How to Breed the Quarrister in My Singing Monsters

How to Breed the Quarrister in My Singing Monsters

The Quarrister is a rock giant with many heads that stomps around and sings harmoniously. If you want to know how to breed the Quarrister in My Singing Monsters using the best combos, just read this guide.

Putting together a Thumpies and a Noggin is the best way to breed a Quarrister. To raise a Quarrister, you don’t need to visit a particular island. It might also work to breed with parts of Plants, Cold, Air, and Earth.

By default, the Quarrister takes one day to breed, but it can be improved to take eighteen hours. You can also pay 150 gems to get the Quarrister. To get a Quarrister, a player must be level 9.

Here are all of the possible breeding combinations:

  • Thumpies + Noggin
  • Reedling + Mammott
  • PomPom + Potbelly
  • Clamble + Tweedle
  • Pango + Shrubb
  • Cybop + Furcorn
  • Dandidoo + Drumpler
  • Quarrister + Rare Quarrister

What Is A Quarrister

A Quarrister is a monster made up of four elements: air, plants, cold, and earth. It can be unlocked on Earth Island at the start, and because it makes a good amount of coins, it’s a popular choice among new players.

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How To Breed A Rare Quarrister

Anywhere, players can breed a Rare Quarrister by putting together two Thumpies. Making a Common Quarrister will also work for a Rare Quarrister. If you fail to breed two Quarristers together, you might have a Rare Quarrister.

It takes one day, 6 hours, and 30 minutes for a Rare Quarrister to hatch by default. It has been incubated for 22 hours, 52 minutes, and 30 seconds longer. You can also pay 200 gems for them.

It has many colors and crystal spikes all over its body, making it look like a rare Quarrister. There are heads on top of the Rare Quarrister’s body and heads on each leg.

How To Breed An Epic Quarrister

Players can breed an Epic Quarrister anywhere by joining a Clamble and a Dandidoo. The Epic Quarrister can only be coupled with the ones listed above. They can be bought, though, for 750 gems.

It takes 11 hours and 11 minutes to breed an Epic Quarrister and two days and 15 minutes to make it stronger. But is it true that you can only get an Epic Quarrister at certain times, like during special events?

There is dirt, grass, moss, small rocks, yellow flowers, and tree roots all over the Epic Quarrister’s body. Some of them have different-shaped heads and mouths, and this one has a slight green tree on top of it.

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