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10 Best Android Launchers

10 Best Free/Paid Launchers for Android To Customize Your Phone

The essential point of personalization on Android is undoubtedly a good launcher. It is what makes your Android experience unique. Today, you are going to know the 10 free launchers for Android that works without ads as well. When you get your new Android smartphone, you get excited. While some quickly install a custom launcher, some of us tested the default launcher on the new device.


Best Android Launchers 2023

Without wasting much time, here is the list of the 10 best android launchers that will allow you to manage your smartphone’s user interface better:


1. Nova Launcher

nova launcher: best launchers for androidNova Launcher has been the most popular Android launcher for over half a decade. It is something like the iPhone of the Android launchers in some way. It is still popular because it is enough for many people. Nova Launcher has stock, and it has a lot of features, maybe much more than you could ask for. Nova Launcher was the first Android launcher that brought the stock Android look to all Android devices.

Download Nova Launcher



2. Action Launcher

action launcherAction Launcher is another popular launcher that has been around for a while. The greatest strength of this spectacular launcher is its innovation. The highlight of all those unique features would be Quicktime. Change the theme of your search bar, folders, and app drawers with the colors of your current wallpaper. The Cover feature allows you to hide an entire folder behind an app icon.

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3. ASAP Launcher

asap launcher: best launchers for androidASAP still looks normal except for that beautiful search widget on the main home screen, which also shows the current weather and the current song. It has five predefined home screens. There is the main screen in the middle, with two on each side. The other four give you quick access to your contacts, weather information, calendar, and upcoming events, as well as a detailed to-do list.

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4. Pear Launcher

pear launcherPear Launcher is testing what Nova did before, and what Action is doing now. That is, bringing characteristics of the stock. It is more or less the Pixel Launcher with many additional features that you will only find in a mature application like Nova, and some more. Some of its standout features include proximity sensor gestures and fuzzy interface elements like a dock and app drawer.

Download Pear Launcher



5. Flick Launcher

flick launcher: best launchers for androidIf you want most of the features Nova Launcher offers, but the Prime price stops you, try Flick Launcher. However, it has not been officially released yet, but it is quite reliable in its beta version. Pear Launcher, mentioned above, has almost all the features of Flick Launcher. The best part is that Flick Launcher doesn’t ask you to buy a professional version to have Nova Launcher Prime features.

Download Flick Launcher



6. Evie Launcher

evie launcher

We started with one of the launchers with more functions, and I have followed the trend. However, not everyone is a fan of the features. If you only need a simple launcher that works, Evie is a perfect option for you. Swipe up to access the app drawer, swipe down to search for apps, and that’s it. No integration with Google Now or anything fancy. Simple and effective.

Download Evie Launcher



7. KISS Launcher

kiss launcher: best launchers for androidSpeaking of simplicity, KISS Launcher is also one of the best options you can have. The launcher inevitably follows this philosophy, which is evident from the fact that it is less than 504KB in size. Today you have wallpapers on your smartphone that are bigger, so yeah, that’s awesome. It’s not only simple but also unique since the home screen icons aren’t a big part of it.

Download KISS Launcher



8. AIO Launcher

aio launcherEvie is simple but still traditional; KISS is out of that mold, and unless you use a lot of apps, KISS is simpler to use. But if you are someone who can handle something sophisticated and at the same time want an easy-to-use launcher, AIO might be what you are looking for. AIO does not feature any icons, so forget about icon compatibility. It just shows you the names of the apps on the home screen.

Download AIO Launcher



9. Emerald Launcher

emerald launcher: best launchers for androidEmerald Launcher is another launcher focused on being light and simple, just like KISS. Except it’s a little bit more customizable. Emerald is also completely open-source if that’s something you value. Instead of displaying a search bar or the most used applications, Emerald Launcher displays a grid of all your applications.

Download Emerald Launcher



10. LaunchBoard

emerald launcherThe fact that many launchers do not allow you to search for applications directly from your home screen without installing other apps can be a pain. In this case, something like Launchboard can come in handy. This launcher places an icon in your launcher that you can place on your home screen. Every time you touch it, you can write and search for applications.

Download LaunchBoard



Which Android Launcher do you prefer?

Did you find this list of the best and free Android launchers to improve the look and performance of your device? Share your opinion in the comments below and read more news at Top and Trending.

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