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9 Best Cinnamon Perfumes For Women 2022

Best Cinnamon Perfumes For Women 2022. When you approach a woman, the first thing that goes through the mind is undoubtedly the attractiveness that she has, coming from where she comes from, it has to generate empathy with our senses, and this is achieved through perfume. It is why we are sharing the Top 9 Best Cinnamon Perfumes for Women.


9 Best Cinnamon Perfumes & Colognes For Women 2022


9. Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

The Opium is one of those scents that women keep with love because it is not the as bad girl in his intentions and believes can, however, should be aware that this is a fragrance hundred percent to seduce so that the night is the best time for you to use it, especially at night parties.

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Inside its fragrance, you will find yourself in front of a bottle that has a delightful aroma but is very dark as we told you before. It is an exceptional fragrance for girls who seek to attract attention, for those who are not afraid to be the center of attention, incite provocation, and ultimately be the most desired.

Among the notes of Opium are coffee, vanilla, certain flowers, as well as cinnamon, which cannot be missed.

All this has generated the use of a very addictive and active perfume that will exhaust the energies of even the most irrational. It features long-lasting longevity and a heavy trail and is truly perfect for winter enjoyment.


8. Liquid Gold Euphoria by Calvin Klein

Liquid Gold benifit enough benefit that Calvin Klein launched a fragrance of its kind, and the Liquid Gold Euphoria is an excellent perfume that is liked because it is soothing and shows the woman instead of in a special way, indeed which is a simpler and more feminine way to display this type of perfume.

Liquid Gold Euphoria by Calvin Klein

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The Liquid Gold Euphoria Calvin Klein, however, is a perfume that is substantial to the elegant, for moments that require a different touch, but without losing the refined style of feminism. That is why this has a fragrance that is defined between sweet as well as a bit of seriousness with sweet and sour. It is that perfume for mature women or those who have achieved such status despite their young age.

So this one has notes of black pepper, saffron, sandalwood, and cinnamon, all this also to combine with its membership in the Oriental Woody fragrance family for Women. You should know that this perfume is made with short-lived longevity, while its wake is soft.

Also, the use of Liquid Gold Euphoria seems pertinent for you to wear in spring since it makes a good pair for its elegance and feminism alike.


7. Zahira by Bvlgari

In the third place, we present the Zahira de Bvlgari. This fragrance has many Arabian touches, that is why inside its exotic bottle of yellow and black colors, a range of touches of the Oriental Floral olfactory family for Women come together, this perfume has an impressive vibe It is not for ordinary women or women with no personality.

Zahira by Bvlgari

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The Zahira de Bvlgari has a fragrance that, in turn, has a lot of seduction. It was precisely launched to meet that goal. But this perfume is going to drag you to play with your clothes because innovation is a fundamental part of their daily use, so it is casual as he only knows how to be, and at the same time it does not matter what they think of you, you will like it.

Within its notes, we can find ylang-ylang, benzoin, and also the powerful cinnamon that is what generates all that fuss in a perfume that is precisely perceived as a combination between this note of cinnamon and very fresh flowers. In addition, its longevity is moderate, while its wake is quite heavy, and it does not take long to be noticed.

To carry it better, it has to be done, especially in winter, and stand out in the cold with your intense passion and inner fire.


6. Organza Indecence by Givenchy

One of those very stylized and quite elegant perfumes that you should take with you if you like the best cinnamon perfumes for fragrance is the Organza Indecency by Givenchy, which is also the most ardent fragrances that are known in this type of context.

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With Givenchy’s Organza Indecence you have that perfume that on the outside can manifest as cold, but rather on the inside is burning you completely, that’s why if you intend to do something more after a romantic dinner, a perfume like this goes to be a more than an acceptable option.

Its notes together have a fruity, sweet, and burning aroma, very rich and consisting of Ceylan cinnamon, vanilla, musk, amber, patchouli, Brazilian rosewood, and plum. Especially the pair between cinnamon, vanilla, and plum is an explosive and delicious union. Its longevity is moderate, and its wake is the same. This perfume must be worn in winter due to the heat it generates.


5. Mitsouko by Guerlain

Now we introduce you to the Mitsouko de Guerlain, a fragrance that was launched in 1919 and that belongs to the Cyprus Fruity fragrance family for Women, it is not unreasonable that it has many elements so rich in mobility and that they invite you to leave your house to get new and varied experiences and unique moments in general.

Mitsouko by Guerlain

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At the same time, it is an original perfume in all the extensive-phrase, the Mitsouko is refreshing, it always is becoming a spectacular perfume for the hot summers, and it also combines various elements so that you do not feel uncomfortable, it has as its main objective make your mind a field of creativity and at the same time a bridge to new ideas.

It is made with notes of bergamot, peach, jasmine. May rose, peach, oakmoss, fresh elements, spices, vetiver, and the inevitable cinnamon. So its aroma has a half full of fruit, while its other half is made of cinnamon, very juicy from every point of view and that both its longevity and wake are long-lasting and with a strong presence.


4. Tom Ford Plum Japonais

The presence of Tom Ford always generates something to talk about among women who want to use perfumes with cinnamon, and Plum Japonais is an exponent that will amaze you since it is more like spring water that you will like because it has a mix between freshness and intensity without being as flashy as some think it will be.

Tom Ford Plum Japonais

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You will discover with Tom Ford’s Plum Japonais that perfume that has fruit and that can even stand out more than cinnamon itself. This also has floral elements that make it exciting. It is a timeless perfume that hides each of its notes a little so that you feel it over the days.

Its notes are made up of cinnamon, vanilla, amber, agarwood, saffron, Japanese plum, or benzoin, which demonstrates a mix of fruits, flowers, and cinnamon that feel modern even because of the timelessness that we mentioned. Its longevity is short-lived, while its wake is moderate. Use like even more in the fall, in particular during the evenings.


3. CH by Carolina Herrera

The CH Carolina Herrera is a fragrance that likes to be very feminine, everything a woman looking for is here, and the best part is with great presence being a perfume with cinnamon.

CH by Carolina Herrera

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The CH has a fragrance intensity by demonstrating cinnamon but also generates certain freshness for its fruits citrus, which have been mixed in the formula. Also, this perfume you can take with you whenever you want in summer and casual moments, but full of fun such as visits to shopping centers.

It has notes of grapefruit, grass, cinnamon, jasmine, violet, sandalwood, amber, vanilla, leather, sugar, suede, and cashmere wood, where its aroma is of the freshness of flowers, the mischief of citrus fruits, and the intense way of living of the cinnamon. Its longevity is long-lasting, and its trail is heavy.


2. Omnia by Bvlgari

The Omnia by Bvlgari epicenter is being so fast that it is perfect to use in your daily life, exceptional to wear in any type of daily situation. The casual is on the whole side of the Omnia, and any time of day is perfect to use its fragrance, both days and nights, to enjoy its presence so striking and radiant.

Omnia by Bvlgari

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It has notes of nutmeg, sandalwood, tonka bean, white chocolate, guaiac wood, woody hints, cinnamon, and also cloves. We are talking about a perfume that has moderate longevity and a similar wake, as well as being suitable for winter.


1. Vanderbilt by Gloria Vanderbilt

A perfume too kind to be born in banal moments, the Vanderbilt Gloria Vanderbilt is the fragrance that is reserved for the most important moments, and you’re a woman who has many of them to carry out.

Vanderbilt by Gloria Vanderbilt

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Its fragrance is made to feel very elegant and with a high presence of flowers, cinnamon, and even grass. It is made up of notes of cinnamon, vanilla, sandalwood, lily root, musk, vetiver, lavender, and orange blossom. This turns its aroma into something very fine and worth using on special nights.


Final Considerations

As this article has shown, the Best cinnamon perfumes for women are works of art, since they have all the ingredients that are needed to please both tastes towards more refined perfumes as well as those that have that casual element within their minds and ways of life. For all this, we urge you to give each of these perfumes a taste, always full of life, glamor, and presence.


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