How to Breed Furcorn in My Singing Monsters

How to Breed Furcorn in My Singing Monsters

With its melodic tunes and fluffy demeanor, the enchanting Furcorn is captivating audiences with its fluffy pelt and leafy headpiece. Discover the enchanting Furcorn, a tiny but endearing creature. This comprehensive guide will provide you with the best breeding practices for Furcorn in My Singing Monsters through optimal combinations.

How to Breed Furcorn in My Singing Monsters

To successfully breed a Furcorn, players can opt for the following primary combinations:

  • Potbelly + Mammott: A preferred combination requiring no specific island location.
  • Any Monsters with Plant and Cold Elements: Alternative combinations that may yield a Furcorn.

In order to breed a Furcorn, players must be at least level 9. Every time a Furcorn is enhanced, its breeding time is reduced to 6 hours. Players may also purchase a Furcorn for 30 diamonds.

Furcorn Breeding Combinations

Outlined below are the recommended Furcorn breeding combinations:

  • Potbelly + Mammott
  • Any Plant Monster + Any Cold Monster

Rare Furcorn Breeding

A Rare Furcorn can be bred through similar combinations:

  • Potbelly + Mammott: A viable combination at any breeding location.
  • Breeding involving a Furcorn: Failed breeding attempts that include a Furcorn might yield a Rare Furcorn.
  • Plant Monster + Cold Monster: Another potential source for a Rare Furcorn.

Rare Monster is only available during specific events or special occasions and features an enchanting pink appearance with a polka dot bow replacing its usual leaf.

Epic Furcorn Breeding

To obtain an Epic Furcorn, players can explore diverse breeding combinations:

  • Clamble + Fwog on Plant Island
  • Combinations across various islands like Cold Island, Earth Island, Light Island, and Shugabush Island

A player may purchase an Epic Furcorn for 150 diamonds during exclusive periods. The incubation time for an Epic Furcorn is 17 hours, which can be reduced to 12 hours and 45 minutes by enhancing it.

Distinctive Traits of Epic Furcorn

There is a distinct difference between the Epic Furcorn and its counterparts because the Epic Furcorn is blue and has two toes on each foot instead of three. Additionally, the Epic Furcorn has branches adorning its body in place of the single branch on its head, giving it a more rounded appearance.

What is Furcorn

Although the Furcorn is not visible with an instrument, it contributes to music melodies as a harmonizing entity equipped with the Cold and Plant Elements. Accordingly, it has different singing styles on different islands, with altered styles on Shugabush Island and Earth Island, harmonizing with other creatures such as the Dandidoo.

Final Words

We invite you to discover the melodic magic of Furcorns by exploring the enchanting world of this magical species!

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