How to Breed the Drumpler in My Singing Monsters

How to Breed the Drumpler in My Singing Monsters

Find out how to breed the Drumpler Monster in My Singing Monsters by combining the right combination of features with an extensive guide on how to breed the Drumpler Monster. The Drumpler Monster sings joyfully while tapping its belly like a drum.

How to Breed a Drumpler in My Singing Monsters

To breed a Drumpler effectively, players can utilize these primary combinations:

  • Mammott + Noggin: The ideal combination yielding the Drumpler, providing no specific island preference.
  • Combinations with Cold and Earth Element Monsters: Alternative combinations that might result in a Drumpler.

Drumplers typically take 30 minutes to incubate, with the time reduced to 22 minutes and 30 seconds when enhanced. Drumplers can also be purchased for 30 diamonds.

Drumpler Breeding Combinations

Outlined below are the recommended Drumpler breeding combinations:

  • Mammott + Noggin
  • Any Cold Monster + Any Earth Monster

Rare Drumpler Breeding

A Rare Drumpler can be bred through similar combinations:

  • Mammott + Noggin: A viable combination with no specific island preference.
  • Breeding involving a Drumpler: Failed breeding attempts that include a Drumpler could result in a Rare Drumpler.

During certain periods, the Rare Drumpler is only available through breeding; with an incubation period of 1 hour, 7 minutes, and 30 seconds, or improved to 50 minutes and 37 seconds, it can be purchased for 40 diamonds.

Unique Traits of Rare Drumpler

The Rare Drumpler is unique in its appearance as it has six eyes and holds cutlery rather than drumsticks, and its feet resemble giant toes rather than cloven hooves.

Epic Drumpler Breeding

To obtain an Epic Drumpler, players can explore diverse breeding combinations:

  • Clamble + Maw on Plant Island
  • Combinations across various islands like Air Island, Earth Island, and Faerie Island

Additionally, players may purchase an Epic Drumpler for 150 diamonds, available only during exclusive periods, during the incubation period of 15 hours. If enhanced, the incubation period can be reduced to 11 hours and 15 minutes.

Distinctive Traits of Epic Drumpler

Epic Drumpler exhibits an extraordinary appearance, distinguished by their gray coloration, green stripes, and multiple eyes and ears. They carry two bones and have two-pronged feet, setting them apart from their counterparts.

What is Drumpler?

Drumpler is initially unlocked at level 7 on Plant Island, equipped with Cold and Earth Elements. Although they do not possess instruments, they exhibit a unique ability by using their belly to create snare drums. It is not a significant coin producer, but its happiness increases by 25% when placed near favored items, creating a melodic journey in My Singing Monsters.

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