to. This perfume has a distinct fragrance that will elevate your ego and force others to surrender to it.

With notes of patchouli, musk, and cedar, this fragrance offers long-lasting longevity and a powerful track, ideal for any time of the year.

5. Memoir by Amouage

Memoir by Amouage

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Very close to the end, now we have the Amouage Memoir, a perfume that will give you a lot of presence and where you can look magnificent, as it is made to evoke beauty above all, really worthy of any woman of that perfume.

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It has notes of rose, sandalwood, tobacco, leather, and musk and with strong longevity and heavy trail to provide that touch of rebellion that is sometimes sought after, ideal also for a time like summer.

4. Lyric by Amouage

Lyric by Amouage

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The Lyric by Amouage Cologne is one of the colognes of this brand, born in Oman, renowned for its pleasant fragrance, making you feel as if you have taken a bath in an eternal divine abode.

With notes of bergamot, rose, galbanum, walnut, and ginger to give a fresh touch and a trail and longevity that lasts for a long period, this perfume was launched in 2008.

3. Ciel by Amouage

Ciel by Amouage

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The brand’s luxury is enhanced in Ciel da Amouage, which is one of the most elegant, sized, and contextual perfumes you can purchase today, regardless of your point of view.

Featuring notes of jasmine, water lily, or even amber, Lucas Sieuzac created an esteemed perfume with lasting longevity and a huge track. It will be more effective in the winter months.

2. Epic by Amouage

Epic by Amouage

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There was no doubt in my mind that Epic de Amouage reflects the gold-bathed luxury and the luxury within reach of the human being. This fragrance was launched in 2009 and is still very relevant today because of its weight, as well as its strong fragrance containing notes of geranium, patchouli and leather, which emphasize the strength of women.

There is nothing like the summertime for a hike, which lasts for a long time and is accompanied by lasting longevity.

1. Sunshine by Amouage

Sunshine by Amouage

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If you are looking for a perfume that can give you a strong desire for life, thus increasing your desire to wake up in the morning and eat the world, use the Sunshine of Amouage.

This perfume was launched in 2014 and is as radiant as the sun, thanks to notes of Egyptian papyrus, jasmine, or white flower tobacco. At the same time, it has very long longevity and also a heavy trail that will make you the envy of autumn.


If you are looking for an Amouage perfume that is both elegant and bombastic, these 15 Best Amouage Perfumes For Women are the top choice. You can wear Amouage colognes at heights of height, considering they have a luxury and sophisticated look on their side, so they are utterly impressive in every way.

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