Top 10 Most Expensive Coffee Brands in The World

Most Expensive Coffee Brands in The World

For many people, coffee is a wonderful experience rather than just a morning ritual. Some coffee brands stand out not just for their delicious flavor, but also for their high prices. Here’s a look at the world’s top 10 most expensive coffee brands, including their origins, price per pound, and the reasons behind their high prices.

10 Most Expensive Coffee Brands in The World

Most people around the world start their day with a cup of coffee. Coffee, for them, is equal to freshness. Coffee is one of those drinks/drinks loved by people of almost all ages.

1. Black Ivory Coffee – $500 Per Pound

Black Ivory Coffee is the most expensive coffee in the world, priced at an astonishing $500 per pound. This rare delicacy is made from Arabica beans that have passed through the digestive system of elephants.

The enzymes in the elephants’ stomachs break down the proteins in the beans, which are then collected from their feces. This unique process imparts a distinctive, smooth flavor to the coffee, free from bitterness, and imbues it with an unmatched richness.

2. Finca El Injerto Coffee – $500 Per Pound

Finca El Injerto Coffee is another top-tier coffee that fetches $500 per pound. This coffee is made from small, rare beans that undergo meticulous washing and a double-breaking process.

The beans are grown on the Finca El Injerto farm, which has won numerous awards for its high-quality coffee.

3. Hacienda La Esmeralda Coffee – $350 Per Pound

Hacienda La Esmeralda Coffee

Hacienda La Esmeralda, priced at $350 per pound, is grown on the slopes of Mount Baru in Panama. The coffee plants are shaded by guava trees, which enhances the beans’ flavor profile.

This coffee is renowned for its rich, complex taste, featuring floral and fruity notes. The expertise and care invested in its cultivation, combined with its limited production, make it one of the most expensive coffees in the world.

This coffee has already won several awards for excellence in terms of its rich flavor and exclusive flavor. A pound of this coffee costs a cool $350.

4. Kopi Luwak Coffee – $160 Per Pound

Luwak Coffee from Indonesia

Kopi Luwak Coffee, originating from Indonesia, is priced at $160 per pound. This unique coffee is made from beans that are collected from the feces of Asian palm civets.

The civets consume the coffee cherries, and as the beans pass through their digestive systems, they undergo fermentation, resulting in a distinctive flavor. The beans are then cleaned and roasted.

5. Saint Helena Coffee – $79 Per Pound

St. Helena Coffee

Saint Helena Coffee, priced at $79 per pound, is cultivated on the remote island of St. Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean. This coffee is known for its caramel flavor with a hint of citrus.

The unique terroir of St. Helena imparts a distinctive flavor profile to the coffee, making it highly prized among coffee enthusiasts.

This brand is also known as Civet, as it consumes the cherries and leaves the beans collected from the animals’ feces.

This brand is considered one of the oldest coffee brands in the world and has been known since the time of Napoleon.

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6. Molokai Coffee – $51 Per Pound

Hawaii's Molokai

Molokai Coffee, from the island of Molokai in Hawaii, is priced at $51 per pound. The coffee benefits from ideal growing conditions and expert craftsmanship.

The volcanic soil, combined with the perfect climate, produces beans with an exotic taste. The skilled production process ensures that each batch of Molokai Coffee is of the highest quality with a rich aroma.

It consists of a flavor similar to grain and caramel, accompanied by the aromas of flowers and flowers.

7. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee – $50 per pound

Jamaica Blue Mountain

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, priced at $50 per pound, is grown in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. This coffee is renowned for its mild taste, lacking the typical bitterness found in other varieties.

Its popularity in Japan and its limited production contribute to its high price. The coffee is smooth and well-balanced, with a slightly sweet flavor.

This brand is considered one of the best brands of coffee due to its different flavors. Besides, it presents a lack of bitterness, making it a favorite of all coffee lovers who prefer soft coffee.

8. Fazenda Santa Ines Coffee – $50 Per Pound

Fazenda Santa Ines

Fazenda Santa Ines Coffee, also priced at $50 per pound, is produced near the Mantiqueira mountains in Brazil. This coffee boasts a century-old tradition and is known for its sweet and fruity flavor.

The use of various delicious fruits in the production process imparts unique notes to the coffee. The combination of traditional farming practices and the unique terroir of the region contributes to the high price of this coffee.

The best thing about coffee made with this brand is that it does not entertain the preparation by any automated process. Coffee brewed with this brand entertains a delicate sweetness of berries and caramel.

9. Los Planes Coffee – $40 Per Pound

El Salvador's Los Planes

Los Planes Coffee, from the Los Planes farm in El Salvador, is priced at $40 per pound. This coffee has won several awards for its exceptional quality.

The beans are carefully cultivated and processed to ensure the highest standards. The taste features notes of brown sugar, tangerine, and caramel undertones.

The meticulous farming and processing practices, combined with the farm’s reputation for quality, contribute to the high price of this coffee.

It also received a glass of excellence in 2006 due to its surprising and tempting flavors. The range of ingredients produced by these coffee brands includes nuts, spices, fruits, chocolates, and many others.

10. Mi Esperanza Coffee – $35 per pound

Mi Esperanza Coffee, priced at $35 per pound, stands out for its absence of the bitter aftertaste common in other varieties.

This coffee is known for its smooth, well-balanced flavor. The beans are carefully cultivated and processed to ensure the highest quality.

This brand is mainly known for producing coffee in different shapes and flavors. Yes, the variety of flavors this brand produces extends from a simple chocolate flavor to some surprising and unique flavors such as spices and fruits.


The world of coffee is rich with diversity, offering a wide range of flavors and experiences. Whether it’s the rare beans of Black Ivory Coffee or the meticulous farming practices of Finca El Injerto, these coffees offer a luxurious experience that justifies their high prices. For true coffee lovers, these expensive coffee brands represent cultivation and culture.

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