How to Breed Bowgart in My Singing Monsters

How to Breed Bowgart in My Singing Monsters

Bowgart is a strange creature with many arms that make instruments out of its horns. Here, we will guide you about the best ways to breed Bowgart in My Singing Monsters.

What Is Bowgart?

Bowgart is a monster of the Natural class. It is made up of Plant, Water, and Cold elements. When its horns fall off, it turns into a cello that it plays. It plays the cello with all of its arms at the same time.

Bowgart likes Shrubb, Tweedle, and Toob. If any of puts Bowgart, it will be happier and make more coins.

How To Breed Bowgart

Potbelly and Maw together are the best way to breed Bowgart. Bowgart can be made by monsters that mix the elements of Plant, Water, and Cold. You can also breed it with a Rare Bowgart to get a Bowgart.

Bowgart needs 12 hours to breed. It has a longer time of 9 hours. It costs 50 diamonds to buy. To get Bowgart, players must be level 9.

Below are some of the possible combinations for Breeding Bowgart:

Potbelly + Maw

Mammott + Oaktopus

Toe Jammer + Furcorn

Bowgart + Rare Bowgart

Bowgart + Entbrat

Bowgart + Deedge

Bowgart + Toe Jammer

How To Breed Rare Bowgart

By putting Potbelly and Maw together, players can breed Rare Bowgart. The same breeding pairings that work for Common Bowgarts also work for Rare Bowgarts. Bowgarts that have been used to try to breed can make Rare Bowgarts.

It takes 15 hours and 30 minutes for a Rare Bowgart to breed. It now takes 11 hours, 37 minutes, and 30 seconds. It costs 65 gems, which is about 2,500 Starpower, to buy.

Unique Bowgart is white on the inside and pink on the outside. The yellow spots on its body are getting lighter. Its horns and band are both brown. It also has white spikes on the sides of it.

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How To Breed Epic Bowgart

Players can breed Epic Bowgart on Plant Island by combining Clamble and Oaktopus. You can only do it another way: breed Congle and Furcorn on Cold Island. You can only get Epic Bowgart during events.

It takes one day and 5 hours for Epic Bowgart to breed. Its new length of time is 21 hours and 45 minutes. It cost 500 diamonds to buy.

Your Epic Bowgart is yellow with orange spots on it. There are purple fingers on it. It has four horns on its head and hooves instead of toes. The thing it plays is purple.

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