best Android file managers in 2020

10 Best File Manager Apps for Android

Best File Explorer Apps for Android You Should Need to Try

File managers are a great invention for Android device users, allowing us to manage different files and documents without a PC. Therefore, a smartphone without a fancy file manager app is not completely smart. Today, a mobile phone is not used only for communication. Now it has become an incompatible part of our life.

A file manager application will always be there for you to receive and store those files and documents. It will also organize them in such a way that you can find them in a second. In addition, you can also access the image, audio, and video files on your phone. So you must understand how important it is.


10 Best File Manager Apps for Android 2022


1. File Manager

File manager: file managers for androidThe file manager is a must for any Android or smartphone user to fully understand their devices. It helps in many ways, and File Manager is one of the most versatile Android file managers you can download it for free from the PlayStore. It is very compact in size and easily accessible with its easy system functionality.

Download File Manager


2. ASTRO File Manager

ASTRO file managerTo use your mobile device correctly, the File Manager applications are essential. But not all devices come with pre-installed file management apps. This manager is very compact and versatile and it is free on your Android devices. It allows you to manage the total storage of your phone and offers storage-saving capabilities.

Download ASTRO File Manager


3. File Manager

File Manager: file managers for androidFile Manager is an essential part of any Android device. It is free to use and can be found on the PlayStore. It is compact in size for better compatibility with any modern mobile device. File Manager is equipped with the latest and most useful functions along with a fairly accessible interface and system functionality.

Download File Manager


4. File Manager by Xiaomi

File Manager by XiaomiFile Manager by Xiaomi is free and open for all multi-functional file management applications for Android. It is very safe and equipped with many features that are not available from many of its competitors. It supports multiple languages, and global support, and comes with MI drop integration, as well as other cool features.

Download File Manager by Xiaomi


5. X-plore File Manager

X-plore File Manager: file managers for androidGet to know X-plore File Manager, an impressive dual-pane browser that is available for Android. This exclusive file manager has all the standard criteria like storing files, copying and transferring, etc. Also, there are tons of weird but useful options, like browsing two folders at the same time. Encrypting confidential files is also possible in this application.

Download X-plore File Manager


6. Moto File Manager

Moto File Manager

Motorola users will get a great advantage with this excellent file manager for Android, Moto File Manager. You can organize files, stored in both internal storage and SD cards very quickly with this application. Almost all file types can copy, share, rename, move, delete, and compress very quickly.

Download Moto File Manager


7. APUS file manager

APUS file manager: file managers for androidAPUS File Manager is a next-level file manager app for Android that you can find in the Play Store. This fast and fluid application will be your useful friend since it will organize all your essential files and documents like a professional. Again, all the options are very smooth and one click is enough to handle the files in different ways.

Download APUS File Manager


8. HTC File Manager

HTC File ManagerHTC is one of the leading phone brands worldwide. So, individual applications are made to enrich the advantages of users. This is a file manager app exclusively for Android, specially released for HTC users. It has tons of cool features that will always save you time and make your tasks easier.

Download HTC File Manager


9. GM Files

GM Files: file managers for androidGM Filter is another awesome file explorer for Android. It is easy to manage and will organize all the files on your Android device without problems. If you want to share files through the WiFi connection with other friends, it will be beneficial for you. Again, there are many useful features. You have a very friendly interface with 7 beautiful themes and all the basic operations are very easy here.

Download GM Files


10. Files from Google

Files from GoogleMy last recommendation is Files from Google, one of the most popular Android file managers. Almost all the functions you want to manage with a better file manager are available here. Here it is possible to operate files, share them online, quickly find the files you want and clean your phone. You can even manage tasks with just a few taps.

Download Files from Google



Finding the best file manager Apps for Android is not easy because of the list of thousands of applications in the PlayStore. Most of them are not worthy, and you will spend your time in vain using them. However, you can be sure that none of the apps on this list will disappoint you. Still, if anything bothers you about these apps, you can frankly ask me in the comments. Read the Latest and most Interesting News on Top and Trending.

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