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10 Best Arabian Perfumes For Women

10 Best Arabian Perfumes for Women

Arabian perfumes for Women equally play with mystery, seduction, and sensuality, being in some scents cases experimenting with your look, your body, and what you feel inside you, a unique experience that we invite you not to let space in time and take with you to any of these ten great options.

Women love to wear new fragrances every time they get one that defines or reinvents them, that is the dynamic under which they have used perfumes for many years. Well, among all the fragrances that we can find, we have the Best Arabian perfumes for women, a curious and passionate way of seeing life that has been captured in a bottle. Whether you are from Arabia or not, Arabic feminine fragrances have their own class as it brings new experience and horizons to your desire to feel yourself a sassy woman.


  1. Ubar by Amouage

The Amouage Ubar is a fragrance that defines in an evident and elegant way the Arabic feeling that perfumes of this style seek to create not only in the mind of the woman but also in all her acts, therefore it is one of the most recommended if you intend to approach these perfumes spontaneously and directly.

We start with the idea that Amouage Ubar is an Arab perfume that will make you feel even modern, and stylish, but always very elegant. It is, therefore, one of the most severe options in the Amouage catalog. It comes in handy, for I will accompany you on the nights when you seek to feel beautiful and respectable.

Amouage Ubar

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This perfume has been launched with notes of rosewood, rosewood, water lily, freesia tuberose, orange blossom, and jasmine as well as black amber, vanilla, and sandalwood. In this way, it also belongs to the oriental floral olfactory family for women that makes a floral fragrance quite clear with many added aromas that debate between sweet or watery, thus having a perfect perfume to settle down.

Let’s take into account that this perfume can be used perfectly, especially in summer, and on the other hand, it has very long-lasting longevity and a soft trail.


  1. Swiss Arabian Casablanca

The sophistication of the Swiss Arabian Casablanca is one of the reasons why so many women have decided to opt for Arabian Perfume in their collection. It is all a sign that modernity also reaches Arab territory and that the fact of being a woman of First World is deeply rooted in its minimalist bottle.

Swiss Arabian Casablanca

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This Swiss Arabian Casablanca belongs to the Oriental fragrance family for Women, and from the first moment, it does not betray its composition when we find its lemon and bergamot notes for the effect of fruit and spicy presence that from the first moment you will manage to feel.

On the other hand, it has amber, sandalwood, and moss that are impressive, but they choose a little more to go in the line of freshness and make you comfortable with that air of soft grass. It is made to be worn in the spring and has moderate longevity and a wake of similar reach.


  1. Junoon Velvet by Rasasi

Especially launched for intense women who live their lives to the limit, the Rasasi Junoon Velvet comes in a unique bottle with a very vivid color, so you know what this perfume is about. It will bring you vibrant and passionate moments.

If we talk about what makes Rasasi Junoon Velvet, one of the best arab perfumes for women, we have that it is neither cool nor hot, it maintains a correct exposure of your body temperature, despite being so striking.

Rasasi Junoon Velvet

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As regards note, it belongs to the Oriental Floral for Women olfactory family. It has aggregates such as bergamot and spicy elements that manage to give a very active fragrance, which, on the other hand, has floral features, oud wood, and musk. They make it a strong perfume too, made for a strong woman who doesn’t change her convictions.

Speaking of the best time of year to wear, it is winter, to appease so much cold that it can arise in this season, and on the other hand, it has particularly long-lasting longevity that is coupled with a moderate wake.


  1. Amouage Fate

The Perfume is used to perfume design for high society women, and this version, the Amouage Fate that was launched in 2013, has everything the brand has driven for years: elegance, presence, and the beauty it takes to be noticed by all men without distinction.

Its fragrance is extremely frantic at the same time that you will feel perfect as if you were traveling in a dream, but one very well built by your imagination. Then you can coexist with this perfume perfectly both in the morning and in the afternoon and evening, a frequency that not many perfumes can boast of.

Amouage Fate

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It has been created with notes of saffron, ginger, wormwood, and tangerine that play a lot concerning such a representative fruit and oriental mix. On the other hand, this perfume has elements in its notes such as lavender, tonka bean, and cedar that are very well positioned about making you a woman with a perception of the forest, very intense in this last section.

The best time to use the Amouage Fate is for autumn. It combines very well with always being a little wet once you take it with you, and it has a long life span and an equally heavy trail.


  1. Al Haramain Portfolio Imperial Oud

One of the best recommendations for any woman who uses Arabian perfumes is the Al Haramain Portfolio Imperial Oud. This fragrance has a lot to offer you since it will make you feel like a queen, she does not pretend anything, and from her first use, you can see what it is made of.

Al Haramain Portfolio Imperial Oud

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With the Al Haramain Portfolio Imperial Oud, you will be feeling like a queen all the time, because her intention has always been, to take you to a royal palace that you can feel with special zeal. Therefore, we are facing a perfume that has to be worn, especially at night, but in that when you must look perfect from head to toe.

Of this Arab perfume, we have to highlight above all things the presence of lemon within its notes since it is the one that mostly defines it, it has a certain intensity then to offer with that tropical effect that you will like very much if you want to take it in the summer.

We have to make a separate mention about its longevity since this is soft and its similar trail, something that draws attention to having a booming effect on your interior along with so much freshness.


  1. Amouage Jubilation 25 Woman

If you were looking for the perfume that always feels very natural, then the Amouage Jubilation 25 Woman is the one you have to carry with you at all times. The reason for that is that it is as exuberant as it is elegant and modern for you to carry with you for many years, from there its name leaves its factory seal in mind.

Amouage Jubilation 25 Woman

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Legacies for women have always been important, and the Amouage Jubilation 25 Woman makes it clear, as it will transcend time so that even the years go by, you continue using it from the first day. It is indicated so that both outings between friends or elegant parades are the moments when you have to wear them.

His notes are composed of tarragon, rose, lemon, ylang-ylang, davana, ciste, frankincense, amber, musk, vetiver, myrrh, and patchouli, where you can express a fragrance strong and penetrating along, as usual, scents tropical something and spiritual, as we told you, a live trip to do it in the autumn and that has long longevity and a moderate trail.


  1. Amouage Dia

The Amouage Dia can not define better what the use of perfume for the days is, so it is a perfect sample of what a determined woman can achieve. However, it is not as happy as you may think and leaves some doubts in the air with mystery, so it revitalizes the sensuality that, at some point, can be considered lost.

Amouage Dia

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The Amouage Dia will make you always feel beautiful, but still in your way and this has to do with its notes of violet, bergamot, sage, and dragon cello that impose its floral seal, in addition to having peach, rose oil, orange blossom, peony and also irises for the fruit element that can not miss.

Let’s not forget, in turn, white moss, incense, vanilla, cedar, sandalwood, and Gaiac wood, which are mostly sweet and generate pure feminism. Take it with you in spring to feel like a flower that is born, and you will notice it for a long time with its long-lasting longevity and cumbersome trail.


  1. Rasasi La Yuqawam Orchid Prairie

Rasasi La Yuqawam Orchid Prairie is a fragrance that has the best of both oriental and floral elements and that makes him a part of Arabic perfumes. Likewise, it has moderate longevity, in addition to a soft wake for you to wear in the summer, making it feel good to have certain touches of the sea to combine perfectly.

Rasasi La Yuqawam Orchid Prairie

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Very well, it has notes of geranium, rose, coumarin as well as floral elements in a delicious composition whenever you need a perfume of this magnitude, for this reason, it is especially striking that each of them differs from each other so that you can notice easily, having strength, sweetness and the sea in you.


  1. Amouage Honor

Respect and admiration are the ones that best define the Amouage Honor, a perfume that stands out above many others have a very high presence that distinguished women make a ride, so we invite you to try it.

Amouage Honor

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It has notes of pepper, rhubarb, and coriander, on the one hand, that infuses a very well-preserved naturalness. It also has a floral presence with jasmine, gardenia, tuberose, lily of the valley, and white carnation.

Finally notable are its incense, amber, vetiver, and leather for the mix between sweet and bitter that you will like. The Amouage Honor also has long-lasting longevity that is also present in a moderate wake. You must take it with you in winter.


  1. Rasasi Dhan Al Oudh Al Nokhba

We close the list with the Rasasi Dhan Al Oudh Al Nokhba, a fragrance that has made mystery and night its best friends, designed to seduce, let this perfume envelop yourself as mystical as it is risky.

Rasasi Dhan Al Oudh Al Nokhba

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You can feel with the Rasasi Dhan Al Oudh Al Nokhba that you are sensual in every part of your body and therefore look provocative for any man, this perfume also becomes very good to take it out on the street during parties or festivities.

Its notes are of distinctive elements, freesia, oud wood, and moss that become face to face with its mix of flowers, fruit, and forest, a majestic perfume that likes to be carried out in autumn and has a very long-lasting and soft trail.


Final Considerations

You may have noticed that Arab perfumes are those fragrances as striking as they are full of passion without any precedent. They will make you a new woman and full of great value. Therefore they are special as gifts.



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