How to Breed Oaktopus in My Singing Monsters

How to Breed Oaktopus in My Singing Monsters

A unique tentacle plant monster, the Oaktopus stands as a unique tentacle monster in the vivid world of My Singing Monsters. Get the Oaktopus through various breed combinations by following this detailed breeding guide.

How to Breed an Oaktopus in My Singing Monsters

To breed an Oaktopus successfully, players can employ two primary combinations:

  • Potbelly + Toe Jammer: A preferred combination that doesn’t require a specific breeding location.
  • Plant Element Monster + Water Element Monster: An alternative combination that guarantees an Oaktopus.

Typically, it takes 8 hours for an Oaktopus to be bred, but this can be reduced to 6 hours when enhanced. Players must attain a level 9 or higher to initiate the breeding process. In addition, players can acquire an Oaktopus for 30 diamonds.

Oaktopus Breeding Combinations

Outlined below are the recommended breeding combinations to secure an Oaktopus:

  • Potbelly + Toe Jammer
  • Plant Element Monster + Water Element Monster

Rare Oaktopus Breeding

A Rare Oaktopus can be bred using similar combinations:

  • Potbelly + Toe Jammer: A favorable combination at any location.
  • Plant Element Monster + Water Element Monster: Another potential source for a Rare Oaktopus.
  • Failed breeding attempts involving an Oaktopus might also result in a Rare Oaktopus.

There is a 20% chance that players will obtain a Rare Oaktopus by using the above monster combinations. Due to the specific breeding times for Rare Monsters, it is optimal to use the listed monster combinations.

Distinctive Traits of Rare Oaktopus

With its dark green hue and two arms, the Rare Oaktopus possesses yellow hair and a beard, departing from the usual leafy head ornamentation. Moreover, it has an open mouth and prominent brown circles around its eyes.

Breed an Epic Oaktopus

Players can obtain an Epic Oaktopus through diverse breeding combinations, such as:

  • Bowgart + Shrubb on Plant Island
  • Combinations on various islands like Cold Island, Water Island, Psychic Island, and Shugabush Island

There is an incubation period of 1 day and 7 hours for the Epic Oaktopus, which can be reduced to 23 hours and 15 minutes when it is enhanced. The Epic Oaktopus can also be obtained for 150 diamonds during certain periods of the year.

Unique Personalities of Epic Oaktopus

An Epic Oaktopus has four yellow feathers on its head and is distinguished by its brown body, webbed feet, and neon green eyes surrounded by green vines.

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What is Oaktopus

Although it does not possess an instrument, the Oaktopus is a harmonizing creature with the Plant and Water Elements. This creature exhibits a low, raspy voice and expresses preference for Monsters like Fwog, Clamble, Thumpies, Rootitoot, and Reflecting Pool. Placing it near these favored Monsters and items increases its happiness by 25%.

Final Words

Explore the secrets of breeding the extraordinary Oaktopus in My Singing Monsters and embark on a musical adventure!

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