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5 Best Bluetooth Headphones to Buy in 2021 | Bluetooth Headsets

Best Bluetooth Headphones or Bluetooth Headsets to Buy in 2021 

In the world of wireless objects, Bluetooth headsets are popular. Admittedly, this feature makes them all the same very practical: no more tangled cables, goodbye to hanging wires, and welcome to total freedom of movement. Here below, you will find the Top 5 best Bluetooth headphones to buy in 2021.

Obviously, given the success of this product, there are now various models available on the market. So which one to choose? How to make a good purchase? What criteria should you take into account before validating your basket? Follow the guide; we will explain everything to you …

How to Choose the best Bluetooth Headphones?

Before offering you some models with an excellent quality/price ratio, it seems important to us to point out the criteria to consider when choosing the best Bluetooth Headphones.

Sound quality

At first glance, this seems logical. If we invest in headphones, it is, above all, to listen to our favorite songs with good sound quality. Well, except if the headphones are of inferior quality, the sound’s quality is often subjective. We advise you to opt for a headset to adjust certain data, such as the bases, manually. This leaves you the flexibility to adapt the sound to your desires and preferences.

With or without noise reduction?

To offer you sound quality worthy of the name, some models are equipped with an electronic solution to isolate you from external noise: active noise resolution. The principle? A sensor records outside noise and analyzes it to produce an opposing sound frequency. In short, the sound cancels out to offer us silence as a backdrop.

Clearly, it is a technology that must be mastered. You may end up with a slight noise reduction latency on poor quality products, and therefore half silence. Second, this technology can sometimes have the effect of distorting the music. In short, if you want to invest in noise-reducing headphones, go directly for a high-end model.

Comfort before design

Because the two do not always go hand in hand, it is better to focus on comfort before the visual aspect. If the headset does not fit well on your face or is too heavy, you will quickly put it in a drawer and never take it out again. So prefer a headset on which you can adjust the headband (most models today offer this possibility) and check the material (preferably leather or imitation leather).


Top 5 Best Bluetooth Headphones in 2021


1. Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700

Bose Noise Cancellation Headphones 700 takes the first place in the list of Best Bluetooth Headphones of 2021. this Headset comes at a certain price, but you also pay the brand and what brand! With Bose, you are sure not to be disappointed.

Their reputation is well established, and for a good reason, Bose never ceases to amaze us, surprise us, and seduce us. This new model is the worthy successor of the QuietComfort 35 II—a range which, since 2012, has clearly dominated the world of premium noise reduction Bluetooth headphones.

In terms of sound quality, it is quite surprising and faithful to what we expect from a Bose product as long as you have activated the integrated noise reduction, which is one of the best, with well-calibrated insulation. The bass is crisp, the sound amplitude is comfortable, and the soundstage rendering is sublime.

On the design side, it doesn’t offer many surprises: minimalist, the brand’s headsets are discreet, classy, and elegant. They don’t overdo it, and that’s appreciable. Bose does not forget practicality. Indeed, the ear cups (extremely comfortable, by the way) are foldable so that the object can be stored in its carrying case.



2. Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2

Because not everyone wants to shell out $300 for a good quality headset, it was essential to bring up the Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2. With good battery life, a noise reduction system, and good sound quality, these wireless headphones offer you the characteristics of high-end products at a rather mid-range price.

So what’s in his stomach? The active sound reduction is not the best on the market. We would prefer that of the Bose QuietComfort 35 II, which we have just mentioned. But hey, it is still excellent and greatly reduces, even if not totally, outside noise.

On the other hand, the bass is correct (even if some users find it slightly too present), and the mids are very well-calibrated, with a nice clarity as regards the tone of voice. Finally, the highs are of good quality for a wireless headset and only begin to weaken in quality at a very high sound level.

Available in several colors, its rather crude and basic design may put off some. However, users are unanimous on one point: it is super comfortable to wear! So good, we forgive him a little for his lack of elegance. Also, it is light as a feather since it weighs only about 300 grams.

The additional functionalities are complete. On the left ear, there are three levels of circular buttons: volume control, the “switch” to switch from one song to another, as well as pausing or picking up / hanging up a call. Simple and efficient! The 24-hour autonomy offers a real comfort of use.

A small bonus comes with purchasing a fabric storage bag, its micro-USB charging cable, and a 3.5 mm jack cable. Because, yes, it can also be used in wired mode! In short, on this one, Plantronics did rather well. This is undoubtedly the best quality/price ratio of this selection.



3. Marshall Major II

In the list of best Bluetooth Headphones of 2021, Marshall Major II comes at number three. The design isn’t the most important thing, but it’s still a nice highlight on this headset. You are probably all familiar with the Marshall brand and its visually impeccable and slightly vintage design.

We find the usual brand of the brand’s products: rather square shapes, well-padded faux-leather pads, and a nice logo. What fart you a little, we admit.

Suddenly, it is almost surprising to find one of their models for less than 100€ and above all, wireless! But is the quality sacrificed? Well, not that much. The wired version offers one of the best quality/price ratios with a beautiful finesse of sound.

But with the switch to Bluetooth, which generates slight losses, especially in the treble, its performance is not among the best in terms of wireless headphones. This is a defect that applies more generally, even among major brands.

This model, however, has a correct sound calibration. It is rather recommended for rock and songs with sustained bass (perhaps slightly too present on some songs, by the way). Small flat all the same, but that was to be expected with such a low price: it does not have an active noise reduction system.

When it comes to controls and features, Marshall keeps things minimal. This headset has three small buttons under the left ear cup, allowing you to adjust the Bluetooth pairing, the jack port, and the micro-USB. On the right side, a nice little gold button allows you to do just about everything else: volume control, pause, or even pick up / hang up a call.

Therefore, the small appreciable bonuses are the presence of a jack port and an excellent autonomy given its price. Announced at 30 hours, it rather turns around 25 hours in use. The Marshall Major II is, therefore, a perfect compromise between elegance and performance!



4. Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT

Maybe you don’t know this brand. Yet Audio Technica is a Japanese manufacturer that has long conquered the professional audio market. It is now seeking to find a place with the general public and offers excellent quality products. With the ATH-M50xBT model, the Bluetooth version of its ATH-M50X, this process starts pretty well.

The strong point, suddenly, is the audio quality! The clarity is there, both in the bass and in the treble. The sound space is clearly identifiable, and only the high mids are sometimes disappointing. But hey, you really have to be finicky. The whole is of high quality.

The design is rather sober and classic, but at the same time elegant. The imitation leather coating makes it very comfortable to use over time, and the headset, despite its strength, folds up completely and adapts to all faces. With a few metallic touches, this model remains contemporary and up to date. In short, at this level, hats off.

On the connection side, it is also possible to connect it as a 3.5 mm mini-jack. Finally, its autonomy is probably one of the best on the market with 40 hours announced. Connectivity level, this headset is one of the most connected on the market. While all the basic commands (powering on, volume, going to the next song, etc.) is present on the left ear, a touchpad on the right allows you to call Siri or the assistant Google.

Still unknown to the general public, this brand deserves to make a real place in the market. The only complaint would be the lack of active noise reduction. That said, it doesn’t really need it as the headphones offer excellent passive noise reduction thanks to excellent quality materials.



5. Jabra Move Wireless

Let’s finish with a very affordable Bluetooth headset. For those who do not want to invest too much but want to acquire a decent model, the Jabra Move Wireless is certainly the one for you. In the low prices, this model of Jabra defends itself rather well. These models, originally designed for sport, are now used in everyday life. By combining lightweight, solid connectivity and good sound quality, Jabra headsets are a good “low cost” alternative to Bluetooth headsets.

You would be surprised at its sound quality! With deep bass and a pretty good sound amplitude, it offers good quality sound, and the calibration is really correct. Its Achilles heel is probably its poor sound insulation. But hey, at this price, there are necessary criteria that will have to be revised downwards.

With a nice design, it offers you strength and flexibility. The padding is placed in the right place to be minimal and provide the necessary comfort without making it bulky.

Surprisingly, given its low price, there is still a Bluetooth connection option and a micro-USB charging port. Besides, the presence of a 3.5 mm jack port allows you to use it wired. The autonomy is correct, nothing more (it takes about 8 hours in conversation or listening to music).

Therefore, this small, versatile, and high-quality headset deserves its place in our top 5 best Bluetooth headphones 2021 and will delight small budgets.

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