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5 Best By Kilian Perfumes For Women

Many brands have tried to emulate this feeling for many years, some being more successful than others, and where By Kilian has established itself as that brand that has been a pioneer in the application of sensuality for years, but adapted to all the senses.

The scent of a woman is something that not even scientists can explain with such serenity or detail because it surpasses all sense on the entire planet towards those who perceive it, and this is well known in the world of fashion. The 5 Best By Kilian Perfumes For Women is a complete experience that you have to let yourself go and try for yourself, and that will be very close to you right now.

5 Best By Kilian Perfumes For Women [year]

1. Good Girl Gone Bad By Kilian For Women

Good Girl Gone Bad By Kilian

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A fragrance that many girls indeed identify with is Good Girl Gone Bad perfume, since it is exquisite, but also revealing an example that bad women can also win.

Its aroma became official around 2012, and at the same time, it belongs to the Floral Fruity olfactory family for Women, containing a series of notes that are composed of narcissus, amber, cedar, May rose, jasmine, and osmanthus.

All this becomes a perfume with a lot of mischiefs, but also with a lot of flowers and that has long-lasting longevity and a vast trail. Besides, it is worth noting that its aroma is perfect for you to enjoy all those days of emotional spring.

2. Love by Kilian by By Kilian Eau De Parfum

Love by Kilian by By Kilian

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The most used perfume by women who are in love is Love by Kilian, a fragrance that comes with those who belong to the Oriental olfactory family for Women, which was launched around 2007. Along with this, it has very long-lasting longevity and a heavy trail, which at the same time has to be used already towards spring days and when they are casual and fun dates.

So this perfume is a tribute to everything that has to do with sweetness, as well as to notes full of fruits, thus composed of neroli, bergamot, vanilla, caramel, sugar, labdanum, jasmine, and rose. All together, they give that delicious aroma, and that also has its touches of feminine flowers.

3. Playing With The Devil By Kilian EDP

Playing With The Devil By Kilian

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The Playing With The Devil is a perfume that seeks out your feminine side darker, also based on the fact that it is a fragrance specially designed to use in winter and highlight your side hotter. Its long-lasting longevity and its enormous scent show that it is a perfume specially designed for days full of magic and mischief.

Belonging to the Oriental Floral for Women olfactory family, this perfume has a series of notes, among which we can mention pepper, jasmine, tonka bean, patchouli, benzoin, vanilla, peach, and rose for an authentic explosion of aromas that can be outlined to the sweet, the fruity, the rose, and also its touches of bitterness.


4. Back to Black By Kilian For Women

Back to Black By Kilian

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With an approach that instead tends to be hot, but very overwhelming, comes Back to Black By Kilian, that perfume that stands out for being from the Oriental Woody olfactory family for Women and that in 2009 let them know that it’s strength does not turn off. This perfume has very long-lasting longevity and a heavy trail so that you can correctly accompany all your autumn days warmly.

Its notes of amber, cherry, gingerbread, benzoin, patchouli, white honey, frankincense, and chamomile make its aroma one even with charisma and full power that makes the red fruit persevere along with the fresh and intense, a wonderful experience for you in every spiritual sense.

5. Killing Me Slowly By Kilian For Her

Killing Me Slowly By Kilian

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For those who like to feel in love, but rather with many touches of mystery and pleasant pain in the heart, we have to recommend Killing Me Slowly by By Kilian, that aroma that for all things is an adventure towards forbidden desires.

It was launched in 2014, and its notes are of the iris, vanilla, lychee, black currant, and rose, a spectacular delight that will also be super sweet and full of forbidden sensations. With all this already mentioned, its longevity is long-lasting, and its scent is moderate, which makes it the best perfume for hot summers where all wishes come to light.

Final Words

You know that you have touched heaven and hell with the temptations proposed in By Kilian, a star brand in sensations towards women, so we urge you to wear their five best fragrances, and you will experience all that touch of lust in you.

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