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Top 10 Best Tips for Buying a Used Car

10 Best Tips to Avoid Making Mistakes before Buying Used Car

Buying a used car is not as easy as you might think. It is indeed necessary to turn to an individual or a professional who inspires confidence and to evaluate the automobile at a fair price. Knowing that the used vehicle market is constantly undergoing changes, it would be wise not to make a mistake when purchasing such a good.

10 Best Tips When Buying A Used Car

Here below we have mentioned the top 10 best tips for buying a used car.

1. Turn to a reliable series

When buying a used car, certain series are to be preferred while others are to be avoided, because they are not very reliable. The diesel gate scandal of the German manufacturer Volkswagen is a concrete example. Likewise, certain series of other brands such as Ford, Renault, Citroën, and Peugeot have flaws: breakages, malfunctions, etc.

To get an idea of the most reliable versions, take a look at the studies done in this direction. Moreover, a study is published every 2 years by a group (Euro consumers consumer associations). This ranks the best models according to their failure rate.

2. Buy a popular used car model

Buying a popular car will make servicing and finding spare parts easier. Although rare models may be cheaper, their parts will be difficult to find. Remember that the cheap vehicle is still not the best, so don’t focus on the price. Make sure that its spare parts are constantly available on the market. You can always do research on the web for more information.

3. Find a fair price compared to argus

It is also important to find the right price when purchasing a used car. Today, there are countless second-hand odds on specialized sites, with considerable discrepancies. You have to understand their principle to find the right price.

For example, Argus presents a benchmark rating for professionals on its platform. These are therefore fairly low prices allowing an estimate of the trade-in prices (resale is not concerned). If you want to find the right price, you have to take all these parameters into account.

4. Find out about the vehicle’s history

The history of the car is not to be overlooked. Ask for its initial invoice in order to have a precise idea of ​​the model and its different options. If the vehicle is more than 4 years old, claim a technical inspection report less than 6 months old. Thanks to this, you will know its true mileage.

Do not hesitate to request information from the central technical body by sending a request via the utac-otc.com portal. From the license plate, you will be able to know free of charge all the dates of the vehicle checks, the different mileage during the visits, the verdicts, etc.

5. Favor a network of trusted garages rather than buying directly from an individual.

It is true that the rates between individuals are more attractive than those of a network of garages. However, purchasing from an individual does not provide you with any guarantee, and remedies are limited in this case. Likewise, you may be faced with scams.

The best is to turn to a network of trusted garages that offer you a wide range of choices with guarantees, a complete overhaul, and personalized assistance.

6. Hidden defects: check some important details

There are essential points to check before buying a used car to avoid unpleasant surprises often due to hidden defects. These include, among others:

  • maintenance,
  • the levels: oil, brake fluid, cooling,
  • the body,
  • the tires,
  • the various equipment: radio, air conditioning.

There are also other points to check: the undersides of the seat covers, traces of humidity under the carpets, etc.

7. Test the vehicle on the road

It is unthinkable to buy a used car without getting behind the wheel. It is not a question of taking a simple little tour. You have to drive a few kilometers on the road in town to check some details. The clutch should neither be too soft nor too hard. The gearbox should not crackle and shifting should not be difficult.

Certain signs will make it possible to appreciate the state of the shock absorber and the approval of the braking: an excess of body movements, instability in bends… When you carry out clear acceleration, observe in the rearview mirror if a plume of smoke appears. If so, it means that the engine is not in perfect condition.

Finally, lift the hood. Beware if you notice various leaks: brown coolant or even a burning smell.

8. Use an automotive expert for diagnosis

To diagnose the used car you want to buy, call in a state-approved expert. This is a recommendation intended for all people who are not familiar with mechanics or who do not have the time to carry out the checks themselves.

Indeed, there are different solutions to buy a used car but the best option is to trust an expert. You can find a professional member of the union of independent experts by doing research on the internet.

9. Opt for a secure transaction

Take all the necessary precautions before concluding the purchase of a used car. Nowadays even bank checks are falsifiable. It is therefore essential to communicate with a trusted third party to avoid scams and other fraud attempts. Here again, going through a network of garages guarantees a secure transaction.

However, there are sites providing payment between individuals on the internet. These are often paid services for sellers and free for buyers.

10. Beware of pushy and rushed used car dealers

In the list of best tips to follow before buying a used car is to avoid salespeople who seem to be in too much of a hurry to close the sale and who put pressure on you to speed up the process. They may even offer you a substantial discount if you complete the purchase of a used car during the day. These are forms of traps that you should absolutely avoid.

Take at least 24 hours of reflection, before paying any money. This period will allow you to better inform yourself about the identity of the seller. Usually, a scam lurks in rushed actions and therefore, you have to be vigilant.

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