Fanyan Mughal Given Out for Hitting the Ball Twice

Fanyan Mughal Given Out for Hitting the Ball Twice

During the T20 match between Romania and Malta in a Continental Cup 2023, Fanyan Mughal became the first batter to be given out for hitting the ball twice.

Hitting the Ball Twice 2023

In cricket, a batter cannot hit the ball twice. A “double hit” is when the batter hits the ball twice on purpose to keep it from hitting their wicket. This is fair play as long as the second hit isn’t meant to score more runs.

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ICC Rule 34.1

A player will be out if they hit the same ball twice on purpose and the second hit is not meant to stop the ball from rolling onto the stumps. “The striker is out,” says Rule 34.1.1 of the MCC.

You have to hit the ball twice if it hits any part of your body or your bat while it’s in play, and if the striker hits it again with his or her bat or body (other than a hand that’s not holding the bat) before the fielder touches it.

This must be done for the sole purpose of protecting your wicket. But Rule 34.3 says the batter can hit the ball twice to protect his wicket:

“The striker may, solely to guard his/her wicket and before the ball has been touched by a fielder, lawfully strike the ball a second or subsequent time with the bat or with any part of his/her person other than a hand not holding the bat.”

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