How To Breed Shugabush in My Singing Monsters

How To Breed Shugabush in My Singing Monsters

The fluffy Shugabush is almost always seen with its felt hat and guitar on. It likes to play music with other monsters. We will talk about how to breed Shugabush in My Singing Monsters.

What Is A Shugabush?

Legendary Monsters like the Shugabush are part of the Shugafam, a group of 8 monsters that includes the Shugabush. All but the Shugabush live on Shugabush Island. The Shugabush can also live on Plant Island or Gold Island.

Players often want the Shugabush because they need it to breed with other Shugafam Monsters on Shugabush Island. This is how a Shugabush can get to Shugabush Island once it has hit level 15 on Plant Island.

People always see the Shugabush with a felt hat on its head and a guitar in its hand. The green fur, wooden arms, and feet make it look like a tree. Even though it is precious for breeding, it is not known for making a lot of coins.

How To Breed A Shugabush in My Singing Monsters

On Plant Island, the best way for players to breed a Shugabush is to mix a Bogwart and a Clamble. This way of breeding doesn’t always work, so players might need to use Wishing Torches to improve their chances of getting a Shugabush. On Shugabush Island, you can get a Shugabush from any failed breeding pair with a Shugabush.

The Shugabush has an incubation time of one day and eleven hours and an increased time of one day two, hours, and fifteen minutes. For 700 diamonds on Shugabush Island, players can get a Shugabush. They can also spend 200 diamonds on Plant Island or Gold Island.

Here are the combinations for breeding Shugabush:

Plant Island: Bogwart + Clamble

Shugabush Island: Shugabush + Mammott

Shugabush Island: Shugabush + Any Monster

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How To Breed A Rare Shugabush

At the moment, My Singing Monsters does not have any Rare Shugabush. Right now, there is no Rare version, so it can’t be bred.

How To Breed An Epic Shugabush

As of 2023, My Singing Monsters does not have any Epic Shugabush. It is not possible to breed an Epic version yet because it is not in the game.

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