7 Best Reminder Apps for iPhone

Best Reminder Apps for iPhone in 2020

7 Best Reminder Apps for iPhone 2023

You can find several features missing in the iPhone Reminder app, for which you might need a third-party app to help you remind. Here are the best reminder apps with alarm for iPhone and iPad with unique features.


  1. Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To-Do integrates with Microsoft 365 to sync your calendar from Outlook. Manage your daily business with Microsoft To-Do. Create shopping lists or task lists, take notes, set reminders, and more to increase your productivity and focus on important topics. Moreover, Microsoft To-Do is completely free.

Microsoft To Do you quickly sync and see your lists and tasks across devices. You can sync reminders and tasks with Microsoft 365 to access them from anywhere. Make your lists unique with customizable features like emojis, colorful themes, dark mode, and more.


  1. MinimaList

MinimaList is a simple application that allows you to plan to streamline the complex work that needs to be done—a task manager to help you get things done with an easy checklist or a reminder.

  • You can share the same task list with others.
  • You can set recurring time-based and location-based reminders.
  • Can set automatic snooze for a reminder.
  • Access task lists from all devices with Cloud Sync (iPhone, iPad, Mac)
  • Customizable notification sounds, font, backgrounds
  • Sync with Apple calendar


  1. Any.do

Any.do is a powerful reminder with lots of features. Organize your tasks, lists, and reminders in one easy-to-use app. Any.do syncs seamlessly across all your devices, and your to-do list is accessible from anywhere.

Sync your calendar from iCloud, Google, or Outlook with Any.do and view your to-do list as well as scheduled events. Any.do plan your day wisely by suggesting tasks you need to complete in your spare time.

Set reminders to make sure important things aren’t lost. With one-time powerful, recurring, and location-based reminders, you can be sure that critical tasks are not forgotten.


  1. Todoist

Todoist is one of the alternatives to the most popular Apple Reminder app. Create new tasks and add them to projects with hashtags. Set recurring deadlines, transfer items to different people, and assign color-coded priorities for better organization.

Use Todoist to do the following:

  • Capture and organize tasks as soon as you can think of them.
  • Remember reminders and due dates.
  • Build lasting habits with repetitive end dates like “Every Monday.”
  • Collaborate on projects by assigning tasks to others.
  • Prioritize your tasks with priority levels.
  • Track your progress with personalized productivity trends.
  • Integrate your tools like Gmail, Google Calendar, Slack, Amazon Alexa, and more.


  1. OmniFocus 3

Use OmniFocus to achieve more every day. Create projects and tasks, organize them with labels, focus on what you can do now, and do your work.

OmniFocus manages everything in your busy daily life. Use projects to organize tasks and then add tags to organize projects. Easily enter tasks on the go and process them when you have time. Tap the Prediction view that shows both tasks and calendar events to tackle things to do. Use the Review perspective to keep track of your projects and tasks.


  1. Things 3

Things 3 is an award-winning app alternative to Apple Reminders. Besides calendar events, it allows you to view tasks, add checklists or reminders to items, group projects in different folders, and organize your day in the Today list. Things 3 shows a handy graph that shows your progress next to each project.

Using the Magic Plus Button in the bottom right corner of the app, you can separate tasks under Headings or add new items exactly where you want them. All you have to do is drag and drop the button where you want it to go.


  1. Habitica

Treat your life like a game to get motivated and stay organized! Habitica makes it easy to have fun while reaching goals. Habitica is somewhat different from other reminder apps on this list. Enter your habits, daily goals, and to-do list, and then create a special character.

When you complete the missions, you earn points, and you can use them to upgrade your character and buy new accessories. Habitica is available completely free of charge; it also offers optional in-app purchases and subscriptions.



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