How To Breed A Clamble in My Singing Monsters

How To Breed A Clamble in My Singing Monsters

The Clamble’s head comprises two metal plates that can crash into each other to make noise. It looks like a live plant. This My Singing Monsters Breeding Guide will show you the best ways to breed the Clamble in My Singing Monsters.

What Is A Clamble

Clambles are made up of Plants, Earth, and Cold. Its head can be used as a bell, and the gong it holds can also be played. It doesn’t make many coins, but that can change if an Oaktopus, Pango, Toob, or Digger places it.

How To Breed A Clamble in My Singing Monsters

Putting together a Potbelly and a Drumpler anywhere is best for players to breed a Clamble in MSM. Using any mix of Monsters with Plant, Earth, and Cold is possible. You can also make more Clambles by breeding a Clamble with its Rare Variant or any other Monster with the correct Elements.

A Clamble can have babies for 12 hours. If you improve it, it only takes 9 hours. It only costs 50 gems to buy a Clamble.

Below are all the ways to breed a Clamble:

  • Potbelly + Crumpler
  • Noggin + Furcorn
  • Mammott + Shrubb
  • Clamble + Rare Clamble
  • Clamble + Entbrat
  • Clamble + Quarrister
  • Clamble + Noggin

A Rare Clamble can be made by joining a Potbelly and a Drumpler. There is no need for a specific place. It is also possible to get a Rare Clamble when breeding a Clamble that doesn’t work out. A Noggin, a Furcorn, a Mammott, and a Shrubb are the only other ways to get a Rare Clamble.

It takes 15 hours and 30 minutes to raise a Rare Clamble. If improved, the time will go down to 11 hours, 37 minutes, and 30 seconds. It only costs 65 gems, which is about 2,500 Starpower.

The Rare Clamble is primarily blue and green. Its head and gong are made of silver instead of gold, and its hands, shoulders, and feet are covered in metal armor. It has feathers on its back, too.

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How To Breed An Epic Clamble

A Pummel and a Maw can be bred together on Plant Island to make an Epic Clamble. Putting together a PomPom and a Furcorn on Earth Island is the only other way to get an Epic Clamble.

It takes 21 hours to raise an Epic Clamble. That’s when it only takes 15 hours and 45 minutes. Another option is to pay 500 gems to get an Epic Clamble. But you will only be able to get it at certain times.

Its head and gong have spikes, and it has four eyes. It has four arms that end in crab claws. It has yellow arms and legs and a red body, hands, and feet.

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