Top 10 Best Personal Security Apps for Android

Best Personal Security Apps for Android in 2020

A personal security application is a mobile application that can be used to support your security. Some of these apps can be very useful when it comes to personal security using your Android smartphones.

10 Best Personal Security and Safety Apps for Android

There are many Android personal security apps available on the Google Play Store, and here we are going to list some of them. So, let’s take a look at the best personal security apps for Android safety.

1. Trusted contacts

Now you can stay connected and safe using Trusted Contacts. Wherever you are, your trusted contacts can see your location and status. 

They can find you very easily when you need help from them. For that, you must install this popular personal security application on your Android device. Then set up your trusted contacts and stay calm.

To activate the service, you must allow your trusted contacts to send a request. Add them and share your location to enjoy a super security system. 

Active GPS will show your location to your trusted contacts. You can schedule future alerts if you need to. The activity status of your phone will also be visible to your trusted contacts if you wish.

2. Find My Kids

Where is your child and how is he doing? It is the most terrifying situation for any parent. Often your children go for a walk or play. The level of tension is always higher at that time for parents.

Now stop worrying because you have to Find My Kids. It is a child safety application for your Android device that you can use to track your child’s location.

See your children’s GPS and see exactly where they are. It has a system to provide audio sounds around your children. It will provide a signal if your kids forget they left it somewhere else. The easy-to-perceive system will help you set it up correctly.

Download Find My Kids

3. Parental Control Kid Security

Loving parents are always concerned about their children and want to keep them before their eyes. But all the time, it is not possible. Kids Security is a very useful child safety application for Android. 

With this application, you can find the location and status of your child. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you are in the office or away from home, you don’t have to worry about your children and always stay connected with them.

Let’s see your child’s current location. If your child presses the SOS button, you can receive immediate notification and save them from any unwanted situations. It allows you to listen to the sound that surrounds your children to make sure of their state.

Battery control and easy setup system. A parental control system for Android is also available as a security application.

Download Kid security

4. FIR

FIR has something special that you may not find in other applications. Get a very special type of security service in this app.

Whenever you find yourself in any kind of dangerous situation, it will send a notification with your location to the local security services.

Therefore, install this application link your local security team with your application, and enjoy the latest security system with this application.

It allows you to immediately call the nearby security system to inform them of your situation. It will show your location to security services.

Just one touch is enough to send a signal in an emergency. You need to activate your GPS to obtain the service of this application. Easy-to-use interface and advanced configuration system.

5. iOKAY

You don’t know when something bad will happen. And when will you need someone’s help in an emergency? Use iOKAY, a very popular personal security application for your Android device.

This app will never leave you in danger of doing nothing. It will notify your family and local security services.

This way, it will be easier for your family to track you down and find you safely. Do you want to know more about this application?

Send a signal to your friends and family with just a touch. Let them know about your status with different buttons. The red button system is there to ask for immediate help.

When you have a low battery, you can use this application with a battery control mode. Immediately the message delivery approach and the video call system are also available.

Download iOKAY

6. Saferway Family Safety

When you are in danger, you may not find anyone near you. And yelling may not work properly. In such a situation, use Safeway.

It is a personal security application that will help you stay connected to your family even when they are in danger. You can share your location and status in real time with your friends and family.

Immediately send a signal to your family and local security services for help. Show your location and map in real time. Sharing location will inform them about each of your movements.

A real-time video-sharing option is also available, such as a home security app. You don’t need to touch your many times and unlock your phone. One touch is enough to send signals.

7. SafeON

Meet SafeON, which is specifically designed in such a way that it will help you and your family to be safe and sound

With this exceptional women’s security app for your Android device, you can send a signal to your friends and family when you’re in danger. 

That is why this app is specifically recommended for women in unsafe cities. You can use different ways to send a signal to your family.

Just shake your device to send signals to your friends and family, or press the power button a few times to activate the app. 

Show your current location and situation. Send signals with different messages. Automatically record audio and capture images around you.

8. Family Safety and Locator

To ensure the best safety for your family, you can use Family Safety and Locator. For parents who have to work outside their homes, this application is the best application for children.

Because this app simply helps parents stay connected with their kids and know their location and status. It is very easy to use this application and invite members to your network system.

You can see the GPS location of any of your family members whenever you want. You can mark a familiar place to suggest that they get there. 

Receive a warning alarm when your family members are not in a good situation. You can make multiple groups stay connected to many people. See the location history of your children and elderly parents.

Download Family Safety and Locator

9. Emergency SOS Safety Alert

Whenever you find yourself in a dangerous situation, it can be difficult to get help and inform your family about your condition. 

For that unwanted situation and a better security system, you can use Emergency SOS Safety Alert. It is an Android security application for personal use. 

Using this application is easy and you can nominate your tutor who will receive an alarm when in danger.

Just one press is enough to send a signal with different messages. You can select contacts that will receive signals of your danger. Select contact as many of your caregivers as you want. 

They will get your location and map to contact you when I send them signals. You can send a short message and audio recordings.

10. Safety App for Silent Beacon

Another advanced security application is here to serve you in the best way. It is primarily an emergency signal alert app that you can automatically call 999 or the nearby police station to inform you about your dangerous situation.

You don’t even tell them your location by yourself. It will show them your exact location of you. In addition, it will also notify your family members of your situation and location.

He can add multiple contacts to send a signal when he needs your help. Ask for their help by sending the signal with just a touch. 

Send multiple text messages with different gestures and signals. Easily track your loved one with your location and map. Use the key phrase to send emergency panic signals.

Download the Safety App for Silent Beacon


Some of you may get confused because we have given you 10 different options, right? Well, I’ll narrow down the list for them. If you want a security app for women, try Trusted Contacts. To get the child safety app for your Android device, you can use Find My Kids or Kid security. If you are an older person and want your security application, try FIR.

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