How to Breed Cherubble in My Singing Monsters

How to Breed Cherubble in My Singing Monsters

Want to know how to breed Cherubble in My Singing Monsters? You got to the right place. This post has everything you need to know about breeding Cherubibbles. Do not wait any longer.

About Cherubble

The Monster that plays Cherubble is almost always asleep, put to sleep by the skilled play of its friends. This Mythical Monster comes from the World of Monsters’ busy and colorful coral reefs. It is related to other playbackyderms like the Peckidna and the Woolabee.

The Cherubble has exceptional features, such as long bones on its back that can be used as the Monster’s weapon, horn-like structures on top of its head that can project dreams into reality, and “charms” that are dreams coming true that are imprinted on its skin.

In reaction to the Fire Oasis song, the glass-blown island has become a permanent part of the ocean’s surface and named itself the official ambassador of the living sea.

Cherubble Breeding Requirements 

Here are the details of Cherubble Breeding Requirements 

  • Level 9
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 x 2 Size
  • Breeding Time: 18 Hour
  • Enhanced Time: 13 Hours and 30 Minutes

How To Breed Cherubble?

To get cherubble, woolabee and congle must be mixed. While it’s not sure that it will work every time, Wishing Torches can help.

On Mythical Island, you can get a duplicate Cherubble by trying to breed it with a shLep but failing. This is the only possible combination: in the game, you can use the Rare type of any mating monster instead of the Common type.

You don’t need any other monsters besides the ones used to grow cherubble to get it. Levels don’t have to be the same, but generally, more significant levels make it more likely that good monsters will appear.

Things are okay with you; you need to get lucky. We recommend you wait for a lot of torch lighting and use them all simultaneously in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is Breeding Time For Cherubble In My Singing Monsters?

The Breeding Time for Cherubble in My Singing Monsters is 18 hours.

What Is The Best Combination For Cherubble In My Singing Monsters?

The best combination is Congle + Woolabee

Who Is The Developer Of My Singing Monsters Game?

Big Blue Bubble created My Singing Monsters Game.

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We hope you enjoyed this guide on how to breed Cherubble in My Singing Monsters. In this post, We discussed everything you need to know about breeding Cherubbles.

Please comment below if you have any thoughts or ideas about Breed Cherubble. Have fun playing the game!

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