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10 Best Burberry Perfumes For Men in 2022

Best Burberry Perfumes For Men. It was born as a small boutique in which they sold fur coats for anyone who wanted to resist the London cold, then it grew until it included more and better products, becoming a world fashion empire, thus climbing positions for more than a year. Burberry century and its traditional English style were not only carried away by clothes but also includes colognes for men and women.

Therefore, we decided to give ourselves the task of preparing for you its best men’s perfumes, this brand always counts on elements of the great royalty to adopt in men that effect so appropriate that allows them to distinguish themselves with the maximum expression of respect. Burberry wants you to get close to their colognes and you shouldn’t disappoint them.


10 Best Burberry Perfumes & Colognes For Men 2022



1. Touch for Men by Burberry

Not everything in Burberry comes with a stamp of distance, we also have a perfume like this that has a certain sensuality that allows women to get closer to get a little of you, so it comes in handy to use it for meetings at night and with just one person for best effect.

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On the other hand, we emphasize its notes so forest, so markedly floral, although we remember that it comes from a woody family that logically makes it ideal for autumn.

Well, it has notes of white pepper, cedar, tonka bean, vetiver, white musk, violet, and tangerine, as if to make you feel in Great Britain, it has that clear power to transport you due to its combination of olfactory elements such as wood, flowers and citrus fruits that you will adore.

Now, let’s not forget that it has long-lasting longevity and has a moderate trail that allows it to stay properly in one place for a long time.


2. London for Men by Burberry

All the British style comes with London for Men, a perfume that has everything to shine during the winter and we will tell you why. Let us emphasize that perfume like this first contains a bottle that clearly refers to modern England, but that still has ties to the past but is much more territorial than it actually seems, and Burberry’s London for Men is a fragrance that evokes that London winter and its cold streets.

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For this reason, it contains some notes of guaiac wood, tobacco leaves, mimosa, leather, and also oakmoss so that you are always with a sensation of low temperature in your body and it has moderate longevity and a trail that goes along the same lines.


3. Mr. Burberry by Burberry

Another fragrance of great importance to its line of men’s perfumes is Mr. Burberry, a perfume that has rather been directed towards the new youth who use Burberry perfumes and are proud to use them in such a commercial era.

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This one takes elements such as sandalwood, oakmoss, vetiver, nutmeg, and also lavender and cedar that allow you to feel in the big city, but always with a respect for the past, this is a perfect fragrance for the summer and has moderate longevity and trail.


4. Brit Rhythm for Him by Burberry

Continuing with the perfumes that get maximum adrenaline for men, we have the Brit Rhythm for Him, a perfume that belongs to the always portentous leather family and has been chosen precisely that way since it is mainly made up of elements that highlight the power of man. in front of any being.

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With this we have a fragrance that has styrax, tonka bean, juniper, leather, patchouli, lemon verbena as well as basil and cardamom, always outlined for a very city fragrance, even with its driest nuances. You have to take it with you in the fall and it boasts long-lasting longevity and a heavy scent.


5. Burberry Weekend for Men

If you want to escape to explore yourself again and reaffirm who you are, Burberry’s Weekend For Men is the best option without hesitation. With it you can be extremely free in any situation, it has no ties and invites you to think about your moments alone to organize thoughts and various plans.

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Launched in 1997 and belongs to the olfactory family citrus, the Weekend For Men has notes of grapefruit, musk, honey, amber, tangerine, pineapple, and melon, highlighting a presence very strong of these citrus fruits that make it a perfume to use in summer and has moderate longevity and an equal trail.

Do not let anything or anyone stop you, you have to use it to get out of your daily routine and with its fragrance, you will be able to follow your own rhythm no matter what the rest think.


6. Burberry for Men by Burberry

You cannot use Burberry For Men by Burberry if you have never been a man who likes high style and maximum refinement before, that is why it has simply been chosen by so many fans as the fragrance that best defines the spirit of Burberry for men.

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If we go to its interior, we can realize that it has clear masculine elements of power such as oak, geranium, and oakmoss, making you have that strong and wild man scent, but it is also complemented by mint, vanilla, and amber to make you feel quite fresh and taste sweet.

This should be used in summer given its ability to get away from the heat and has moderate longevity and an equal trail.


7. Brit Rhythm Intense for Him by Burberry

The Brit Rhythm Intense For Him is that fragrance that you are looking to use in the moments where a seductive masculine presence is needed, it is really a perfume that highlights your most mischievous and daring side, having to use it in advance in those moments where you know that anything can happen.

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Thus, with this perfume, you have a very airy aroma, very clean and pleasant due to the presence of its leather family together with the floral one, where we find notes of lavender, coumarin, leather, sandalwood, and vanilla, due to its touch. Seductive has to include a certain sweetness and this is especially noticeable in vanilla. You have to take it with you for times like spring and it boasts long-lasting longevity and a moderate trail.


8. Mr. Burberry Indigo by Burberry

Men with a complicated character finally have a perfume to use, we are talking about Mr. Burberry Indigo, a fragrance that tells what the life of these beings can be even from their childhood stage.

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It is quite volatile and full of adrenaline perfume that has to be used in summer. It has oak, amber, violet, grapefruit, rosemary, and lemon, all very strong notes, so typical of this type of perfume for the most stubborn men. Additionally, a fragrance like Mr. Burberry’s has long-lasting longevity and a heavy trail.


9. Brit Splash by Burberry

We now take a look at the Brit Splash by Burberry, the perfect perfume to feel fresh, free, independent and with a revitalizing inner sensation in every drop of it. The Brit Splash by Burberry has been made with the aquatic woody olfactory family with which you will feel a sensation of being in wet grass.

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It has many aquatic elements that make it a very dynamic fragrance and with which to move very quickly. It also has notes of moss, oak, musk, vetiver, melon, and galbanum to get a good appearance, and you will also have to take it with you in winter. It tends to easily detach from you, therefore it has weak longevity and a moderate trail.


10. The Beat for Men by Burberry

A great milestone, an important event, and a marked era, the relevance of the modern man have been touched with Burberry’s The Beat For Men, a fragrance launched in 2008 that, like so many Burberry perfumes, has a woody family that marks its trend towards a fragrance. designed to be very masculine.

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Its use is ideal for moments where elegance has to be fully launched, it really has notes that have a spicy aroma, but also with many touches of masculine strength with its woody notes, we are talking about the composition of violet, black pepper, vetiver, woody elements, citron, violet, and geranium. It should be worn in spring and has long-lasting longevity and a moderate scent.


Final Considerations

Starting from elegance, English flair, and sensuality, the 10 Best Burberry Cologne For Him stand out above many other perfumes, so don’t lose track of this and take them with you! The highest distinction is that men who use Burberry have the highest-quality fragrances and that with these ten representatives, you will discover new aspects of yourself and will be able to climb positions until you are truly considered a man to have in mind for the best events, outings, and also private meetings.


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