How to Breed Dandidoo in My Singing Monsters

How to Breed Dandidoo in My Singing Monsters

Dandidoo is a bird that looks like a dandelion and sings as it moves. Here, we will show you the best ways to breed Dandidoo in My Singing Monsters.

What Is Dandidoo?

Dandidoo is a Natural Monster that is made of air and plants. It can be opened on Cold Island and often heard singing in a high voice. Dandidoo does not make a lot of coins. It likes Glowl, PomPom, and Spunge.

How To Breed Dandidoo in MSM

Putting Tweedle and Potbelly together is the best way to breed Dandidoo. Making Dandidoo possible by breeding monsters with the Plant and Air elements is possible.

Dandidoos can have babies every 8 hours. If you improve it, it only takes 6 hours. You can also pay 30 diamonds for it.

Below are some of the possible breeding combinations:

Tweedle + Potbelly

Mammoth + Maw

Dandidoo + Toe Jammer

Boodoo + Clamble

Bowgart + Clamble

How To Breed Rare Dandidoo

By putting Tweedle and Potbelly together, players can make Rare Dandidoo. If a breeding attempt with a Common Dandidoo fails, a Rare Dandidoo might be born, but this is not a given.

It takes 10 hours and 30 minutes to raise a Rare Dandidoo. To improve it, it takes 7 hours, 52 minutes, and 30 seconds. It costs 40 gems, which is about 1,500 Starpower, to buy. You can only find Rare Dandidoo at events.

The Rare Dandidoo has two heads instead of one. It has blue puffs on its leaders and tail and is striped red and pink. It has yellow feet and beaks.

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How To Breed Epic Dandidoo

On Cold Island, players can breed Epic Dandidoo by putting Bowgart and Quibble together. Other combos will change based on where you are. Pym and Cybop will make Epic Dandidoo on Water Island. Camel and Pango work on Earth Island. If you breed Reedling and Flowah in Fire Haven, you can get Epic Dandidoo.

It takes five hours and one day to breed an Epic Dandidoo. To improve, it takes 21 hours and 45 minutes. It cost 150 diamonds to buy. It’s only possible to find Epic Dandidoo at certain times or events.

Its head and feet are yellow, and its body is pink and purple. It has one authority with three little white spikes on it. It has a smaller tail puff and a more giant head puff than the Epic and Common Dandidoo.

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