Top 10 Fastest Bowlers in the History of IPL

Top 5 Fastest Bowlers in IPL History

The bowlers’ domination is always a little less as IPL is known for its destructive batters, yet many bowlers have made numerous achievements. Here is the list of the fastest bowlers of all time in the history of IPL.

Fastest Deliveries Bowled by Bowlers in IPL History

Several world-class pacers have participated in the Indian Premier League and made some exciting records in the league. Today we will look at a list of the fastest balls bowled in IPL history.

1. Shaun Tait – 157.7 kmph

Australian pacer Shaun Tait bowled the fastest ball in IPL history during the IPL 2011 season playing for the Rajasthan Royals.

Australian batsman Aaron Finch was up against Tait’s lightning-fast pace, which was 157.7 kmph. For over ten years, this delivery has held the record for being the fastest ball in IPL history.

Tait never failed to intimidate batsmen with his pace, routinely reaching over 150 kmph. But after that fastest ball ever recorded, he never again reached the 155 kmph barrier in an IPL match.

2. Lockie Ferguson – 157.3 kmph

In the 2022 IPL final, New Zealand pacer Lockie Ferguson hit the second-fastest delivery in IPL history, clocking in at 157.3 kmph.

Ferguson playing for the Gujarat Titans against the Rajasthan Royals, bowls a ripper against English batsman Jos Buttler that was timed by commentators at 157.3 kmph.

Ferguson’s extraordinary pace places him in the top 10 fastest balls ever delivered in the Indian Premier League (IPL). His record for the fastest delivery in the 2022 IPL further establishes his status as one of the fastest bowlers in the game today.

3. Umran Malik – 157 kmph

Umran Malik, the newest speed wonder from India, set a record for the third-quickest ball in IPL history with a 2022 season pace of 157 kmph.

Malik was a regular player for Sunrisers Hyderabad who could often hit 150 kmph and terrorize batsmen. His fastest ball, measured at 157 kmph by the speed gun, came against Delhi Capitals player Rovman Powell.

Umran Malik has become one of India’s best and most exciting speed talents. He made his debut for his country later that year in the IPL 2022, when he demonstrated his skill with the ball.

4. Anrich Nortje – 156.2 kmph

Anrich Nortje, a speedster from South Africa, is included twice among the top six quickest deliveries in IPL history.

While playing for the Delhi Capitals in the 2020 Indian Premier League, he delivered the fourth-fastest ball in IPL history—a 156.22 kmph bowl against Rajasthan Royals.

Over the last three IPL seasons, Nortje has routinely bowled for the Delhi Capitals at a speed of over 150 kmph, demonstrating his remarkable pace-making skills.

5. Umran Malik – 156 kmph

Umran Malik, a young Indian pacer, has two appearances in the top 5, with his 2022 IPL delivery versus Delhi Capitals clocking in at 156 kmph, the fifth-fastest bowler in IPL history.

Throughout the past two IPL seasons, Malik, who bowls for Sunrisers Hyderabad, has consistently reached speeds beyond 155 kmph, making him one of the fastest bowlers in India.

He is a difficult opponent because of his frightening pace, which makes it difficult for hitters to react in time to his express deliveries.

6. Anrich Nortje – 155.1 kmph

With his ball against the Rajasthan Royals in IPL 2020, the South African speedster made history for the third time by ranking among the fastest deliveries of all time in IPL with a speed of 155.1 kmph.

Above the last three IPL seasons, Nortje has consistently been clocked at above 150 kmph, solidifying his status as one of the fastest people in the world right now.

7. Umran Malik – 154.8 kmph

With his 154.8 kmph shot against the Delhi Capitals in the 2022 Indian Premier League, pacer Umran Malik of India makes it into the list for the third time.

Due to his steady 150+ kmph balls, he has become the national talk of the town, thrilling both experts and fans with his lightning-fast speed. For this speedster from Jammu and Kashmir, the future is bright.

8. Dale Steyn – 154.4 kpmh

In the IPL 2012, while representing the Deccan Chargers against the Royal Challengers Bangalore, legendary pacer Dale Steyn struck a ball at a speed of 154.4 kmph, earning a spot on this exclusive list.

The legendary fast bowler from South Africa is regarded as one of the finest of his time and is renowned for his explosive pace, incredible skill, and pinpoint accuracy.

With 95 IPL matches under his belt, Steyn has 97 wickets, and his eighth-fastest delivery in tournament history.

9. Kagiso Rabada – 154.2 kmph

With 135 wickets in just 115 matches, South African fast bowler Kagiso Rabada is among the IPL’s best wicket-takers in history. He is also one of the IPL’s fastest bowlers.

In the 2019 IPL match between the Punjab Kings and the Kolkata Knight Riders, Rabada recorded a speed of 154.2 kmph.

In the competition, the current pace leader of the Delhi Capitals has often reached speeds of more than 150 kmph.

10. Lockie Ferguson – 154.1 kmph

New Zealand Lockie Ferguson has two appearances in the top 10 list; his 2023 IPL delivery versus Gujarat Titans, at 154.1 kmph, ranks as the 10th fastest bowled delivery in the history of the league.

Ferguson, who is a player for the Kolkata Knight Riders this season, has often surpassed the fastest ball speeds of players like Umran Malik and Kagiso Rabada by bowling over 145 kmph.

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