Top 7 Valentino Perfumes For Her

Best Valentino Perfumes For Women

Valentino is a house that represents luxury, exclusivity, and avant-garde. Its perfume catalog is aimed at women who have high expectations, who never conform, and who only look for the best to use on their daily or special occasions.

The 7 Best Valentino Perfumes For Women are designed to help each other fulfill our mission of making a great impression. Still, personality is everything when it comes to making a great impression. As a result, you can rely on Valentino as a fragrance that is perfect for all occasions and matches your personality perfectly.

7 Best Valentino Perfumes For Women

1. Valentina by Valentino For Women

Valentina by Valentino For Women

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No matter what we call it, Valentina has been the most popular in Valentino women’s perfume line. It is a house specialty, the favorite, the classic. The fragrance will be released in 2011 under the floral scent family and is a perfect companion for spring and summer’s most beautiful days.

With notes of truffle and bergamot, it provides a balanced blend of citrus fruits and sweets. Strawberry, tuberose, orange blossom, and jasmine compose its heart notes, a floral fragrance with a delicate fruity touch to brighten up our day. Amber, cedar, and sweet and provocative vanilla round out the fragrance’s closing notes.

It is the best option during summer and spring days, where it blends beautifully with the environment and offers a delicious version for you. It has a magnificent duration and a moderate trail that will accompany you during any activity.

2. Valentino Donna by Valentino

Valentino Donna by Valentino

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With ‘Valentino Donna,’ you are assured that you will not lose your sanity, whatever the situation may be. It is perfect for making your presence felt in any situation and anywhere.

The perfume opens with a fresh citrus note of bergamot, which is followed by a medium note of rose and iris. As the perfume closes, we will find the amazing leather, patchouli, and sweet vanilla. These last three notes will be the most important, and they blend perfectly to produce a very feminine scent that can also be used to make a good first impression.

As you can see, it is presented in a beautiful bottle with a very unusual texture. It will stay on the skin for a very long time, along with a slightly penetrating trail that will make us feel very secure and ready for action.

3. Valentino Donna Noir Absolu by Valentino

Valentino Donna Noir Absolu by Valentino

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An elegant fragrance for women who know how to strike a balance between class and sensuality. Donna Noir Absolu entered the market in 2017 under the oriental scent family and offers an ultra-feminine and very attractive aroma, perfect for nights when sensuality will be present throughout the night.

There are pepper notes that are combined perfectly with medium notes of wine, rose, and plum, creating a very intriguing combination with a hint of intimacy. It is concluded with woody and leather notes for a strong sense of presence.

As it has a wonderful length and a heavy trail, it will be perfect for attracting the attention of eyes during night parties during autumn or winter.

4. V by Valentino Parfum for Women

V by Valentino Parfum for Women

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A refreshing, woody scent that is made up of citrus and woody notes. Launched in 2005, the ‘V’ is a favorite among fans of Mediterranean styles who enjoy living a free, active lifestyle.

With its opening notes of fig, grapefruit, and tangerine, the perfume is complemented by its heart notes of neroli, freesia, and rose before closing with cedar and sandalwood in its final phase. Woody notes will serve as the predominant note throughout the perfume’s duration.

In addition to having a slightly heavy trail that is immediately visible around you, this product has exceptional durability regardless of whether it is applied directly to your skin or your clothing.

5. Valentina Assoluto by Valentino

Valentina Assoluto by Valentino

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With Valentina Assoluto, you will feel as if you are wearing a perfume containing pheromones. Valentina Assoluto was launched in 2012 as a floral scent. With its perfect balance of floral and sweet chords, it will assist you fully during your game of seduction.

A delicious combination of sweet and citrus chords opens the fragrance with notes of truffle, peach, and bergamot. Medium notes of vanilla, jasmine, and tuberose follow them. Moss, cedar, and patchouli will be the protagonists in its closing, giving it a very pure air that will blend well with vanilla and truffle to create a seductive aroma that is certain to kill you.

It has a very good duration, being able to remain in our skin for up to 12 hours without decreasing its intensity. His trail is quite penetrating, which will be very useful to notice him during any important events that you must attend.

6. Very Valentino by Valentino

Very Valentino by Valentino

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There is no better fragrance for seductive women who like to get in touch with nature than Very Valentino. It was launched in 1998 in the floral fragrance family and contains a harmonious combination of woody notes and floral notes to produce a magical aroma.

As it opens, it has notes of orange, mandarin, bergamot, magnolia, gooseberries, and tarragon. Its middle notes, which include rosemary, violet, jasmine, and roses, are accompanied by a significant number of woody notes. The fragrance concludes with sandalwood, amber, musk, and vanilla notes.

As such, it has a good duration and will accompany us for more than 10 hours, as well as a delicate wake that will envelop you in a fresh and very feminine fragrance.

7. Rock’n Dreams by Valentino

Rock'n Dreams by Valentino

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There would be no sense of rebellion without a hint of rebellion, and that is exactly what Rock’n Dreams brings to the table. Launched in 2009 under the floral-woody scent family, Rock’n Dreams is aimed at women with a sense of irreverence and who achieve their desired objectives.

As well as containing cinnamon, myrrh, vanilla, peach, and iris notes, the perfume also contains woody notes that have a strong presence throughout its duration. In addition to being a solid and versatile perfume, it also has a light trail that will accompany you wherever you go without diminishing its intensity. Its duration is moderate, and its trail is light, making it ideal for any season of the year.


The perfumes designed by Valentino are designed for women who are determined, modern, and demanding. After spraying the perfume on your clothes or skin, you will feel safe, comfortable, and comfortable in any situation. Show off your best version with a magnificent fragrance that will forever represent you! Trust Valentino and show off your best version!

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