Wasim Akram Rap Song Going Viral

Wasim Akram Rap Song Going Viral

Pakistan’s former fast bowler Wasim Akram recently shocked everyone on a sports show by singing a Rap Song.

Fakhar-e-Alam the host of The Pavilion at A Sports asked Wasim Akram to rap during a talk, and he did a great job.

“Tu mere pas aa mai tere saath jaaoo; Tera abbu aayega teri ammi se poochega; tu mere ghar aa; aa ve jaa…” Akram rapped only, which made the judges on the show very happy.

Wasim Akram Sultan of Rap Song

Fans loved Wasim Akram’s rap song right away, and it quickly spread on social media. The Sultan of Swing really did turn into the Sultan of Rap.

Pakistan is in a do-or-die position going into their last group-stage game on November 11 against England. Several things will determine if they make it to the semi-finals, and Babar Azam’s team will be hoping that the results go their way.

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