10 Best Battery Saver Android Apps

Best Battery Saver Android Apps in 2021

Battery life is a major concern for most modern smartphones, today we will check the best battery-saver apps that really work.

Best Battery Saver Apps for Android

Many smartphones now have built-in battery-saving modes and app managers to help conserve battery life. These modes can stop unnecessary background apps, resulting in significant battery savings.

1. Greenify

Greenify is one of the best battery-saving apps. It works by identifying apps that frequently wake your phone up and prevent them from doing so. 

The app works great for both root and non-root devices and it also works well with Android Nougat and beyond. You can use the app for free, but an optional donation option is available.


2. GSam Battery Monitor

GSam Battery Monitor is another very popular battery-saver app that will effectively save your battery life.

The app works in such a way that it only provides information about apps that are draining your battery life, and then you can take steps to improve it.

It also displays details like wake-locks, wake-up time, processor, and sensor data that will help you make informed decisions.

It’s more like a monitoring app that will track the power consumption of apps. Additionally, it also works great with root and non-root devices.


3. Service (root)

Service is another very efficient battery-saver app that works by stopping services that are running in the background.

This app works great, but if you want your apps to sync all the time, this app is not for you. 

Additionally, it only works with rooted devices, so if you have an unrooted device, you can opt for the other options on this list.


4. Wakelock Detector (root)

Wakelock Detector is another very powerful battery-saving app that effectively detects alarm clocks.

It also detects all types of wake-locks, including partial and full wake-locks. Moreover, it also provides information about the apps causing these awakenings so that you can uninstall the apps. 

This only works with rooted devices, so if you have unrooted devices, check other apps on this list. It is available for € 2.99.


5. Battery Saver

Battery Saver is one of the most popular battery-saving apps. It comes with one-click power optimization, which will stop all the power-hungry apps running in the background. 

Moreover, it also includes features like a charge monitor and overheat protection, ensuring your battery stays healthy.

In addition to that, it also includes a junk file cleaner. You can use Battery Saver for free, but it comes with ads.


6. Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor is the next greatest Android application for saving battery life. Battery Doctor offers a good user-friendly design, and it also allows you to optimize by program type so that you may tune each one separately.

You also have multilingual support within the app, which presently supports 28 different languages.

Battery Doctor also includes features like battery monitoring, energy conservation, and power-saving profiles that can be set up and scheduled automatically.

7. Avast Battery Saver

Avast Battery Saver is another program on our list of the top battery-saving apps for Android.

The program can also be trusted because it comes from a reputable developer, such as Avast, which is well-known for its security applications.

The Avast Battery Saver app includes tools that allow you to save battery life on your device, such as a task killer, which is an enhanced form of deleting previously active programs.

You also receive a single master switch in the app, which allows you to turn on or off the energy saver as needed.

This software also features a clever technology calculator that will tell you exactly how much your battery will last based on a variety of factors.

8. AcuuBattery

AccuBattery is another battery-saving utility for Android users. In terms of features, AccuBattery has a complete dashboard that shows how different apps effect battery life, as well as battery health statistics.

Inside the app, you can see the on-screen time, CPU, and battery life status, so you know what’s affecting your battery life and how long it’ll last.

9. Pixoff

Pixoff intelligently saves your Android device’s battery life by applying a filter that disables pixels on your screen, which is especially handy for OLED screens because black pixels cost no power.

Pixoff also provides a night filter to limit blue light exposure, which promotes better sleep and extends battery life.

10. Battery Guru

Battery Guru monitors your phone’s battery health and usage. Key functions include monitoring battery capacity, configuring charging and temperature alarms, and tracking application battery usage and wake-locks since the last unplug.

Users can view the remaining charge time, and the proportion of deep sleep and awake time, and receive detailed notifications for real-time battery information.

Battery Guru also includes a widget and status bar indicator, which display important battery statistics on your home screen and status bar according to your settings.


If you want to save your battery, you can also take other measures like stopping the sync process in the background, using the black wallpaper, low light, and uninstalling empty apps. your battery. Additionally, disabling vibration and haptic feedback will also save a lot of battery.

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