10 Best Friv Online Games

10 Best Free Friv Online Games of 2021

The gamer community has not been the same since 2007 when Friv Games arrived, an online gaming platform that today is synonymous with fun and hours of safe entertainment.

Below you will find the list of the most popular and best Friv Games to play for free. What started as a website with games based on Adobe Flash Player was remastered in 2018 to leave this format behind and promote one of the most fun catalogs on the entire web.

Simple, easy to play, variety, quick access, and free are some of the reasons why Friv games have been a fundamental part of online gamers.

The games are accumulated on many internet pages, but on the official friv.com page, you will find thousands of options without advertising or elements other than clicking on a game.

Best Free Online Friv Games

Many developers continue to contribute their talent and to date, we have hundreds of alternatives, so don’t worry about your age because Friv games are for everyone. Sometimes there can be many categories or options on the screen, but there is always a small sample that stands out from the rest.

1. Blocky snakes

Thanks to the success of Slither.io, old and new school players will identify with this addictive title starring a snake that must devour everything in its path, but without touching another snake or itself since with each bite its body is bigger.

One of the Friv games with the best evaluation by users that takes advantage of WebGL technology to work fluently in any browser and exploit the three-dimensional scene where we move, either alone or accompanied because it has the multiplayer option.

2. Coco monkey

The influence of the SNES classics runs through many of the Friv games, combining the traditional platforming style with puzzles and mental agility.

These characteristics are found faithfully in Coco Monkey, as its name indicates, we control a friendly ape who will use his coconuts as projectiles to reach the other side of the screen and get his longed-for banana, but do not think that it is simple, because in each level you will have a different challenge that will keep you glued to the screen until you overcome it.

3. Zombotron 2

Sometimes the best defense is the attack and in Zombotron 2 our mission will be to run and shoot everything that moves because we play a warrior who crashes on a hostile planet and must end the enemy zombie in the middle of an underground lair full of explosives and passageways.

One of the best Friv games made in the style of the action games of the 80s and 90s where aiming is the key to survival, this time using the keys and the mouse to point in any necessary direction, but without spending all ammunition of course.

4. Demon Castle

A clear homage to the SNES classic Castlevania but in 8-bit, so don’t expect great visuals unless you’re of the Atari generation.

However, it is not one of the best Friv games by chance, its game style surprises to come out of the classic linear platform, and now we have to go up and downstairs to finish off the dark enemies with lashes.

The story goes that an evil sorcerer is trying to summon an ancient demon into the world and you are the only one who can travel to the sorcerer’s castle and prevent him from completing the invocation.

5. Endless Siege

If the strategy is your thing, you will surely find everything you need to come out with a victory in one of the most requested tower defense games on the platform.

In “Endless Siege” you will have to organize a defense system against a wave of monsters that threaten to reach your castle.

As you progress through the map, new challenges will be presented to you, so you will have to use more arrows, cannons, and other weapons in strategic positions to contain the attacks.

6. Mitch and Titch – Forest Frolic

Platforms are very popular among Friv game options, being “Mitch and Titch” one of the most used by children due to their simplicity and color.

For this occasion, the player will only use the keyboard to control a couple of little monsters whose mission is to collect all the jewels on their way.

The player must learn to control the protagonists who must work as a team to achieve their goal, although they will find levels where each of the characters can be controlled separately.

7. No Duck’s Sky

Many of the Friv games know how to take advantage of gravity to give excitement to the game system, for this title has a curious formula because we are in space and we must mobilize through shots, although we also have to shoot to break walls and end enemies.

We will have to help Duncan and Elliott in their space journey, these two ducks must overcome obstacles on various planets, each one with its characteristics and gravity until all the orbs are collected.

8. Super Onion boy

Your mission is to rescue the princess from the terrible monster that imprisoned her in a magic bubble, along the way you must dodge various obstacles until you reach the final boss and free the princess.

Does the story seem familiar to you? “Super Onion Boy” is one of the closest copies to Super Mario Bros, although it is still just as fun. Young and old can enjoy the colorful platform adventure where you must break surprise blocks, and get power-ups and secret levels with coins.

9. Moto X3M

There are many variants of “Moto X3M” in Friv games but there is nothing like the first edition, in this fun game, we have 22 different challenges in which we must accelerate, jump, do pirouettes, avoid at all costs not die in each of the amazing show jumps.

The controls are very simple and the dynamics are addictive once gravity is mastered, many want to set a better time and get a better motorcycle, although to do this you must first know how to master the different competition terrains.

10. Basket Champs

Sport can never be lacking when it comes to entertainment and in Friv games, height is no problem for the world basketball championship.

Select your country and advance in an epic tournament where, only with the help of the mouse, you must fire as many shots.

At each stage, you will find new challenges such as distance and mobile baskets, which will give more difficulty and excitement to those passionate about throwing.


Online games are widely accepted by young and old, so don’t just spend a moment of healthy leisure in front of the PC, although we can also find some Friv games designed for touch devices.

Remember that the intention is to entertain yourself healthily in times of pandemic without leaving aside the responsibilities and activities necessary for our proper development.

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