Top 3 most expensive bowlers in IPL history

10 Most Expensive Spells in IPL History

The Indian Premier League (IPL) has witnessed countless memorable moments over the years. However, not all memories are pleasant, especially for the bowlers. In this article, we look at the most expensive bowling spells that conceded the most runs in a single IPL match.

10 Most Expensive Spells in IPL

1) Basil Thampi – 70 Runs

Basil Thampi, the Kerala pacer has bowled the worst bowling spell ever in IPL. During IPL 2018, Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) were up against Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium.

Thampi’s figures from that fateful day read 4-0-70-0. This performance will forever be etched in the memory of cricket fans, and not for the right reasons.

2) Yash Dayal – 69 Runs

Fast forward to 2023, and the IPL continued to provide heart-stopping action. Yash Dayal, representing Gujarat Titans (GT), found himself in a similar predicament.

His figures of 4-0-69-0 against Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) will be one he’d rather forget. It was a tough day for Dayal as he joined Thampi on the list of bowlers with expensive spells.

3) Ishant Sharma – 66 Runs

The 2013 IPL season witnessed another bowler who had a day to forget. Ishant Sharma, representing SRH, came under the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

In a match against Chennai Super Kings (CSK), Ishant’s figures read 4-0-66-0. This performance was one of the low points in his IPL career.

4) Mujeeb Ur Rahman – 66 Runs

Mujeeb Ur Rahman, playing for Punjab Kings (formerly Kings XI Punjab), had an IPL encounter against SRH in 2019 that he would want to erase from his memory.

Rahman’s figures of 4-0-66-0 showcased the harsh realities of T20 cricket, where bowlers can go from heroes to zeroes in no time.

5) Arshdeep Singh – 66 Runs

The 2023 IPL season saw Arshdeep Singh of Punjab Kings joining the infamous list. In a match against Mumbai Indians (MI), Singh’s figures of 3.5-0-66-1 highlighted the tough challenges bowlers face in containing the opposition in this high-octane format.

6) Umesh Yadav – 65 Runs

Back in 2013, Umesh Yadav, representing Delhi Capitals (DC), found himself on the wrong side of history.

In a match against RCB, Yadav’s figures of 4-0-65-0 put him among the bowlers who conceded hefty runs in a single outing.

7) Sandeep Sharma – 65 Runs

Sandeep Sharma, a seasoned campaigner in the IPL, had a day to forget in 2014. Playing for Punjab Kings against SRH, his figures of 4-0-65-1 showcased the fine line between success and struggle for bowlers in this exhilarating league.

8) Siddarth Kaul – 64 Runs

In the 2020 season, Siddarth Kaul, representing SRH, experienced the challenges of T20 bowling firsthand. His figures of 4-0-64-2 against MI highlighted the unforgiving nature of batsmen in the IPL.

9) Josh Hazlewood – 64 Runs

Josh Hazlewood, while playing for RCB in 2022, had a day he would want to erase from memory. His figures of 4-0-64-0 against Punjab Kings highlighted the relentless onslaught of IPL batsmen.

10) Ashok Dinda – 63 Runs

Ashok Dinda, who represented Pune Warriors India (now defunct), found himself in a difficult spot during the 2013 season. His figures of 4-0-63-0 against MI showcased the uphill battle that bowlers face in the face of powerful IPL lineups.

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