Best Apps for Samsung Smart TV 2020

10 Best Apps for Samsung Smart TV

Best Apps for Samsung Smart TV 

In this article, we are going to share the Samsung Smart TV App list. Smart TV has captured the television market for its incredible features. Samsung Smart Tv is loved by many of its users; the motion and gesture sensor is a fantastic feature of the Samsung Smart Tv.

Therefore, applications are created in the Google Play store to use this function to the best of their ability. There are so many apps for smart TVs, but here we are discussing the best Apps for Samsung TVs that will amaze you with their amazing features.


10 Best Smart TV Apps for Samsung TV 2023


1. Netflix

netflix: best android apps smart tvNetflix is ​​one of the best Android apps for Samsung Smart TV and has been rated as a gold standard. This app is the first to come when we talk about online video streaming services. Along with an impressive selection of existing television shows, Netflix also owns a good collection of its exclusive products, including political drama, house of cards, and many more.

Download Netflix


2. Amazon Prime Video

amazon prime videoAmazon’s Prime Video app is also great in the online video services career. Along with its exclusive collection, it also contains impressive selected content from other providers. Amazon makes its first listing appear on its website, allowing users to check their available favorites before paying for the subscription.

Download Amazon Prime Video


3. YouTube

youtube: best android apps smart tvYouTube is also another of the best Android apps for Samsung Smart TV and is the best place to get your amateur footage of everything. Here you can see and discover everything and provide each user with a platform to discover the world. Here you can explore new music, content, news, and many more. This app shows you the latest and most popular music and includes amazing and numerous live streams.

Download YouTube



4. Peel Universal Smart TV Remote control

peel universal smart tv remote controlThis app is the best Samsung Android smart TV app, and this app will work as a universal remote control app for TV, Cable or Satellite, Roku, Apple TV, DVD, and TV Guide. You can control your Samsung TV, and many others along with cable or satellite are Freeview, Youview, and many more. This app uses built-in hardware in phone models like LG G2 / G4 and G5, Xiaomi Mi 4/5 / Redmi, and many more. Many phones do not have IR hardware.

On that mobile phone, use WIFI to discover and control devices. This application will allow you to use the remote widget on the lock screen to control your TV and satellite box. You can use the complete remote control on your mobile by tapping on the yellow bubble.

Download Peel Universal Smart TV Remote control


5. Remote for Samsung TV

remote for samsung tvRemote for Samsung TV is a fantastic application that will work as a smart remote control for Samsung TV. It is a virtual remote control that allows you to control your television. This application is free. Samsung TV Remote is beautifully designed and can be used as a real remote control and has full features of TV remote controls.

Download Remote for Samsung TV


6. Samsung Smart View

smart view

With this smart view app from Samsung, you can enjoy your personalized smart hub experience on your smartphone or tablet and enjoy all the benefits of touch. In this app, you can browse all your live TV and streaming favorites, and you can also discover and launch your movies, shows, music, sports, or games directly from your mobile device without even interrupting your TV viewing experience.

This app has an incredible user interface that unifies your experience across all devices and allows you to direct access to your favorite applications without interrupting TV playback.

Download Samsung Smart View



7. Smart TV Remote

smart tv remoteThis app is a universal TV remote control that works through the IR network and external IR. It is one of the most popular remote TV applications and will define your favorite channels and control your TV simply through channel records. With this great TV remote control app, you can control your TV with your voice. Smart TV Remote can control Samsung TVs from 2011, 2013, 2016, 2017, and 2018 and can control the newest Samsung TVs through the K, m, N, and Q series networks.

This app can control up to 4 devices without an annoying remote switch and can control TV, cable, audio receiver, and media player. It has many more features too.

Download Smart TV Remote



8. Stream to smart TV

streamWith this smart TV app, you can stream to Xbox, Fire Stick, Chromecast, Roku, Smart TV, and many more. It is a completely free application, and you can stream all local videos, images, and music to Chromecast, Amazon fire stick or fire TV, smart TV, and other DLNA devices. This application can stream videos to television and has the option to search for available streaming devices and streaming devices automatically.

This app can identify videos, audio, and photo files on your device and SD card and also allows you to add local videos or audio to play the queue. You can play media in random, repeat, and loop mode. This application makes it easy to control television with your mobile device.

Download Stream to smart TV



9. Remote for Samsung TV

remoteThis application allows you to control your Samsung smart TV over the local network. For this application, the remote control of the function is usually found in the Menu system settings. This app can support C, D, E, and F and also K TV series. The remote for Samsung TV can only work when the phone and TV are on the same network. Try this app now!

Download Remote for Samsung TV



10. Samsung Smart Camera App

smart camera appThis application is the Samsung smart camera application, and it is the integration of three applications to save time and effort. While using this app, the app automatically connects to your smartphone for added convenience and allows you to launch a trio of smart camera apps from your smartphone in one touch. It has many features too. Install this smart app now!

Download the Samsung Smart Camera App



Final Words

So these are the best free apps for Smart TV with so many amazing features, and they will bring spice to your TV experience. I hope you find what you are looking for in this article. Please share your opinion in the comments about the applications mentioned above. Enjoy More Latest Top and Trending News on our homepage.

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