Most Expensive Coffee Brands in The World

Top 10 Most Expensive Coffee Brands in The World

Several brands care about the production and preparation of coffee around the world. However, some brands produce and sell the most expensive coffee. Here’s a list of the world’s Top 10 most expensive coffee brands.

This is why you sip in different ways, whether a cup of hot filtered coffee or an extravagant cappuccino, a cup filled with almost everyone’s day.

Most Expensive Coffee Brands in The World

Most people around the world start their day with a cup of coffee. Coffee, for them, is equal to freshness. Coffee is one of those drinks/drinks loved by people of almost all ages.

1. Hacienda La Esmeralda Coffee

Hacienda La Esmeralda Coffee

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Hacienda La Esmeralda is considered the most expensive coffee in the world. This coffee is grown and grown mainly in the regions of Panama.

This coffee has already won several awards for excellence in terms of its rich flavor and exclusive flavor. A pound of this coffee costs a cool $350.

2. Luwak Coffee from Indonesia

Luwak Coffee from Indonesia

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Luwak From Indonesia, a pound of this coffee is priced at $160. The coffee produced by this brand is composed of different flavors.

This brand is also known as Civet, as it consumes the cherries and leaves the beans collected from the animals’ feces.

3. St. Helena Coffee

St. Helena Coffee

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This brand is considered one of the oldest coffee brands in the world and has been known since the time of Napoleon.

At the same time, St. Helen is the third most expensive brand of coffee. The reason for this coffee’s extravagance is that it is transported for long distances.

The flavors of the coffee thus produced are simply incomparable, and this coffee is impressive and delicious in terms of its flavor. One pound of this coffee is priced at $76, respectively.

4. Hawaii’s Molokai Coffee

Hawaii's Molokai

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Molokai of Hawaii is considered the fourth most expensive brand of coffee in the world. This coffee sells for $51 for a pound. This coffee, besides being very expensive, is also very organic.

It consists of a flavor similar to grain and caramel, accompanied by the aromas of flowers and flowers.

Another notable thing about coffee brewed with this brand is that it is not available as easily to people as the other brands.

5. Fazenda Santa Ines

Fazenda Santa Ines

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This brand of coffee is known as the fifth most expensive coffee brand in the world. Coffee of this brand is grown in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil.

The best thing about coffee made with this brand is that it does not entertain the preparation by any automated process. Coffee brewed with this brand entertains a delicate sweetness of berries and caramel.

6. Jamaica Blue Mountain

Jamaica Blue Mountain

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This coffee is mainly produced in Japan and that particular region; it is exported to the whole world, where all coffee lovers enjoy it a lot. This brand is considered one of the best brands of coffee due to its different flavors.

Besides, it presents a lack of bitterness, making it a favorite of all coffee lovers who prefer soft coffee. This brand is today the sixth most expensive brand of coffee in the world and sells for $49 per pound.

7. El Salvador’s Los Planes

El Salvador's Los Planes

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Coffee produced by this brand is grown and grown in the Catala El Salvador region. This coffee brand is considered the seventh most expensive brand of coffee in the world.

It also received a glass of excellence in 2006 due to its surprising and tempting flavors.

The range of ingredients produced by these coffee brands includes nuts, spices, fruits, chocolates, and many others. Today, the coffee produced under this brand is priced at $40 per pound.

8. Honduras Mi Esperanza

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Any coffee lover will surely know the name of this brand well, as it is considered the favorite brand of coffee of almost all coffee lovers on the planet.

This brand is mainly known for producing coffee in different shapes and flavors. Yes, the variety of flavors this brand produces extends from a simple chocolate flavor to some surprising and unique flavors such as spices and fruits.

All coffee connoisseurs are very much in love with the coffee produced by this brand. Today, this brand is the eighth-most expensive brand of coffee in the world. It’s priced at $35 for a pound.

9. Starbucks Blue Bourbon

Starbucks Blue Bourbon

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Starbucks is one of the most widespread names that deals only with the production and sale of coffee worldwide.

It is considered one of the most luxurious places in the world, where you can take your favorite coffee flavor in various ways.

Starbucks Blue Bourbon existed in Gatare and Karenger, Rwanda, and was first introduced by the brand in 2004. This brand brings a black cherry and a highly acidic flavor to your coffee with some fascinating notes of spiced nuts.

Therefore, all these features also make this coffee brand the ninth most expensive coffee in the world, and every pound of this coffee costs about $25, respectively. This café is also known for its amazing packaging.

10. Yauco Selecto AA Coffee

Yauco Selecto AA Coffee

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This brand is known as one of the most outstanding brands dealing with producing amazing coffee.

At the same time, Yauco Selecto is also considered the tenth brand of cara café in the world from now on.

The coffee produced by this brand is obtained from an exclusive crop that is widely grown in the areas of Puerto Rico.

In this particular region, this crop is cultivated for various domestic and commercial purposes.

Coffee lovers around the world are crazy about the coffee produced by this brand. The coffee produced by this brand is not only considered tasty but is also full of rich flavor and fragrance. This coffee costs $24 for every pound.

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